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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 19 Recap

Qingmu confessed to Houchi that he awoke in Beihai but he did not know who he was. Qingmu had taken the one by himself. When he awoke, he had nothing but a bracelet on his whole body. After that, he wandered around the Three Realms to search for his own life experience. The bracelet in her hand is the only clue he has now, and only then did he want to look for Bai Xuan with Houchi. Hearing this, Hou Chi no longer had any prejudice against Qing Mu. She told Qing Mu about Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan was a member of her Qing Chi Palace. She treated herself like a sister, except that Bai Xuan had thousands of years ago. After leaving, she never came back. She went to Lookout Mountain this time to look for Baixuan, but there was no one in the bamboo house, only a fan was left. This fan is the magic weapon of Demon Lord Ziyue. She suspected that Bai Xuan was related to Demon Lord Ziyue, so she went to the demon world. Bai Xuan has always been difficult to give to others.

Qing Mu has a bracelet of Bai Xuan in his hand, which must be closely related to Bai Xuan, but the temperament of Qing Mu and Bai Xuan is too different, and Qing Mu is a person of heaven, she doesn’t like it. Tiangong didn’t want to look for Bai Xuan with Qing Mu. Hou Chi is not the same as Qing Mu. Qing Mu only follows Ho Chi in secret. He has been guarding Hou Chi. Hou Chi knew of Qing Mu’s existence, just as not knowing, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but evoke a smile.

In the heavenly palace, the emperor called Jingjian. He asked Jingjian to go to the third heaven of the demon world. The gods fell and the remaining gods could not support the operation of the gods. Sun had no choice but to shut down the gods and appointed them to inherit the fairy demon from the lower realms. The technique of cultivation, I hope that the God Realm will regain its strength one day, Zhiyang said at that time, when the time is right, they can search for the four authentic artifacts in the Lower Realm and restart the boundary gate connecting the Bronze Bridge with the God Realm, the Emperor of Heaven. Looking for clues to the sun and moon divine halberd left by the burning sun for many years, he guessed that the purple moon whip of the apocalypse might fall in the demon world, so he asked Jing Jian to find out one or two.

If the demon king Senjian would help him restart the gods Realm, he not only promised ten caves and blessings in the lower realm immortal clan, but also willing to divide the spirit veins to half of the monster clan. In order to facilitate Jingjian’s actions, the Emperor of Heaven handed the God-Bounding Lock to Jing Jian. This matter was known to the Queen who came to her, who was unwilling to reopen the God Realm, but the Emperor of Heaven was determined, so she had to follow the idea of ​​the Emperor.

Tian Hou called Jing Zhao to come, and she asked about what happened in Daze Mansion during the birthday banquet, whether the back pond was really banned and the sky thunder was introduced. Jing Zhao did not like the back pond. She was quite jealous to go down. It was the broken feather fan that blocked the Queen of Heaven and placed a restraint under Ziyuan’s body. The matter was quite strange, and the Queen decided to investigate it thoroughly. At the same time, she also gifted her cherished feather umbrella to Jing Zhao to help Jing Zhao cultivate into a god as soon as possible.

Hou Chi knew that Qing Mu was following all the way, and she also agreed to go to the Demon Realm with Qing Mu to find people, but they couldn’t do without Ling Orbs along the way. She didn’t have many Ling Orbs on her body, and only asked Qing Mu to sell her appearance to the Banshee Monarch in exchange for them. Lingzhu.

Later, Houchi knew that Qingmu was a little unhappy, she only coaxed Qingmu to be happy, and Qingmu was pure-hearted and didn’t care too much about Houchi. The two came to Lenggu City, Houchi learned the clues of the Ziyue Monarch from Minggui’s mouth. When she came out, she saw Qingmu was fighting with the monsters. Qingmu couldn’t see the monsters humiliating Houchi. However, Ho Chi and Qing Mu reckoned that he had used a small paper man to find out about the Ming Turtle and took the opportunity to throw Qing Mu away. Qingmu knew that Houchi had once again found an excuse to shake off himself, so he simply stopped following Houchi and decided to go his own way.

Jing Jian came to the Triple Sky Profound Crystal Palace as the second Highness of the Heavenly Palace, and was invited into the Xuanjing Palace. Hou Chi did not reveal her identity. She had cast blind eyes on the stones in exchange for the token of life and death, but was discovered by the people of Xuanjing Palace. Reluctantly, she had no choice but to start with the people in Xuanjing Palace, but fortunately Qing Mu came to protect her. Qing Mu’s sword aura is so powerful that not only Jing Jian noticed it, but even the retreat Ziyue Monarch Tianqi felt it. He cast a spell to check the movement of the gate of life and death, and was very surprised to see the figure of Bai Ju and the ancients.

The demon emperor did not see Jing Jian and was about to hang him out for a day. Jing Jian met Feng Ran while wandering around in the Three Heavens, and asked to go with Feng Ran with him. Feng Ran was inconvenient to disclose the Houchi incident. Faced with Jingjian’s request, Feng Ran had no choice but to come down and take Jingjian to travel with the Three Heavens. On the other side, Qingmu and Houchi also entered the Triple Heaven. Houchi learned from Qingmu’s little paper people that Qingmu had fought with the monsters for her. She has been criticized for 20,000 years, and outsiders’ remarks. It didn’t matter to her, but Qingmu couldn’t see her being wronged. He promised the back pond, and he would protect the back pond for one day in the future.

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