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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 29 Recap

Zhang Yichi suddenly suffered from acute severe hepatitis when he went to see a doctor. After falling down, he still muttered to say that he would not give up Chen Mengzhen. Xia Chu quickly called and asked Liang Muze to take Chen Mengzhen to comfort Zhang Yichi, who had manic symptoms after waking up. Zhang Yichi saw Chen Mengzhen coming.

Sure enough, Chen Mengzhen shook Zhang Yichi’s hand and said that she was not afraid, she would accompany Zhang Yichi to heal the disease, and Zhang Yichi lay down obediently for treatment. The doctors formulated a treatment plan for Zhang Yichi. Liang Muze asked Xia Chu when Zhang Yichi would get better. Xia Chu said that severe hepatitis has a high mortality rate and also a high risk of infection. Xia Chu said that he had red eyes. Very worried about Zhang Yichi’s physical condition.

The relationship between Rao Feng and Liang Shaoxue has eased a lot. Liang Shaoxue not only called Rao Feng’s father, but also cheered for his work. Rao Feng said that he would work hard, and then went to the meeting room to meet Tian Yong. The director told Tian Yong that his task this time was not to catch criminals, but to cooperate with insiders to set the game.

After Tian Yong’s mission, Liang Shaoxue couldn’t contact Tian Yong, so she pestered Liang Muze to ask Tian Yong’s whereabouts, but Liang Muze said that she and Tian Yong were not boyfriends and girlfriends. Don’t pester Tian Yong, and let Liang Shaoxue go back to the United States. Liang Shaoxue refused to do so. Laughing at Liang Muze for not being with Xia Chu at all.

After Zhang Yichi recovered a little bit, he still thought about the patient’s condition, so he asked a nurse for a mask to go to the ward round, but was recognized by the patient. After learning that Zhang Yichi had severe hepatitis, the patient treated Zhang Yichi as a beast and accused Zhang Yichi of being sick and running away.

Chen Mengzhen hurried to speak for Zhang Yichi when he learned the situation, but the patient was still reluctant, Liang Muze also rushed to him and pushed him to stop the patient from making trouble. The patient thought that Liang Muze was also a doctor, so he shouted to the doctor. After beating someone, Liang Muze became angry, saying that he was not a doctor, and he would clean up if he made trouble again, which ended the farce.

Zhang Yichi felt very uneasy, although if it was detected that he was not infectious in the future, he would probably not be able to go to the operating table again. If that was the case, he would rather choose to leave. Chen Mengzhen also blamed herself a little. If she hadn’t slept too much and wouldn’t let Zhang Yichi run out, she still regretted not agreeing to Zhang Yichi’s confession at the time and left her regrets.

Everyone waited until Zhang Yichi came back. Zhang Yichi said that he was going to be discharged from the hospital, and then left. Li Juan hurried out and blamed Zhang Yichi for being too desperate for not saving the patient. Now he is on his own health again, but Zhang Yichi Do not regret it. Li Juan was a little helpless and said that she had obtained the visa, but she could stay for Zhang Yichi, as long as Zhang Yichi was willing, but Zhang Yichi supported her to do what she wanted to do.

After Li Juan left, she went to chat with Chen Mengzhen and said that she had been with Zhang Yichi for ten years. Except for the marriage certificate, they were no different from the husband and wife. Chen Mengzhen said that they had been together for ten years but they still broke up, indicating that the two of them were not enough. Love, Li Juan reminded her that Zhang Yichi’s illness will have a great impact on her future life.

Chen Mengzhen said that she was a member of the military, and she has a strong enough heart to face the trivialities and any endings of life alone. But Zhang Yichi hesitated at this time. If he didn’t get sick, he would definitely stick to Chen Mengzhen to the end. But now he can’t take the responsibility of being a husband. He doesn’t want to drag Chen Mengzhen. Zhang Yichi’s mother has a much better attitude towards Chen Mengzhen.

Director Chen planned to transfer Xia Chu back to cardiology surgery, but Zhang Yichi could not come back again. He was transferred to the medical school to teach, and Xia Chu was very sad. When Zhang Yichi was discharged from the hospital, colleagues spontaneously went to the hospital to see Zhang Yichi goodbye. Chen Mengzhen couldn’t help crying after seeing this scene in the distance.

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