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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 7 Recap

Lei Yuzheng came to the big banyan tree alone, as if he saw Shao Zhenrong sitting there in a daze. Lei Yuzheng remembered the good time with Shao Zhenrong, but now he was separated by Yin and Yang, and his heart was like a knife.

Zou Siqi was sad for Du Xiaosu, and He Qunfei was uncomfortable. He cherished the happiness in front of him even more and wanted to buy a house and marry Zou Siqi as soon as possible. Lei Yuzheng came to the cemetery to pour out his sadness to Shao Zhenrong. Du Xiaosu also came to see Shao Zhenrong and brought his favorite tulips. Lei Yuzheng did not allow Du Xiaosu to disturb Shao Zhenrong. She persuaded Shao Zhenrong’s death to be counted on her head. Du Xiaosu blamed herself very much, but she was very sorry for Shao. Zhenrong is serious. Lei Yuzheng exposed her face to face. On the rainy night a year ago, Du Xiaosu fell drunk in front of his car. Lei Yuzheng sent Du Xiaosu to the hotel. Du Xiaosu wanted to explain what happened that night, but Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to listen. , Forcibly chased her away.

A colleague found the house purchase contract in Shao Zhenrong’s drawer. It was signed by Du Xiaosu. The doctor gave the contract to Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu regretted not apologizing to Shao Zhenrong. She cried out to Zou Siqi about her grievances and perseverance. Zou Siqi just stayed silently. Beside her. Suddenly, Du Xiaosu received a call from the real estate agency staff, and the other party urged her to pay the down payment as soon as possible, otherwise the house will be sold to others, and the deposit Shao Zhenrong paid will be invalid. Du Xiaosu asked the staff to allow a few days of grace, and she must keep it. For this house, the staff promised to give her three days.

Lei Yuzheng found out that Shao Zhenrong had paid a deposit to buy a house during his lifetime, so he sent He Qunfei to contact the real estate company. Du Xiaosu borrowed 300,000 yuan from his parents. Zou Siqi used the dowry money to support her, but it was half the difference. Zou Siqi asked He Qunfei to take out the money for marrying his wife to help Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu was desperate, so he had to go to Mr. Mo for help. Mr. Mo gave her the last prize money and lent her a sum of money. Du Xiaosu finally made up the down payment, but the house had been bought by Lei Yuzheng.

Du Xiaosu directly came to Lei Yuzheng for the theory, and took out all the money to force him to sell her the house. Lei Yuzheng flatly refused, and tore up the house purchase contract and the fixed payment on the spot. Du Xiaosu fought hard with him, and Lei Yuzheng warned her not to make unreasonable trouble Du Xiaosu vowed to buy back the house at all costs, otherwise he would never leave.

Lin Xiangyuan asked Xie Li for dinner, and the two discussed to jointly develop the project of Yutian’s Global Entertainment City. Jiang Fanlu was anxious to go out and asked Lin Xiangyuan to pick up a pair of shoes for her. Lin Xiangyuan bit the bullet to do it. He came to the mall and happened to see He Qunfei bringing Zou Siqi to buy clothes, so he took out his card and asked him to brush it casually. Thing.

Du Xiaosu wanted to cook, but Shao Zhenrong’s voice and smile lingered in her mind. She sat on the ground sadly. Zou Siqi and He Qunfei hurried home afterwards to persuade her. Du Xiaosu regretted not keeping Shao Zhenrong. Zou Siqi desperately comforted her when he bought the house. Du Xiaosu came to the company to block Lei Yuzheng early in the morning and forced him to give up the house. Lei Yuzheng wanted to fire her. Du Xiaosu took out the contract he signed with Boyuan Company and confirmed that she had one month left and vowed to get it at all costs. Lei Yuzheng promised to give her one month for that house. If Du Xiaosu can’t finish it, he will leave Boyuan obediently and stay away from the city.

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