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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 40 Recap

Because Lin Nansheng came to the notice only because of her past feelings, Zhu Yizhen worried that her relationship with the other party might affect future intelligence transmission. Ji Zhongyuan could not tell the truth for the time being, and could only emphasize that Lin Nansheng would never betray the Communist Party, and Zhu Yizhen could continue to keep in touch with Lin Nansheng.

Deputy Chief Lin of the Ministry of National Defense personally went to the Military Command and Secret Bureau and tantrums Wang Shi’an, thus confirming that the Second Corps moved to Dangshan. Seeing Deputy Chief Lin’s anger, Wang Shian quickly explained the reason. Director Yu of the Intelligence Department of the Operation Department concluded that someone in the Ministry of Defense had leaked secrets to the fisherman through the photo, so he handed it over to Wang Shian personally, and even claimed that if the information continues to leak, he must investigate thoroughly. Military Command Station.

Wang Shian felt pressured by this, and he really had no clue. He thought of Meng Annan’s line, but it was like sinking to the sea for several months in the newspaper to find people. In order to explain to his superiors, Wang Shian held a meeting again for discussion, repeatedly analyzed the contact information between the fisherman and various relay stations, and followed the vine to find out his clues.

Zhu Yizhen obtained information about the spinning mill from Ji Zhongyuan, so she looked for an opportunity to pass it back to her hometown. Meng Annan memorized the sound and location of the number in advance, and observed Zhu Yizhen’s process of making a call for several days. Finally, he finalized the number and found the specific address from the telephone office.

In his spare time, Lin Nansheng often went to Chief Tang to talk about the past and inquire about news by the way. Nowadays, some units of the Kuomintang are withdrawing to Guangzhou and Taiwan one after another. Even Shanghai is also preparing for it. General Lin Nansheng’s retreat plan is handed over to Ji Zhongyuan. Unfortunately, he cannot witness the arrival of the People’s Liberation Army with his comrades.

Unlike other officers’ wives, Lan Xinjie patronized and fled to Taiwan, but wanted to stay with Lin Nansheng, so she took the initiative to explain her thoughts to him. Lin Nansheng readily agreed and promised to let Lan Xinjie accompany him to Guangzhou, but the premise is not to publicize it, so as not to cause trouble.

For a period of time afterwards, Meng Annan paid close attention to Zhu Yizhen’s movements. While she was in contact with her superiors, she pretended to have a toothache and went to the hospital. In fact, she followed behind him secretly, and saw Ji Zhongyuan in the park. At this time, Ji Zhongyuan had the pseudonym Tan Zhaoyi and his external identity was a cotton yarn futures trader on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. He had not yet noticed that Meng Annan was in the dark and accidentally exposed his residence.

Wang Shian took the initiative to invite Director Yu to have dinner. He accidentally learned that Lin Nansheng and Mao Renfeng had a good relationship, and he knew that he did not have a backer in Chongqing, and he was afraid that when he arrived in Guangzhou, he would be suppressed by Lin Nansheng and would not be reused, so he tried his best to track down. Fisherman, it is easy to get more political capital in the future.

At the same time, Meng Annan thoroughly found out the whereabouts of Ji Zhongyuan and immediately notified Wang Shian, hoping to use this as a bargaining chip to seek a future. After Wang Shian received the information provided by Meng Annan, he personally took people to arrest him. Originally, Ji Zhongyuan was planning to pass on important information about the Huaihai Battle to Zhu Yizhen, but he did not expect that the military unification spy would take the lead to encircle the residence.

Lin Nansheng couldn’t contact Ji Zhongyuan, and felt uneasy. It was not until he heard that Wang Shi’an had brought back a core figure of the Communist Party. He pretended to be concerned and rushed to the interrogation room to watch the excitement. He saw Ji Zhongyuan sitting in Wang Shi’an. opposite.

Because Wang Shian didn’t know the true identity of Ji Zhongyuan, and only based on the clues provided by Meng Annan, he was determined to be Zhu Yizhen’s online. If he could be rebelled, that would be great. Unexpectedly, when Ji Zhongyuan saw Lin Nansheng appear, instead of confessing his identity, he pleaded for himself. In fact, he was spreading a message to him in disguise, and he was already ready to die.

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