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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 4 Recap

Lei Yuzheng was ordered to meet Jiang Jin at the golf course. Lin Xiangyuan took out the project planning document. Lei Yuzheng felt very good and curious that Jiang Jin would not leave it to him. Jiang Jin moved Lin Xiangyuan away and explained the truth to Lei Yuzheng. He didn’t want to take this project. Give it to Lin Xiangyuan, an outsider, and he has already discussed with Lei Ting, this will be completed as Lei Ting’s work.

Lin Xiangyuan went to the bathroom. Cleaner Lin Qiang recognized him as a fellow working in a repair shop and took the initiative to greet him. Lin Xiangyuan pretended not to know him and avoided him. Lei Yuzheng also came to the bathroom. He happened to hear Lin Xiangyuan and Lin Qiang talking. When Du Xiaosu went to work the first day, Mr. Ning did not arrange a specific job for her. She helped her colleagues and buy coffee. One day passed quickly. Du Xiaosu went home from get off work and saw Shao Zhenrong waiting for her downstairs when he went out. Take her to meet friends who are like brothers.

Shao Zhenrong pulled out the photo of Lei Yuzheng, and Du Xiaosu was dumbfounded. Lei Yuzheng came to the appointment on time. He and Du Xiaosu were facing each other. Lei Yuzheng pretended not to know Du Xiaosu and greeted him enthusiastically. What surprised Du Xiaosu was that Lei Yuzheng was Her immediate boss, Du Xiaosu, apologized to Lei Yuzheng for the report. Lei Yuzheng hurriedly changed the subject and lied that he did not know Du Xiaosu. It was just that Du Xiaosu had written about him. Lei Yuzheng congratulated Shao Zhenrong on his payment. As she wished, remind Du Xiaosu to treat Shao Zhenrong well and don’t let him be hurt. Du Xiaosu admitted that she was happy to know Shao Zhenrong. Before leaving, Lei Yuzheng quietly reminded Shao Zhenrong to be more careful not to be emotionally hurt.

Du Xiaosu had the idea of ​​resigning and did not want to stay in Boyuan because of Shao Zhenrong’s relationship. Shao Zhenrong persuaded her not to think too much, and Du Xiaosu had to give up. When Lei Yuzheng learned that Jiang Fanlu had come to the company to make a big fuss, he asked He Qunfei to arrange her to take a part-time job in Boyuan. Lei Yuzheng also asked him to inform Du Xiaosu to come after get off work. He Qunfei felt that it was inappropriate, but he still did.

Du Xiaosu came to see Lei Yuzheng very cautiously. Lei Yuzheng explained that there are countless people who come to Boyuan every day to apply for jobs. He sees Shao Zhenrong’s face leaving her behind. Du Xiaosu repeatedly explained that she did not know beforehand and Lei Yuzheng questioned her frequent job changes To warn her not to use Shao Zhenrong’s feelings for her own benefit, Du Xiaosu was very angry and made it clear that she and Shao Zhenrong really love each other, and Lei Yuzheng was not allowed to insult their feelings, and then slammed the door and left.

Shao Kaixuan called Lei Yuzheng to inquire about Shao Zhenrong’s current situation, and learned that Shao Zhenrong had a girlfriend, and Shao Kaixuan asked Shao Zhenrong to take his girlfriend home for dinner tomorrow. Shao Zhenrong wanted to take Du Xiaosu home to see his mother. Du Xiaosu was very nervous. Shao Zhenrong promised that his mother would like her. Du Xiaosu reluctantly went home with him. He found that he had a well-earned family and lived in a luxurious villa. Du Xiaosu was immediately confused. Shao Kaixuan was kind and amiable, Du Xiaosu suddenly relaxed, and the two chatted with each other. When Shao Kaixuan learned that Du Xiaosu was from Pingtan, he was stunned.

Lei Yuzheng brought Lin Xiangyuan to the land to be developed. After seeing blood, he pointed out that they had no government approval at all. The so-called project was just empty talk. Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly claimed that he wanted to use this project to establish a reputation for Lei Ting, and Lei Yuzheng was right. His words do not approve. Shao Zhenrong bought a house, came to the hotel early, and asked Du Xiaosu to have a meal after get off work. Du Xiaosu just wanted to go to the appointment. Suddenly, he received a call from Shao Kaixuan asking her to meet, and Du Xiaosu rushed over.

Shao Kaixuan made an agreement with Du Xiaosu as soon as they met. Don’t tell anyone in today’s conversation. Shao Zhenrong kept calling Du Xiaosu, and Du Xiaosu had to hang up first. Shao Kaixuan repeatedly confirmed that Du Xiaosu’s father was Du Maokai, and then talked about her old story with Du Maokai. The two of them were once lovers and made an appointment to go to Shanghai together. Unexpectedly, Du Maokai missed the appointment. Shao Kaixuan had to go back alone. Shanghai. Du Xiaosu came to the riverside to relax. She dialed her father’s phone. Du Maokai humbled and asked him about her relationship with Shao Zhenrong. Du Xiaosu lied that he was all well, and cried sadly when she hung up the phone.

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