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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 10 Recap

Mu Qing also came to Ou Kexin’s studio. Ou Kexin said that she was preparing for the fashion week and she needed a few male models like Mu Qing. Afterwards, Mu Qing went upstairs and installed safety equipment such as alarms and surveillance for Ou Kexin’s studio. Looking at these devices, Ou Kexin felt sweet in his heart. Li Ruosheng teased whether Mu Qing wanted Ou Kexin to embrace him. But Mu Qing said that he only wanted to ensure the safety of Ou Kexin, so that Mr. Ou was at ease.

Da Kun deliberately told the bug in the car where he was trading with Li Ruosheng. Sure enough, the police were deceived, and they said they would follow Da Kun and kill him. The next day, Da Kun came to the place where he traded with Mu Qing and the others. He took the opportunity to put the eavesdropping locator in Li Ruosheng’s pocket, and then took the opportunity to slip away.

A younger brother reminded Li Ruosheng that there was a problem with this batch of goods, and at the same time, a police siren sounded nearby, and Mu Qing reminded the brothers to disperse and run away. After the police arrived, they arrested and shopped a large number of Li Ruosheng’s younger brothers. Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to hide first and then led the police away by himself. It just so happened that Glory was chasing Mu Qing, and Glory deliberately let Mu Qing leave.

At this time, Ou Kexin suddenly appeared behind Mu Qing, and she took Mu Qing to the warehouse where she put the goods, and this warehouse was also the mistake of Ou Kexin and Dakun. Ou Kexin said that she suspected that Da Kun was doing some shameful activities, and she asked Mu Qing to help herself pay more attention to Da Kun. Mu Qing thought to himself that Ou Kexin might become a force to defeat the Four King Kong.

Mu Qing sent a text message to Liu Ju, saying that he would take the net and release the Sheng first. Liu Ju immediately called Honor and said that Li Ruosheng would be let go today. Glory informed the members of Team 84 to focus on capturing Da Kun first.

Glory quickly found the location of Mu Qing and Ou Kexin under Zhao Ran’s drone surveillance. He left his phone number in the car and then left. Mu Qing borrowed Ou Kexin’s car and drove away. At this time, Li Ruosheng was still hiding in tension, and Mu Qing sent a message to Honor and asked whether he had released the Sheng. Glory reminds Mu Qing that the rope on the top floor can escape. Mu Qing immediately called Li Ruosheng to tell him to use the ropes to escape. Then, Mu Qing drove up to meet Li Ruosheng, and both of them successfully escaped from the police.

When Li Ruosheng was wearing a seat belt, he found the eavesdropping locator in his pocket. He said that he had only touched Da Kun today, and this thing was given to him by Da Kun Sai. As soon as the angry Li Ruosheng wanted to throw away the wiretap, he was stopped by Mu Qing. Mu Qing said that since Dakun dared to calculate himself, he would use this bug to attack Dakun’s army. He wanted to tell Mr. Ou about Dakun’s joint police assassination of himself, and made it clear that Dakun was an inner ghost.

Here, Liu Ju praised Glory for cooperating well with Mu Qing. Glory said that he saw Mu Qing and a girl walking very close, and he was worried that Mu Qing was in danger. But Liu Ju said that although Ou Kexin is Mr. Ou’s daughter, she does not know her father’s business. Li Yimeng said that Ou Kexin was the victim of the bombing three years ago, but she was only disfigured and did not die. Li Yimeng said that Ou Kexin also needs to check it out. She doesn’t believe that a little white lotus will appear in the poison den.

Here, Liu Ju persuaded Mu Qing that he needed to untie the knot and cooperate with Glory. One miss did not mean anything. If Da Kun was arrested, Mu Qing could tell the police in advance. Mu Qing said that Ou Kexin has been pestering herself recently, and Liu Ju said that in order to get close to Mr. Ou, it is inevitable to deal with Ou Kexin.

Glory came to Ou Kexin’s clothing store to find out. When Ou Kexin saw Glory, she was first shocked, and then exchanged greetings with Glory. Ou Kexin said that Glory can come often if necessary. The police resolutely copied Da Kun’s Haoran garage and seized large quantities of drugs.

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