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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 21 Recap

Houchi wandered around in the Amethyst Palace, preparing to inquire about the whereabouts of the Ziyue Monarch. Apocalypse came to Houchi for a while. He revealed that Houchi was a member of the Qingchi Palace and wanted to know why Houchi wanted to find Ziyue. Demon. Houchi has always been clever, she only cleverly said that she had admired the Ziyue Monarch tens of thousands of years ago. This time she came to Xuanjing Palace to see the true face of the Ziyue Monarch. Looking at Hou Chi who was not telling the truth in front of him, Tian Qi was not annoyed either. He also had no self-defeating status, so he only asked Hou Chi to go to Ziyuequan to look for the Ziyue Monarch.

Feng Ran wears a veil and enters the Xuanjing Palace with Jing Jian. Jing Jian knows Feng Ran’s hatred with the Yao Clan, so he only wronged Feng Ran to pretend to be Jing Zhao. He expressed his intention to Mori Yu, and Tian Gong is willing to make peace with the Yao Clan. Rejuvenate together. Sen Jian is still practicing in retreat, Sen Yu can’t be the master, only saying that this matter will be conveyed to Sen Jian. Although Mori is suspicious of Feng Ran’s identity, Jing Jian has been protecting Feng Ran, and Mori is not aware of Feng Ran’s existence.

After leaving Xuanjing Palace, Jing Jian saw Feng Ran’s brows furrowed, so he couldn’t help asking, he wanted to help Feng Ran. Feng Ran knew that the two of them were trapped by the God Lock and had to work together, so she had to let Jingjian accompany her to enter the Xuanjing Palace when it was dark. She guessed that the back pond was in the Xuanjing Palace, but the Demon Emperor Her relationship has always been at odds with Qingchi Palace. If Houchi is recognized by the monsters, she is afraid that it will be in danger.

When Houchi came to Ziyuequan, she thought that Demon Lord Ziyue was Bai Xuan, but when she saw Demon Lord Ziyue’s true face, she was still a little disappointed. She didn’t have a good impression of Demon Lord Ziyue. Only when the Ziyue Monarch was teasing her, and Tianqi saw the bracelet in Houchi’s hand, he couldn’t help but levy. Only one person in the Three Realms had the bracelet carved by Bai Jue himself. If Houchi had this bracelet, she It is antiquity.

Xiao Li knew that Hou Chi was healing herself. She came to test the strength of Hou Chi, but she accidentally ran into Qing Mu. When Qing Mu accidentally had a profound demon practice, she also accidentally injured Xiao Li by using the immortal technique. . Fearing that what he had done would be revealed, Xiao Li had to cry and complain to Mori first, exposing that Qingmu and Houchi were people in the fairy world and very charming apprentices.

Feng Ran and Jing Jian met Chang Qin, and Feng Ran had a good relationship with Chang Qin. She told about the disappearance of Houchi and asked Chang Qin to take the two of them into Xuanjing Palace to find Houchi. As everyone knows, Sen Yu was angrily thinking about searching for the palace after hearing Xiao Li’s words. He would definitely not let go of the two immortals of Houchi and Qingmu. It happened that Fengran and his party came to Xuanjing Palace, Fengran and Xuanjing Palace. There was a grudge, the two couldn’t see each other and they just started to move. When the two were inextricably linked, Xiao Li took the opportunity to attack Feng Ran and wound him, and Qing Mu and Hou Chi also found Feng Ran at this time.

Feng Ran is a member of the Qingchi Palace, and Hou Chi protects Feng Ran. She had made Sen Yu to be jealous of her, the God of the Great God, but Ke Sen Jian was out of the customs at this time. He did not see Hou Chi’s On the surface, he still wanted to take Feng Ran’s life. The spiritual power of the back pond is low, and Qing Mu is guarding him in front of the back pond. He and Sen Jian make an agreement that if he can block Sen Jian’s three moves, Sen Jian must let them go.

Sen Jian couldn’t bear Qing Mu’s radical command, so he agreed to this agreement. He was a demigod, and he naturally didn’t take it to heart for a tribe of immortal king. Hou Chi worried about Qing Mu, so he only gave his bracelet to Qing Mu. The two bracelets together released a powerful spiritual power, which made Sen Jian a little jealous and made Qing Mu block the final blow. Sen Jian Had to let a group of people leave Xuanjing Palace as scheduled.

Qing Mu’s spiritual power released in the demon world called out Bai Ju’s Taicang spear. Taicang spear was born in Watching Mountain, but it was guarded by the red sun of the fire unicorn. The people of the heavenly palace couldn’t get too close. When the Emperor of Heaven received this news, he immediately announced the Three Realms. No matter what the origin of the Immortal Demon Clan, as long as he can take the Taicang spear, the Taicang spear will belong to him. Then he will personally go to lookout mountain and sit in the town.

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