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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 6 Recap

Shao Zhenrong looked at Chuchu’s poor Du Xiaosu and couldn’t help but hug her tightly. He told her to eat well and not stay up late. Du Xiaosu leaned in Shao Zhenrong’s arms and felt sad, and Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu said goodbye in tears. When Du Xiaosu woke up, she hurriedly chased it out, but Shao Zhenrong’s car was no longer visible.

Today Shao Zhenrong went to Yunnan. Lei Yuzheng personally went to the airport to see him. He asked Lei Yuzheng to help take care of Shao Kaixuan. He was still worried about Du Xiaosu. Please Lei Yuzheng to visit her often. Shao Zhenrong hopes that Du Xiaosu can come and see him. , But never showed up. Shao Zhenrong was disappointed. He was about to board the plane. Shao Zhenrong had to go to the security check with his colleagues. He secretly vowed to reconcile with Du Xiaosu when he returned from Yunnan. Du Xiaosu began to fidget early in the morning, Zou Siqi persuaded her to chase Shao Zhenrong back, and Du Xiaosu hurried to the airport.

Du Xiaosu hurried to the airport and found out that Shao Zhenrong’s flight had taken off five minutes ago. Du Xiaosu was greatly disappointed. She hurriedly called Shao Zhenrong, but his mobile phone was turned off. Du Xiaosu would wait for him to come back after sending a message. Lei Yuzheng saw Du Xiaosu and ridiculed her. Du Xiaosu wanted to wait for Shao Zhenrong to come back. Lei Yuzheng warned her not to play with Shao Zhenrong’s feelings anymore. Du Xiaosu’s feelings for Shao Zhenrong were serious, and Lei Yuzheng didn’t believe it at all. , And threatened her a bit.

Du Xiaosu suddenly received a call from the jewellery shop attendant and learned that Shao Zhenrong had customized a diamond ring here. Du Xiaosu immediately understood Shao Zhenrong’s painstaking effort. She immediately went home to pack up and go to Yunnan to find Shao Zhenrong. Zou Siqi persuaded her to calm down. Don’t be dazzled by feelings, but Du Xiaosu has made up his mind and regrets breaking up with Shao Zhenrong. She has been unable to get through Shao Zhenrong’s phone and wants to admit his mistakes in person.

It was raining heavily outside, and Lei Yuzheng suddenly became uneasy. He couldn’t worry about Shao Zhenrong and accidentally pulled off the shirt button. Lei Yuzheng realized that the situation was not good, and his heart became even more uneasy. When Du Xiaosu came to the airport, she learned that the heavy rain in Yunnan had caused the flight to be delayed. Du Xiaosu waited at the airport all night before arriving in Yunnan smoothly. She called Shao Zhenrong when she got off the plane. It was a doctor from Shilin People’s Hospital who answered the call , Du Xiaosu only learned that Shao Zhenrong encountered a mudslide halfway to the mountainous area. He is now in the hospital for rescue. Du Xiaosu was frightened.

Lei Yuzheng saw the news about the mudslide disaster in Kunming mountain area and immediately called Shao Zhenrong, but no one answered. When Du Xiaosu drove to the hospital, Shao Zhenrong died because the rescue was ineffective. Du Xiaosu rushed into the rescue room regardless of the nurse’s obstruction, and threw himself on the bedside of Shao Zhenrong and yelled, but he could not hear anymore, Du Xiaosu pleaded bitterly. The doctor rescued Shao Zhenrong again. The doctor was already unable to recover. Du Xiaosu fainted due to excessive sadness.

Shao Kaixuan lost her beloved son. She was sad and sick. Lei Yuzheng settled her down and immediately flew to Yunnan to deal with Shao Zhenrong’s funeral. When Du Xiaosu woke up in a daze, she realized that she had been asleep for most of the day. The nurse asked her to sign the death notice. Du Xiaosu could not accept this reality. She suspected that the nurse had hidden Shao Zhenrong. She looked around and finally found her. Seeing Shao Zhenrong’s body in the morgue, Du Xiaosu hugged him tightly and called him loudly. Du Xiaosu took out the diamond ring and cried loudly while holding Shao Zhenrong.

Lei Yuzheng came in time to push Du Xiaosu aside, and she was not allowed to touch Shao Zhenrong. Lei Yuzheng asked the nurse about the accident process, and he was heartbroken. Jiang Fanlu was very sad when he learned of Shao Zhenrong’s death. He couldn’t help but spit out bitterness to Lin Xiangyuan. Lin Xiangyuan persuaded her to die. Jiang Fanlu wanted to send Shao Zhenrong for the last time. Lei Yuzheng brought Shao Zhenrong’s ashes back to Shao Kaixuan, and promised to take care of her like a son in the future. Du Xiaosu looked at her from a distance and didn’t dare to come closer. Lei Yuzheng stared at her fiercely with the remaining light, and Du Xiaosu had to leave silently.

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