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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 13 Recap

Mu Qing said that it only takes one month for him to build a new sales network. Mr. Ou laughed happily, and he was very satisfied with Mu Qing’s ideas. Mr. Ou readily told Mu Qing that if he and Li Ruosheng can really get things done within a month, he would trust them with complete confidence.

Li Ruosheng was worrying about the short time, but Mu Qing took out the note written by Mr. Ou confidently. Li Ruosheng realized that every piece of paper was marked. Mu Qing said that Mr. Ou originally planned to divide the business equally among everyone in order to balance the forces of all parties, but none of the three kings expressed their stance, and only they took the responsibility. From this point of view, Mr. Ou owed Mu Qing their favor. Li Ruosheng felt relieved after hearing this.

Mu Qing took Li Ruosheng to see the dark web he had already set up. Li Ruosheng learned that the security of the dark web is very high, and its development prospects are also very good, he is very happy to hug Mu Qing around.

Here, the three big King Kong gathered again. They complained together at such an age, and they were even put together by two hairy boys. Tie Guanyin is more open-minded, she said that she is optimistic about these two boys, after all, no one will have trouble with money. Onion, however, had a violent temper, and he was so angry that he threw away the beads in his hand. Although Uncle Glasses didn’t speak, his face was so gloomy that it was ugly.

Ou Kexin came to Mr. Ou to complain about Dakun. She said Dakun hadn’t been seen in the past few days, but Dakun had made a lot of clothes in her store, and 30% of the balance had not been paid yet. At this time, Uncle Glasses offered to pay off Dakun’s debts, and Ou Kexin was so scared to guess whether Dakun had something wrong.

Mr. Ou put out the glasses and explained to Ou Kexin himself. Ou Kexin directly said that she knew that Mr. Ou was selling drugs, and she cried and persuaded Ou’s father to stop. Mr. Ou expressed that he believed that Da Kun would not betray him. After all, he had more than ten years of brotherhood. Mr. Ou admitted that he was walking on a path of no return. After Ou Kexin left, Mr. Ou showed a worried look. He immediately ordered the glasses to send someone to solve Da Kun immediately.

At the police station, Da Kun was thinking about Little Buddha’s words. He thought he was determined to stand up and hopeless. Suddenly, he remembered that Zhao Nan, who was an undercover by his side before, was still in his hand. He believed that he could get him with this bargaining chip. Survival from desperation.

Da Kun proposed to exchange Zhao Nan’s life for his own freedom. Glory did not dare to neglect, so he quickly reported the matter to Liu Ju. Liu Ju stated that the first priority should be to rescue Zhao Nan. The Glory proposal asked Mu Qing to provide information, and Liu Ju was afraid that Mu Qing would be exposed and rejected the Glory proposal. Glory felt that three days were too tight, so he persuaded Liu Ju to think again.

Glory found that Zhao Nan in the video was shaking. He speculated that Zhao Nan might be locked in a cold place, similar to a cold storage. Liu Ju finally asked Mu Qing to help find the cold storage on Dakun’s site to further rescue Zhao Nan.

Mu Qing recalled that Ou Kexin had mentioned that there was a place in the Dakun warehouse that was not easily accessible. He immediately called to ask whether Ou Kexin was a cold storage. Ou Kexin said with certainty that it was a cold storage, because she found that there were often cold chain vehicles coming and going there.

After that, Mu Qing mentioned the cold storage under the pretext of studying the demolition of Dakun’s subordinates. It just so happened that the three guys guarding the cold storage also asked Li Ruosheng to tell Li Ruosheng that they would like to meet themselves. Therefore, Mu Qing took this opportunity to incite Li Ruosheng to go directly to the place. Mu Qing was questioning, Dakun’s godson Xiaowei rushed in to avenge Dakun. It turned out that he happened to be the person in charge of the cold storage. However, Mu Qing puts Serena in order.

At the police station, Bureau Liu received a notice to activate the highest-level undercover skylark in the K organization. Mu Qing also got the news, but he didn’t know who Skylark was, so he could only wait for the other party to come and recognize each other. Glory took someone to observe near the locked cold storage, and he found it to be very weird. Glory sent people to try to approach, but the security guard ignored the people and closed the door and walked away. Glory led people to rush in directly on the grounds of repairing the circuit, but they did not find Zhao Nan.

Mu Qing called Serena, he blamed Serena for not being creditworthy. Serena proudly asked Mu Qing to come to him personally. If he could find him, he would listen to Mu Qing in the future. Mu Qing had known the location of Xiaowei’s cold storage for a long time, so he drove to the cold storage with confidence.

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