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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 27 Recap

Cheng Xin didn’t wait until Zheng Qian came back in the studio, so she called Zheng Qian to inquire. Lin Man answered the phone for Zheng Qian, but as soon as he picked up the phone, Zheng Qian’s cell phone turned off without power and waited for Zheng Qian’s output. After finishing the liquid, Lin Man took Zheng Gan back to his home to rest, and the confused Zheng Gan also recognized Lin Man as Cheng Xin. The next morning Zheng Gan woke up and saw that he was lying on Linman’s bed. He was shocked. He quickly asked them if anything had happened. Lin Man felt a little funny. He asked Zheng Gan to eat breakfast and take her home to ask Zheng’s father to transfer. With regard to the stocks, Father Zheng was very happy when he heard that his stocks were saved.

Cheng Xin didn’t contact Zheng Gan and was very worried. After waiting in the studio all night, Zheng Gan just wanted to sleep. Cheng Xin chased Zheng Gan and asked what he did last night. Zheng Gan was a little guilty and said nervously. Last night, I accompany a client for a drink and a snippet. Everyone didn’t know where he lived. Lin Man took him home for one night. Cheng Xin was full of suspicion. He took Zheng Qian’s phone and checked it again.

Force Zheng Gan to take off his clothes and check his clothes. Cheng Xin checked and found nothing. At this time, Lin Man sent Zheng Qian a message to greet him. Cheng Xin became jealous, asked a few words, and asked Zheng Qian later. Don’t relax the contact with Lin Man anymore. Zheng Qian was a little impatient, and let Cheng Xin stop being willful. This completely angered Cheng Xin. She stopped paying attention to Zheng Qian and left the studio in anger. Zheng Qian didn’t catch up with Cheng Xin. , Dingy back to the studio.

In the afternoon Lin Man sent Zheng Gan to Tengda to have a meeting with the client. Cheng Xin called Zheng Ganchagang. Zheng Gan could only leave the meeting room temporarily to answer Cheng Xin’s call, and angrily explained to Cheng Xin that he was really only in a meeting. Not with Linman. Cheng Xin heard that Zheng Gan became a little angry, and stopped questioning. After returning to the studio in the evening, Cheng Xin apologized to Zheng Gan. Zheng Gan asked her not to disturb herself when she was working. Cheng Xin was dissatisfied with Zheng Gan’s attitude and left the studio again. Zheng Gan did not chase it out, but continued to be busy.

Cheng Jianye suddenly found Yao Jiaren, he wanted to talk to her about something, and wanted to have a meal with her. Yao Jiaren said that he had something tonight and had an appointment with Cheng Jianye for tomorrow. After eating, Cheng Jianye and Yao Jiaren learned a lot about Cheng Xin. Cheng Jianye was very grateful to Yao Jiaren.

After Yao Jiaren left, Cheng Jianye found that she didn’t take the bag, so he sent the bag to her. Cheng Jianye discovered the environment where Yao Jiaren lived. No, she rented a new apartment to Yao Jiaren and paid her a year’s rent. Yao Jiaren was very embarrassed, but Cheng Jianye insisted that Yao Jiaren accept it. In order to express his gratitude to Cheng Jianye, Yao Jiaren also invited him to drink milk tea. Drinking and chatting, chatting is very speculative.

Seeing that Cheng Xin was unhappy, Chu Yunfei wondered if Lin Man’s affairs had caused Cheng Xin to be upset. Chu Yunfei also deliberately scared Cheng Xin, saying that Lin Man was also a career-type woman, would they both meet? attract each other.

In order to divert Kong Hao’s attention, Zheng Qian deliberately pulled Kong Hao out of the studio and asked Kong Hao to do photography to shoot the commercial. However, Kong Hao lost his mind and broke the camera. The director was very angry, and Zheng Gan’s shooting plan was also Being disrupted, Chu Yunfei learned of Kong Hao’s affairs, saying that Kong Hao was too unprofessional and told Kong Hao not to participate in other projects in the future.

Zheng Qian refused to agree, saying that Kong Hao was a core member of the studio. To remove Kong Hao, their studio would also quit. Zheng Qian thought that Chu Yunfei would not agree, but Chu Yunfei finally compromised for some reason and agreed to Kong Hao’s continued work. Chu Yunfei invited Cheng Xin to attend a high-level reception, and also said that Cheng Xin could bring some customers to Daydream Studio. Cheng Xin said that she would think about it.

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