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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 28 Recap

When Migu and Zoran called, they talked about seeing the news and found that the drug dealer’s son looked very similar to Zoran. Migu was a news reporter and was very sensitive to this kind of thing. She thought about what this person and Zoran were all afternoon. The relationship may be just a coincidence. After learning the news, Zhuo Ran sneaked into Migu’s company and deleted the image data.

Rao Feng finally woke up from a coma. After asking Liang Shaoxue and Li Lei about the situation, he asked when Xia Chuan could be discharged from the hospital. Liang Shaoxue came back after buying breakfast and found that Rao Feng was awake. At the beginning of Xia, he met with Liang Muze. Leaving Liang Shaoxue and Rao Feng alone. Early Xia changed the dressing of Liang Muze’s wound. She mentioned that Ke Wei’s family wanted to visit the injured police officer.

Liang Muze felt unnecessary. But early Xia talked about the pictures in Ke Wei’s computer and said that the matter was related to the City of Desire. Liang Muze explained a few words. Early Xia looked at Liang Muze’s wound and mentioned whether it would be difficult for the two of them to confirm the relationship, but Liang Muze asked Xia Chu to try it. Liang Muze was talking with Xia Chuzheng, when Xia Guangyuan came suddenly, he drove Liang Muze away and said that he wanted to say a few words with Xia Chu alone.

Liang Shaoxue chatted with Rao Feng for a few words, saying that she seemed to understand why Rao Feng didn’t let her stay by her side, why she didn’t let her say that she was her daughter, and that she had given the portrait to Rao Feng’s colleagues. Rao Feng struggled to get up and asked for more details. In the police station, the chief had already determined the identity of the suspect based on Liang Shaoxue’s portrait. After Rao Feng asked about the situation, she persuaded Liang Shaoxue to return to the United States, but Liang Shaoxue refused, saying that at least she would not leave until Rao Feng recovered.

Liang Shaoxue fed Rao Feng breakfast, and when he went out to throw garbage, he saw Tian Yong signing an organ donation letter. Tian Yong had been thinking about organ donation since the last time he was shot. Liang Shaoxue did not care about the number of people in the hospital who hugged Tian Yong. Let Tian Yong take him home. Tian Yong said that Liang Muze was not there and he could not leave without permission. Liang Muze came back at this time and asked Tian Yong to send Liang Shaoxue to the subway station.

Xia Guangyuan was very dissatisfied with Liang Muze and told Xia Chu not to mix with Liang Muze. Xia Chu said that he was seriously considering whether to be with Liang Muze. Xia Guangyuan resolutely opposed, and even asked Xia Chu to switch back to Dong’an, saying that if Xia Chu was with Liang Muze If he did, he would waste his life and go round and round around Liang Muze. Xia Chu said that he didn’t have one, but Xia Guangyuan didn’t believe it. Xia Guangyuan tried to persuade Xia Chu, but Xia Chu was unmoved.

On the way Tian Yong sent Liang Shaoxue back, Liang Shaoxue gave Tian Yong a watch and said that he would take a photo with Tian Yong. When taking the photo, Liang Shaoxue took the opportunity to kiss Tian Yong. Tian Yong was very nervous, and sent her a bulletproof vest to Liang Shaoxue on the way back, so she remembered to wear it when she went out. When the two were waiting for the bus at the bus stop, there was a gun battle between drug dealers and the police. Tian Yong heard the movement and rushed to help. A pregnant drug dealer shot at Tian Yong. Fortunately, Tian Yong was wearing a protective goggles. , Blocked the bullet.

The drug dealer Li Zhipeng who Tian Yong helped arrest is the one who was not caught in the bar operation last time. The police appreciate Tian Yong’s ability and hope that Tian Yong can cooperate with the police in arresting the master and confirm who is behind the terrorist pirates. After Long Yi was released, Zhuo Ran began to provoke Long Yi and the master’s relationship, but Long Yi was very vigilant and refused to believe what Zhuo Ran said easily.

After Xia Chu was busy, he saw that Xia Guangyuan was still waiting for him. Xia Chu persuaded Xia Guangyuan to go back, but Xia Guangyuan was very stubborn and must resign and go home. Xia Chu was a little surprised why Xia Guangyuan was so stubborn. Xia Guangyuan got excited and said that they They are all old and can’t stand up to anything in early summer. At the beginning of Xia Xia went to dinner, I saw that Xiao Xiao collapsed because he was worried about being infected with hepatitis B by Ke Wei. I also learned that Zhang Yichi’s condition was more serious and his finger was cut by a hemostat during the operation.

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