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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 41 Recap

The conversation between Wang Shian and Ji Zhongyuan was not smooth, because the other party was always firm, claiming to be ordinary people, living in troubled times. Because of this, Wang Shian had nothing to do. He planned to use fatigue tactics to break through the psychological defense of Ji Zhongyuan, interrogating him in turn, and at the same time ordered his subordinates not to use torture and secretly monitor Lin Nansheng’s movements.

Now there are special guards around the torture chamber, and the three floors are strictly controlled. The longer Lin Nansheng sits opposite, the more disturbed he is, and he tries his best to suppress his anxiety. Until Wang Shian comes to replace himself, he has the opportunity to return to the office to catch his breath. Think about the way to save Ji Zhongyuan.

For several days, there was no news from Ji Zhongyuan. Zhu Yizhen realized that something was wrong and immediately sent a telegram to the organization to help verify the situation. Meng Annan had a sense of crisis when he saw this. He hurriedly contacted Wang Shian, agreed on a time and place to meet, and found an excuse to go out. As a result, he had just left before Zhu Yizhen found the watch in the drawer at home.

Lin Nansheng took advantage of Wang Shian’s outing to meet Meng Annan, and cooperated with Ji Zhongyuan to stage a play, so as to open up the secretary and gain the opportunity to talk alone. Ji Zhongyuan fainted and rushed to the infirmary. When the doctors and special agents left one after another, he immediately explained the situation to Lin Nansheng, stating that he had a one-line contact with General Rong of the Ministry of National Defense, and had urged the opposition to join the Communist Party as early as 12 years ago.

After a lapse of twelve years, General Rong arrived in Shanghai yesterday to attend a meeting of the Beijing-Shanghai garrison headquarters, preparing to take this opportunity to submit core information about the Huaihai battle to Ji Zhongyuan. Because Ji Zhongyuan could not go to see General Rong, he entrusted Lin Nansheng to complete the task instead of him.

At that time, Ji Zhongyuan will use false news to trick Wang Shian out, and then let Wang Shian send someone to shoot at him. This will arouse the alert of the spies and the reporter will publish the photo in the newspaper. Because only in this way can Lin Nansheng gain the trust of General Rong, and mean that Ji Zhongyuan must sacrifice himself first.

Taking into account the urgency of the war and the future of the country and the nation, Ji Zhongyuan has repeatedly emphasized that both he and Lin Nansheng can sacrifice, and only intelligence cannot be lost. After all, this action was too dangerous. Ji Zhongyuan urged Lin Nansheng to protect himself. If he was accidentally exposed, he would take Zhu Yizhen to the Northeast Liberated Area as soon as possible, stick to the wishes of thousands of Communists, and wait for the dawn of victory.

Lin Nansheng couldn’t find a suitable sniper for a while, and simply used the recurrence of the old disease as an excuse to notify Lan Xinjie to come to the army to deliver medicine and explain the situation to her in time. Even though Lan Xinjie had never received military training, she was not a soldier in the true sense, but she still accepted the task arrangement willingly, even though she might never return.

It just so happened that Wang Shian came back from the outside and had not yet discovered the content of the conversation between Lan Xinjie and Lin Nansheng. On the contrary, after meeting Meng Annan, he personally came to the interrogation room and negotiated in another way. Long before this, Meng Annan and Wang Shian confirmed their identities and asked to return to the Military Unification and Secrecy Bureau, hoping to obtain official status and positions within the Kuomintang.

However, Wang Shian gave a promise on the surface, but Meng Annan continued to go back and hide, using the opportunity of Ji Zhongyuan’s arrest, to trace the larger Communist Party and try to find the fisherman. Originally, Meng Annan did not agree, but Wang Shian threatened his life and political future, and he finally had to compromise.

Before leaving, Lan Xinjie couldn’t help showing her true feelings, claiming that Lin Nansheng was the person she cherished the most in her life. Although it seemed to be a confession, it was more like a confession. When Lan Xinjie returned home, she sat alone in front of the dressing table in a daze, then took out Zilu’s painting, stroking the graffiti on it tremblingly, and finally made up her mind.

Zhu Yizhen took the initiative to ask about the watch, Meng Annan found an excuse to prevaricate, and did not arouse the other party’s suspicion. At this time in the interrogation room, Ji Zhongyuan not only voluntarily confessed his true identity and his position in the Urban Engineering Department of the East China Bureau, but even indirectly revealed the fisherman’s information to Wang Shian.

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