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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 20 Recap

Feng Ran wanted to get rid of Jingjian with the excuse of entering the flower house, but Jing Jian wanted to enter the flower house with Feng Ran, but Feng Ran had no choice but to enter the flower house with Jingjian.

Qingmu and Houchi came to the entrance of Xuanjing Palace. The two were having a headache about how to get into Xuanjing Palace. They happened to see that the second Highness of Xuanjing Palace, Mori Yu, was keeping the young master of the fox family, Chang Qin. They were originally a thousand years old. The marriage contract had already been made before, but in a battle between the fairy and the demon that year, the fox demon Xiaoli offered his own pill of origin in order to save Mori, and he no longer transformed into a human form, so Mori decided to take care of Xiaoli I.

The young master of the fox clan, Qin Nai, couldn’t bear this insult and insisted on leaving Xuanjing Palace, but Sen Yu had been struggling to stay, and the two had a fight at the entrance of Xuanjing Palace, allowing Qingmu to pass by in the back pond. People watched the scene lively. While watching the excitement, Houchi asked about the demon power in Qingmu. She had seen Qingmu’s extraordinary demon power at the gate of life and death. Qingmu only said that his demon power was born with him, only when he released his powerful spiritual power. , Will occasionally be out of control. This is why he wants to find Bai Xuan as soon as possible. He wants to know his life experience.

Sen Yu and Chang Qin competed, Chang Qin lost, she left Xuanjing Palace, but Sen Yu said that no one in these three heavens would dare to let Chang Qin leave. After Chang Qin left, Xiao Li lay weakly in Sen Yu’s arms and looked at the nervous look in Sen Yu’s eyes. With an inspiration from Hou Chi, she and Qing Mu pretended to be masters and apprentices, claiming to be the apprentices of Elder Chang Mei, and came here. Treat old illnesses for Xiao Li. The Houchi had no medical skills, and he only used a Zhuoshen Pill to make Xiaoli get better. Sen Yu exaggerated the Houchi and invited the Houchi into the Xuanjing Palace as a guest.

Houchi and Qingmu mixed into the Xuanjing Palace. Fengran came from the demon clan. Under Fengran’s teachings, Houchi also knew a little about the art of miscellaneous hair. Although Xiaoli lost the demon pill, although he was seriously injured, Houchi still let Xiaoxiao Li transformed into a human form, and said that as long as she administers the needle for another three days, Xiao Li will be able to maintain the human form. Hearing this, Mori was overjoyed, and hurriedly hosted a banquet for the back pond. Qing Mu was unwilling to let the back pond drink to the appointment. The back pond was afraid that Qing Mu would ruin her plan and only asked Mori to order Qing Mu to take Qing Mu back to his residence for a good rest. She went to the banquet alone.

Hou Chi asked Sen Yu about the Ziyue Monarch, and learned that the Ziyue Monarch had been in the demon world for thousands of years. He wore a mask all the year round and his character was withdrawn. Demon Lord Ziyue and Bai Xuan had too much in common, and Houchi once again believed that Demon Lord Ziyue was Bai Xuan. When the wine reached the depths, Houchi couldn’t help but think of Qingmu. She was tempted by Qingmu without knowing it. On the other side, Feng Ran gets Jing Jian drunk. She wants to leave but is caught by Jing Jian. When she pushes away Jing Jian, she is accidentally locked by the binding spirit lock and cannot leave Jing Jian’s side.

Houchi got drunk and returned to the room, Qingmu took care of Houchi next to his body. In the depths of the Xuanjing Palace, Tianqi was drinking alone. He toasted Yuemi, who had already lost his soul, and remembered that he took Yuemi to pick celestial grass. At that time, Yuemi saved Sen Jian, who was still a child. The fairy grass in Sen Jian’s hands is what Yuemi wanted to find. Yue Mi learned that Sen Jian was picking it to save her mother at home.

She didn’t ask Sen Jian for it, so she asked Sen Jian to write down the favor. After Sen Jian died to follow Tianqi, Tianqi handed over the position of the Demon Emperor to Sen Jian before the Heavenly Destruction Formation. In retrospect, Zihan has come to Tianqi. For these years, Zihan has been obliged by Tianqi to find the whereabouts of the ancients. However, Tianqi believes that searching for the ancients is just his obsession. He does not know whether the ancients are still there. Alive.

At night, Qingmu dreamed of the antiquity responding to the catastrophe. He woke up from the dream, but Houchi had a good night’s sleep. When he woke up, he ate the vegetarian buns that Qingmu made for her. Although Tianqi did not leave the depths of the Xuanjing Palace, he ordered someone to inquire about Qingmu and Houchi who came to him. He learned that the two were similar in appearance to Bai Jue and the ancients. He believed that this must not be a coincidence, but he did not perceive it. To the spiritual power of the two, and today he wants to find out.

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