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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 3 Recap

In fact, Chiang Kai-shek knew what happened under the rule, and he probably knew more than Zhang Zhizhong. Zhang Zhizhong didn’t understand. Since he knew, why didn’t he use Thunder to stop it. Chiang Kai-shek’s reason is that they are now in a crisis-ridden transitional stage, and they want to concentrate on solving the main contradiction, and this main contradiction is the Communist Party.

Even so, Zhang Zhizhong still believes that the governance of internal corruption in the party is more important than the civil war. Chiang Kai-shek impatiently told him to stop thinking about so much and do his own duty. Now that it comes to this point, Zhang Zhizhong is not good. I’m admonishing Chiang Kai-shek again.

On March 27, 1946, a trio of military representatives of Zhou Enlei, Zhang Zhizhong and Marshall Gillen signed the “Agreement for Mediating the Armistice in the Northeast”, but only three days later, Chiang Kai-shek mobilized his army to attack the Northeast Allied Forces. Du Yuming looked very happy when he saw Zheng Dongguo come to the northeast to help him. They intended to quickly win Siping and destroy the will of the Communist army.

Mao Zedong also knew the importance of Siping. He asked the Northeast Bureau to call the Northeast Bureau to resolutely and completely annihilate the enemy and stop the Kuomintang troops from marching northward. Only in this way can it be conducive to negotiations and truly achieve a truce and peace in the Northeast.

Wang Jifang brought the collective certificate of commendation from the headquarters to the Eighth Company, and Chief Jiang asked him to give the award to Wuxiongguan. Now only Wuxiongguan was left for the Eighth Company. Lin Biao gave the order to defend Siping, even if he fights with one soldier and one soldier.

The Kuomintang launched a fierce attack on Siping. Tanks and artillery shells were all on the court. The Kuomintang also used airplanes to throw bombs. Countless comrades fell and the number of wounded increased several times. While Wang Cuiyun was looking for Wuxiong Pass, she led a stretcher team to help the troops. Dean Lin Zhihui told her not to worry. After sending the wounded, she would help Wang Cuiyun find Wuxiong Pass together.

Lin Biao also knew the weakness of the troops, but he still gave orders to the commanders to continue to guard. At the same time, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi and others reached an agreement that Siping still had to defend it desperately. After all, it is difficult for them at this time, and it is also difficult for the KMT. Du Yuming called Chiang Kai-shek to report on the battle situation. Their current problems were follow-up soldiers and food supplies.

Chiang Kai-shek told him to insist and win Siping at all costs. Du Yuming stood up for his loyalty and asked Chiang Kai-shek to wait for his victory. Takeoguan came to the front line. Instructor Qian asked him to lead three rows. The third row had just sacrificed the platoon leader, and morale was very low.

The charge horn sounded, but they still stayed away. Then the money instructor died and they were shocked. Wuxiongguan shouted at the comrades of the Jiu Company that he would give them a sample and let them know what kind of soldier is a communist soldier. With one last breath, he took up the bomb and walked forward under the banner.

His left leg had just been blown up, but he had the strong will of a communist, and he swore to the death not to retreat, and resolutely rushed forward. Not only the comrades of the Jiu Company, but even the Kuomintang soldiers were shocked. When Wang Cuiyun heard the voice of Wuxiongguan, he had already sacrificed when she found it. She held back her grief and walked back with the body of Wuxiongguan on her back.

The battle report was sent back to the headquarters, and Mao Zedong asked Lin Biao to call back. If he thinks that it is impossible to continue to defend him, he should take the initiative to abandon Siping and prepare to switch from positional warfare to mobile warfare. On May 1, 1946, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Instructions on the Issue of Training Troops”, stating that the Kuomintang reactionaries, apart from expanding the civil war in the Northeast, are now preparing to launch a full-scale civil war.

When the civil war is launched, we must resolutely and thoroughly crush it, and at the same time do a good job in streamlining and reorganizing the military, reducing rents and interest rates, developing production, and organizing finances.

Fang Tianjing and Wang Fumin of Jiu Lian hid from the side and did not train. Wang Cuiyun came to take the remains of Wuxiongguan and saw them look languid, and scolded them severely. They were immediately ashamed.

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