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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 26 Recap

Kong Hao went back to the studio in despair and told everyone that he had broken up with Yao Jiaren. Everyone was surprised. Cheng Xin and the others hurried upstairs to ask Kong Hao what happened, but Kong Hao didn’t say a word, just sat down. In a daze in bed, Cheng Xin wanted to call Yao Jiaren, but Yao Jiaren couldn’t get through.

Yao Jiaren walked aimlessly on the street, and was almost hit by a car when crossing the road. The owner happened to be Cheng Jianye. Cheng Jianye recognized Yao Jiaren as Cheng Xin’s classmate. Seeing Yao Jiaren’s face was very bad, he kindly sent Yao Jiaren home. . Kong Hao finally came out of the room, dragged Zheng Gan and Mo Xiaobao to drink, and said that it was really impossible for him and Yao Jiaren to cheer himself up and said he wanted to look forward.

Yao Jiaren had just arrived downstairs, Niu Ailian and others were waiting for Yao Jiaren downstairs. They saw Cheng Jianye sending Yao Jiaren back. Several people thought that Yao Jiaren had made a big money and even invited Cheng Jianye to sit upstairs. Cheng Jianye quickly refused, and waited after Cheng Jianye left. Yao Jiaren also explained that Cheng Jianye is the father of a classmate.

After Yang Chenguang and Meng Xixi broke up, they had a very desolate life. There was no hot food at home and no one to do sanitation. When he was bored, he sent a message to Mr. Liu and asked her to meet at his home. Mr. Liu came to Yang Chenguang’s house. Yang Chenguang approached Mr. Liu and asked them if they were reconciled. Mr. Liu said that he had dismissed Xiao K and asked if Yang Chenguang was satisfied or not. Yang Chenguang nodded and let him go. Mr. Liu poured himself a glass of water, Mr. Liu reluctantly agreed.

Yang Chenguang was still daydreaming, thinking Mr. Liu was as easy to handle as a miserable man, and asked Mr. Liu to come to his house to do housework for himself in the future. Mr. Liu let Don’t dream of Yang Chenguang. He never thought of being Yang Chenguang’s girlfriend, but Yang Chenguang is now the celebrity in front of Mr. Sun in the company. Yang Chenguang threatened Mr. Liu with work matters, Mr. Liu could only swallow his breath. He cleaned up the house, but Mr. Liu didn’t know how to do housework. Yang Chenguang looked even more annoyed and let Mr. Liu go directly. After Mr. Liu left, Yang Chenguang began to remember how good it was.

Hangover Zheng Qian was awakened by Lin Man’s phone call. They are going to see a client today. When Zheng Qian was ready to go out, he found Kong Hao was missing. He sent a message to Kong Hao, and Kong Hao did not reply. It was strange that Cheng Xin couldn’t find Zheng Gan when she woke up in the morning, so she called Zheng Gan to inquire. Cheng Xin was a little unhappy when she heard that Zheng Gan was out with Lin Man again. Cheng Xin hung up the phone and told Mo Xiaobao specifically before going to work. Now he and Mengxi are the only ones in the studio, so he can seize the opportunity.

As Daydream Studio became famous, there were also webcasters coming out to live on location. It happened to be that Yang Chenguang came to Daydream Studio to look for Mengxi. Yang Chenguang apologized to Mengxi very humblely, but Mo Xiaobao couldn’t stand it. He directly beat Yang Chenguang, Meng Xixi also helped Yang Chenguang so that Mo Xiaobao would not interfere with Yang Chenguang’s affairs.

The client Lin Man introduced to Zheng Qian today was Chu Yunfei. After Chu Yun flew there, Lin Man knew that they knew each other. Although Zheng Qian felt a little unhappy, it was indeed a good thing to cooperate with Tengda, and he had no reason to refuse. Zheng Gan sent a message in the group to inform Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao that they had a job, but both Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao were still struggling with love and drank their worries.

After seeing Chu Yunfei, there is another customer Mr. Zhang to see in the evening. Lin Man said that to get the investment of this client, he had to behave well at the wine table. Zheng Gan said that his father was locked up by stocks. Lin Man said that he It can help take care of Zheng’s father’s stock. If you hold it for a long time, it should improve. Zheng Qian drank himself into the hospital in order to win Mr. Zhang’s client.

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