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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 25 Recap

Father Zheng called his friend Lao Liu. Old Liu comforted Father Zheng and said that his classmates were doing mid-to-long-term work. Let Zheng’s father rest assured that the stock will rise sharply next week. Father Zheng is dubious. This is the end of the matter. Choose to believe in Lao Liu.

When Zheng Qian was working, Cheng Xin had been trying to attract Zheng Gan’s attention. Zheng Gan quickly apologized and said that he would give him a chance to compensate Cheng Xin and invite Cheng Xin to dinner. Linman’s funds have risen because of the wedding video. This made Linman’s boss George very happy. The meeting praised Linman. Serena looked at Linman with jealousy in her eyes. Lin Man asked Zheng Gan for dinner.

Zheng Gan felt that Lin Man’s broad path would be helpful to the development of Daydream Studio, so he canceled the plan to have dinner with Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was very angry and felt that Zheng Gan only cared about work. Yao Jiaren asked Cheng Xin to pay attention to whether Zheng Gan had changed his mind, and gave Cheng Xin a trick. She said that Zheng Gan hadn’t had time to talk to her recently, so she didn’t care about Zheng Gan, even though Yao Jiaren said She was a good person, but she couldn’t handle the contradiction between herself and Kong Hao.

Lin Man thanked Zheng Gan for her help with her charity wedding, and said that some of her clients are very interested in Zheng Gan. If Zheng Gan needs them, they can help introduce them. Lin Man also told Zheng Gan to be less polite. He was a friend. I helped him because I was optimistic about him and didn’t give him any special favors, so Zheng Gan let go. After returning to the studio, Zheng Qian greeted Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin thought of Yao Jiaren’s words and was very cold towards Zheng Qian.

Meng Xixi was recently preparing for an accounting exam and was under a lot of pressure. After sleeping in the middle of the night, she woke up sleepwalking to study. Every time she sleepwalked, Mo Xiaobao guarded her and took her back to the bedroom. Mo Xiaobao also fell asleep while she was sleeping. Shi quietly confessed to her.

Lin Man introduced Zheng Qian to the cosmetics managers Wang and Su, but the target customers of Wang and Su were high-end people. This was different from Zheng Qian’s original intention of daydreaming studio. Lin Man asked Zheng Qian to go back and think about it. Let’s look at the positioning of the studio. Zheng Gan still decided not to forget his original intentions, positioning the studio’s service groups as small and micro people, and shutting out large companies. Zheng Qian made a statement on Weibo, and soon many small and micro people came to Zheng Qian’s studio.

Kong Hao’s family quarreled again about Yao Jiaren’s affairs. Confucius had actually let go and wanted to persuade Kong’s mother to accept Yao Jiaren with Kong Hao, but Kong’s mother refused. Hao’s life has brought a lot of trouble, but Kong Hao is also very stubborn and uses the child’s affairs as a shield. Kong’s mother went directly to Yao Jiaren and wanted to take Yao Jiaren to have a baby. Yao Jiaren was very speechless, saying that she was not pregnant at all, and she was also very speechless.

I never told Kong Hao that she was pregnant. Mother Kong took out a sum of money and said it was the breakup fee for Yao Jiaren and Kong Hao. Yao Jiaren was deeply insulted and threw the money back and said that she had broken up with Kong Hao. There is only one reason, that is, I don’t like Kong Hao anymore, and it has nothing to do with Kong Mu and the money.

When Kong Hao came to Yao Jiaren, he blamed Yao Jiaren for disrupting her strategy. Yao Jiaren couldn’t stand Kong Hao anymore. She didn’t want to go crazy with Kong Hao’s family. She could no longer believe Kong Hao’s promise to herself. Kong Hao suffered. I begged Yao Jiaren to give herself a chance, but Yao Jiaren was very firm, saying that Kong Hao was a mommy, he couldn’t change it, and resolutely broke up with Kong Hao. Despite this, Yao Jiaren was still sad. Yao Jiaren went out to buy drunk and went home. Finding that Kong Hao was still waiting for him at the door, Kong Hao still wanted to save Yao Jiaren, but Yao Jiaren let Kong Hao let go of him, and let him go, saying that he shut Kong Hao away.

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