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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 11 Recap

The police paid more than 70 kilograms of methamphetamine from Dakun’s car repair shop. Liu Bureau held a press conference. He said that the police department would continue to fight against drug dealers. In front of the TV, Dakun looked anxious, he blamed the police for not arresting Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing, but kept staring at him.

At this time, Tie Guanyin on the side expressed his doubt that there was someone behind Mu Qing, because Mu Qing had only been here for two years to stir up such a big show. Later, she persuaded Da Kun to avoid the limelight first. Da Kun also agreed. Mr. Ou ordered Uncle Glasses to bring Da Kun to him within a week.

Ou Kexin came to Mu Qing’s house to stay for a day because of water and power outages in her studio. She asked Mu Qing to cook for herself. Li Ruosheng said that now that Dakun is out of the limelight, then he and Mu Qing can go to take over Dakun’s site. But Mu Qing said that Dakun must have something to do, so he should stabilize before thinking of a solution.

Ou Kexin is watching the anti-drug news. At this time, Mu Qing had prepared fried rice for her, and Ou Kexin said that the fried rice needed to be served with olive dishes. This brought back Mu Qing’s memories. In his memory, Rong Yu also liked to eat fried rice and olive dishes. Ou Kexin confided to Mu Qing that she said she could help Mu Qing be in the group, and then Mu Qing helped her replace Mr. Ou’s position. In fact, she already knew what business her father was doing. Then, the lovely Ou Kexin began to tease Mu Qing again, and Mu Qing looked at a loss.

Glory met with Mu Qing. Mu Qing talked about Rong Yu. Glory said about his sister Rong Yu. He would never forgive Mu Qing. But in the task, Mu Qing will always be his partner, he made Mu Qing absolutely trust him.

Uncle Glasses asked Da Kun to see Mr. Ou, but this time he caused such a big incident, Da Kun was afraid that Mr. Ou would devour himself alive. It just so happened that Ou Kexin sent a text message to Da Kun, who said that his little savior was here. Afterwards, Da Kun came to Ou Kexin’s flattery. Ou Kexin customized clothes for Da Kun and his younger brother, killing Da Kun as much as 480,000.

Mu Qing wanted to return the eavesdropping locator to Da Kun, and then asked Da Kun to bring the locator to Mr. Ou. But the two have not yet thought of a way. After that, Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing and the others to eat. She said that now Da-kun has a request for her. She asked Da-kun to line up to buy the rainbow roll cake in person, and then asked Da-kun to get the gift bear for herself. Finally, let Da-kun get her Send yourself home. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng looked at each other and smiled.

Da Kun lined up to buy cakes for Ou Kexin under the scorching sun, and he also danced to help Ou Kexin get the bear. At this time, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng not far away sent their little brothers to install the bug on the bear.

In the police station, Li Yimeng brought noodles to Glory, and she also covered the quilt for Glory herself. But this was all seen by Bao Yunhai outside the window. He deliberately increased the volume of his speech and awakened Glory. Therefore, Glory and Li Yimeng happened to face each other, and then Li Yimeng walked away shyly. At this time, the eavesdropping locator arranged by the police suddenly turned on. Glory suspected that this was deliberately arranged by Mu Qing for the purpose of separating Mr. Ou and Da Kun. Glory told Liu Ju that he wanted to help Mu Qing, and he wanted to completely separate the relationship between Mr. Ou and Da Kun.

Here, Ou Kexin and Da Kun came to meet with Mr. Ou. The little bear with the eavesdropping device was also given to Mr. Ou, and Ou Kexin also said good things about Da Kun in front of Mr. Ou. Da Kun said that since the garage was taken over, he had started the emergency response mechanism, and he assured Mr. Ou that he would not affect the group’s business again. Mr. Ou did not severely punish Da Kun, but knew it with reason and moved him to persuade Da Kun to act cautiously in the future.

After Da Kun left, Mr. Ou sent Uncle Glasses to stare at Da Kun’s every move. At this time, Mr. Ou found a bugging locator in the bear toy. On the other side, Glory brought a large number of policemen to invite Da Kun to the police station to “drink tea”. Glory deliberately hooked up with Da Kun, giving people a feeling that they were very familiar. And all this was seen by the uncle glasses in the distance, and the glasses went back and immediately told Mr. Ou about the situation.

Mr. Ou immediately turned a black face. At this time, Ou Kexin came to feed her father to eat cake. She also helped Ou’s father squeeze his shoulders intimately. The father and daughter were chatting happily, but Ou Kexin’s face was a single face. Looks thoughtful.

In the police station, Da Kun recognized Zhao Ran and Li Yimeng who came to his store last time, and Honor also connected Da Kun with the video of Little Buddha. Dakun was very surprised. It turned out that Little Buddha was not dead at all, and Little Buddha also persuaded Dakun to restore his legal net, be negligent, and cooperate with the police obediently is the only way out. Afterwards, Da Kun’s lawyer came, and the attorney Uncle Glasses told Da Kun if he wanted to break it, he would break it.

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