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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 3 Recap

Du Xiaosu came out of the bathroom and saw the big star Xu You walking with Lei Yuzheng, talking and laughing. Du Xiaosu didn’t know Lei Yuzheng, and then took a secret photo of the two of them leaving intimately.

Du Xiaosu believes that Xu You and Lei Yuzheng have an ambiguous relationship, and can’t wait to show Shao Zhenrong a photo. Shao Zhenrong recognizes Lei Yuzheng and desperately tries to get rid of his relationship with Xu You. Du Xiaosu doesn’t believe it at all and wants to continue digging into their scandals. Shao Zhenrong is inconvenient to say clearly. After the meal, Shao Zhenrong sent Du Xiaosu home and put her hands in her pockets to keep warm. Du Xiaosu’s heart was warm.

Lei Yuzheng came to the hospital to visit his father Lei Ting after get off work. Lei Ting was still unconscious. Lei Yuzheng had mixed feelings in his heart. From childhood to most of his thoughts Lei Ting was the Kua father who tirelessly chased the sun. He did not expect that he would fall down one day. . Lei Ting finally regained consciousness and saw Lei Yuzheng guarding the bed. He was angry to drive Lei Yuzheng away. Lei Yuzheng had to admit that Yutian was in serious trouble and left when he recovered. Shao Zhenrong then rushed to the ward and saw that their father and son were arrogant, so he hurriedly called Lei Yuzheng out.

Du Xiaosu came to the newspaper early in the morning and looked carefully at the photos of Xu You and Lei Yuzheng, and suddenly realized that Xu You would replace Yan Jingjing as the heroine. She wanted to go to Yutian’s boss to seek justice for Yan Jingjing, but she and her colleagues After bumping into his arms, Mr. Mo yelled at Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu turned a deaf ear and ran to the downstairs of Yutian Group and saw that the staff was replacing Yan Jingjing’s big photo with Xu You’s.

Du Xiaosu broke into Yutian directly and asked Lei Yuzheng’s whereabouts from the front desk clerk. Du Xiaosu stopped Lei Yuzheng’s car on the street and wanted to seek justice for Yan Jingjing. Assistant He Qunfei hurried over to stop Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu condemned Lei Yuzheng for falling into trouble, Lei Yu. Zheng exposed her hypocrisy in public. It was because she followed and interviewed Yan Jingjing that the car accident happened. Afterwards, she disguised herself to interview Yan Jingjing. It was nothing more than to make a name for this matter. Du Xiaosu was speechless. Lei Yuzheng got into the car and drove away.

Shao Zhenrong called Du Xiaosu immediately after the operation. Du Xiaosu was robbed by Lei Yuzheng. She walked down the street in despair and could not hear the phone ringing at all. Du Xiaosu gradually woke up. She suddenly received a call from a colleague and learned that Mr. Mo had secretly disclosed the photos on her computer. Du Xiaosu was immediately dumbfounded. Seeing the photos of him and Xu You, Lei Yuzheng guessed that Du Xiaosu had taken the photos secretly, and asked his assistant to find a lawyer to sue Du Xiaosu for defamation, and emphasized that he would not accept an out-of-court settlement.

He Qunfei quickly found Du Xiaosu and told her about Lei Yuzheng’s decision. He complained that she shouldn’t provoke Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu was so angry that he turned against Lei Yuzheng and didn’t recognize anyone. He Qunfei learned that she was In order for Yan Jingjing to fight the injustice, he told the story of Yan Jingjing and Xie Li’s partnership tampering with the contract to make money, and Du Xiaosu just woke up like a dream.

Du Xiaosu came to the hospital to talk to Yan Jingjing. He heard Yan Jingjing and her assistant talking outside the door. Only then did they know that they had tried to get Lei Yuzheng to give in. The result was counterproductive. It happened that Du Xiaosu’s secret photo was exposed, which gave Lei Yuzheng a heavy blow. Du Xiaosu was so angry that he gritted his teeth and rushed in to argue with Yan Jingjing. Yan Jingjing sneered at her, and then slammed the door with his assistant and walked away.

Du Xiaosu almost fainted because of her sadness. Thanks to Shao Zhenrong who came to hug her in time, Du Xiaosu was discouraged and decided to quit the entertainment industry. She majored in architecture and wanted to be a designer. Shao Zhenrong suggested her To apply for a job at Boyuan, Du Xiaosu worried that he would not be able to do so. Early the next morning, Du Xiaosu submitted a resignation report to President Mo. President Mo was struggling to stay, but Du Xiaosu had decided to leave.

Du Xiaosu waited for Lei Yuzheng for a few hours, and apologized to him, admitting that he had misunderstood him by not understanding the situation beforehand. Lei Yuzheng mistakenly thought she was afraid of lawsuits. Du Xiaosu explained that she was blinded by Yan Jingjing and Lei Yuzheng did not buy it at all. . Shao Zhenrong recommended Du Xiaosu to Lei Yuzheng to work as a designer at the Boyuan Company, a subsidiary of Yutian. He also brought Du Xiaosu’s resume. Instead, Lei Yuzheng reminded him to be careful of being used by Du Xiaosu. Shao Zhenrong promised that Du Xiaosu was a good girl, and Lei Yuzheng was reluctant. Promise to help recommend.

Lei Yuzheng gave Du Xiaosu’s resume to Boyuan’s Ning. Jiang Jin’s assistant Lin Xiangyuan came to Lei Yuzheng to contact Lei Yuzheng. He accidentally learned that Lei Yuzheng introduced Du Xiaosu to Boyuan. He recognized Du Xiaosu as his ex-girlfriend in college. Call the university teacher Wang to inquire about her current situation. Du Xiaosu received the entry notice from Boyuan Company. She happily cheered, but Shao Zhenrong did not say that this was his recommendation.

Du Xiaosu came to Boyuan Company to report early in the morning. Mr. Ning had read her design draft and was very satisfied with her. But at present, she can only give her the position of intern. Du Xiaosu is very satisfied. She just doesn’t understand how a big company like Boyuan would choose She, Ning always valued ability and not academic qualifications, and Du Xiaosu was delighted.

Jiang Fanlu came to the company to look for Lei Yuzheng, but the front desk refused to let her in. Jiang Fanlu’s attitude was arrogant. Lin Xiangyuan came and asked Jiang Fanlu to go upstairs with a smiling face. It happened to see Du Xiaosu coming out of the elevator and Lin Xiangyuan staying in place. , Du Xiaosu pretended not to know each other, and walked past him with his head held up. Lei Yuzheng goes to the hospital to see Lei Ting every day. He sees Lei Ting’s health recovering and urges him to leave the hospital as soon as possible to take over Yu Tian. Lei Ting wants to keep him in the company and ask him to play golf with Jiang Jin.

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