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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 12 Recap

Da Kun told the lawyer that Mr. Ou would never treat himself as an abandoned son. But the lawyer said that he didn’t know what Mr. Ou, he just brought the words instead of taking them away. Mr. Ou wants the glasses to deal with all matters about Da Kun immediately, and he must not get the upper body on fire again.

Glasses asked Onion to meet with Tie Guanyin. Glasses said that although Dakun was arrested, the group’s business could not be interrupted. Someone needed to accept Dakun’s site. The purpose of this gathering is to discuss who the Dakun site is for. At this time, Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing came uninvited, and they also wanted to know who would receive Dakun’s site. Uncle Glasses said that all this still has to wait for Mr. Ou to speak.

Li Ruosheng said that they have offended Uncle Glasses now, fearing that it will be more difficult in the future. Glasses are a scheming person, and he is much better than Da Kun.

Mu Qing said that the reason why Mr. Ou was undecided was because the candidate he had in mind was not among the Four King Kong. Mu Qing told Li Ruosheng that he and Li Ruosheng had to find a reason to talk about Mr. Ou if he wanted to get Dakun’s site. On the other hand, Tie Guanyin told Onion Tou that Mu Qing was knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger, and the glasses also had ideas about Da Kun’s site, so she wanted to work with Onion Tou.

After that, Onion was listening to his wife’s belly. It turned out that his wife was pregnant. Onion’s wife persuaded Onion to stop. She said that she didn’t want to be rich and wealthy. She just wanted the family to be together peacefully. Onion promised her wife to stop.

In the evening, Mu Qing sent the younger brothers to grab the site of Brother Dakun. Li Ruosheng was worried that this would be inappropriate, but Mu Qing said that he would seize the opportunity when it came. Mu Qing said that Mr. Ou would definitely not call for accountability. . On the other hand, the glasses reported to Mr. Ou that Mu Qing and the others were looting the site, but Mr. Ou really did as Mu Qing had expected. He didn’t mean to blame Mu Qing and the others. Afterwards, the glasses informed Tie Guanyin and Onion that Mu Qing had already started.

The next day, Onion Tou met Mu Qing, and he praised Mu Qing’s thunderous means of grabbing Dakun’s site. And Mu Qing said that everything he did was instigated by Tie Guanyin, and Mu Qing said sincerely. Sure enough, the onion head believed, and he threw the cup angrily.

Later, Tie Guanyin also asked Mu Qing to meet, and Mu Qing said that what he did was the onion’s instigation. Tie Guanyin said that as long as Mu Qing was willing to help herself, she would hand over the management of the Dakun site to Mu Qing. After hearing this, Mu Qing also pretended to agree to cooperate with Tie Guanyin. After Mu Qing left, Tie Guanyin contacted the group’s major customers to go to Mr. Ou to help themselves beautify. At this time, Onion Tou also sent his younger brother to stare at Tie Guanyin’s every move. Mu Qing told Li Ruosheng that he was now waiting for Tie Guanyin to compete with the onion-headed snipe, and his own fisherman would make a profit.

After that, Onion came to Mr. Ou. He said that although he has many shortcomings, as long as Mr. Ou is willing to give Dakun’s territory to himself, he will definitely do his best and die. At this time, Tie Guanyin also came, and he also wanted to get Da Kun’s territory. Subsequently, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng also came.

Mr. Ou accused Tie Guanyin and Onion Head of colluding with big clients to force the palace, and the two of them immediately defended themselves. Mr. Ou asked everyone to draw lots to decide who could take over Da Kun’s site. Tieguanyin and Onionhead shrank and did not dare to draw lots. So, Mr. Ou asked Mu Qing to draw first, but Mu Qing was drawn, and Mr. Ou immediately announced that Da Kun’s site would be taken over by Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng.

Mr. Ou talked to Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng alone. Mu Qing said that he was very confident in taking over the site of Da Kun, because Mu Qing knew that the Four King Kong had always performed their duties and rashly let them leave their posts. It will be too greedy to chew, thus affecting the overall interests of the group. Mr. Ou was very satisfied with Mu Qing’s answer. Subsequently, Mu Qing said that he would re-establish Dakun’s sales network within one month to obtain more benefits for the group.

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