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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 5 Recap

Shao Zhenrong waited for Du Xiaosu very late, and did not see her to show up, the phone could not be reached, and the WeChat did not answer, Shao Zhenrong was anxious. Du Xiaosu came home very late. Roommate Zou Siqi saw that something was wrong with her. Du Xiaosu shut herself into the room without saying anything. Then Shao Zhenrong went downstairs to Du Xiaosu’s house. He called Zou Siqi and learned that Du Xiaosu was already asleep. Shao Zhenrong was puzzled. Looking at Shao Zhenrong’s lonely back, Du Xiaosu burst into tears with sadness.

Shao Zhenrong came to the company downstairs to wait for Du Xiaosu early in the morning and asked her why she missed the appointment. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to say more, but Shao Zhenrong forcibly pulled her into the car. When Lei Yuzheng came to work, he was puzzled when he saw this scene from the car window. Shao Zhenrong stopped halfway and pressed Du Xiaosu bitterly. Du Xiaosu kissed him for a long time and refused to let go.

The traffic police discovered that they had parked illegally and hurried to stop it. Du Xiaosu and Shao Zhenrong broke up and ran away in tears. Shao Zhenrong ignored the traffic police’s obstruction and pursued Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu insisted on breaking up with him. Shao Zhenrong couldn’t accept it. Du Xiaosu lied that her ex-boyfriend came back to find her for a reunion. She had never loved Shao Zhenrong, Shao Zhen. Rong is just a substitute for loneliness. Shao Zhenrong doesn’t believe it at all, otherwise Du Xiaosu will not be so sad. Du Xiaosu once again proposed to break up, and then left. The traffic police chased afterwards and told Shao Zhenrong to drive away.

Lei Yuzheng couldn’t get through Shao Zhenrong’s phone. He couldn’t rest assured, so he pushed the afternoon meeting out to find someone. Lei Yuzheng drove to the place he and Shao Zhenrong used to play when they were young, and he saw Shao Zhenrong in the tree. Shao Zhenrong had to admit that the two of them broke up. Lei Yuzheng wanted to know the reason, and Shao Zhenrong had to tell the truth, but she felt that Du Xiaosu was unspeakable. Lei Yuzheng persuaded Shao Zhenrong to persuade him as soon as possible. Shao Zhenrong couldn’t let go of Du Xiaosu’s heart. He decided to go to a free clinic in Yunnan. Shao Zhenrong went home in despair. Shao Kaixuan learned that he and Du Xiaosu had broken up and persuaded him to give up as soon as possible, but Shao Zhenrong was not reconciled.

Lei Yuzheng asked Du Xiaosu to meet at the golf course and forced her to ask her why she broke up with Shao Zhenrong. Du Xiaosu lied that she was no longer in love. Lei Yuzheng became furious. He mocked Du Xiaosu and insisted that she had met a richer man. Kicked Shao Zhenrong away, Lei Yuzheng felt that Du Xiaosu was not worthy of Shao Zhenrong. He did not expect that Shao Zhenrong had a deep affection for her. Lei Yuzheng let her and Shao Zhenrong get back together. Du Xiaosu resolutely refused to do it, and even angered to resign. , Lei Yuzheng threatened to let her not hang on in this line.

Du Xiaosu came to the hospital involuntarily, and couldn’t help but think of the little things she had been with Shao Zhenrong. She was so sad that she couldn’t make a sound. Du Xiaosu made up his mind to resign. Zou Siqi advised her to think twice and encouraged her to find Shao Kaixuan for a showdown and explain to Shao Zhenrong the reason. Du Xiaosu didn’t want Shao Zhenrong to be embarrassed in the middle.

Lei Ting recovered from his injury and was discharged home. Lei Yuzheng wanted to leave Yutian. Lei Ting resolutely refused to agree. Lei Yuzheng persuaded him not to interfere with Jiang Jin’s project. Unexpectedly, Jiang Jin had come to Lei Ting yesterday and promised to get the government approval as soon as possible. Lei Ting encouraged Lei Yuzheng to seize this project and fight for himself the opportunity to become famous.

Du Xiaosu went to the bar to buy drunk alone because of her sadness. In the end, she was so drunk. She sat on the side of the road and felt sad. Lei Yuzheng passed by and forced her to reconcile with Shao Zhenrong as soon as possible. Do not continue to suffer from Shao Zhenrong. Du Xiaosu refused to agree. Lei Yuzheng cursed her for being merciless, Du Xiaosu begged Lei Yuzheng to let her go, and then took a taxi and left.

Suddenly, Shao Zhenrong received a call from the taxi driver and learned that Du Xiaosu had left the bag in the car. Shao Zhenrong hurriedly took the bag and gave it to Du Xiaosu, and saw that she was sitting at the door in a daze.

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