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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 2 Recap

Du Xiaosu threatened with Shao Zhenrong’s reputation, but Shao Zhenrong refused to enter, so Du Xiaosu had to give up.

Lei Yuzheng and Shao Zhenrong lost the five-minute fencing match between Shao Zhenrong and Shao Zhenrong. Lei Yuzheng told Shao Zhenrong that Zheng Jingjing’s injury should be treated with the best treatment, and he will pay for it. The film is about to start shooting, the company’s shareholders are watching, the heroine can only be changed, Shao Zhenrong said that he will support Lei Yuzheng’s decision.

The next day Du Xiaosu came to the hospital to deliver coffee to Shao Zhenrong. Du Xiaosu brought out various flavors. Shao Zhenrong couldn’t refuse. The colleagues around him were envious. On the surface, Du Xiaosu said that he was simply sending a cup of coffee to repay the life-saving grace. In fact, it was for Zheng Jingjing’s work. However, Shao Zhenrong refused. His colleagues teased about the relationship between Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu also pretended to be intimate and left the rest The coffee was distributed to everyone and left.

Fanlu came to Lei Yuzheng, and Lei Yuzheng said that he would accompany Fanlu after work. Lei Yuzheng has been working deliberately. After a long time, he was impatient with the green and waiting, so he asked Lei Yuzheng to work first. Lei Yuzheng was secretly happy and immediately asked the assistant to see him off. Lei Yuzheng and Shao Zhenrong chatted in the car. Shao Zhenrong said that Du Xiaosu was very happy. Lei Yuzheng had already seen that Shao Zhenrong had fallen in love with Du Xiaosu. Shao Zhenrong was very nervous to deny it. Lei Yuzheng said that the girl was very lucky. He would disagree if she wasn’t a good girl.

Du Xiaosu sat in the hospital cafeteria chatting with the nurses, making them very happy. Shao Zhenrong came to the cafeteria for dinner. Du Xiaosu took the initiative to say hello when he saw Shao Zhenrong. Shao Zhenrong was embarrassed to leave. Du Xiaosu said that his greatest pleasure is to see handsome guys. President Mo called to inform Du Xiaosu that the heroine would be replaced, and asked Du Xiaosu to approach Zheng Jingjing to interview her to understand the truth.

At this time, the nurses ran out in a hurry. A bus crashed into the car and many children were injured. Shao Zhenrong diagnosed a girl who suffered from internal injuries and needed RH-negative AB blood. Du Xiaosu took the initiative to donate blood when he heard it. Unexpectedly, during the blood donation process , Du Xiaosu fainted in Shao Zhenrong’s arms. After Du Xiaosu woke up, Shao Zhenrong joked and teased Du Xiaosu. He also asked Du Xiaosu why he didn’t eat breakfast.

Du Xiaosu said that he was busy with work and did not eat. Shao Zhenrong brought Du Xiaosu with fried buns. The fried buns got on Du Xiaosu’s mouth. Shao Zhenrong wanted to wipe them, but Du Xiaosu avoided. Shao Zhenrong looked at Du Xiaosu eating with a happy face. Du Xiaosu told Shao Zhenrong that if she hadn’t chased her at the airport that day, Zheng Jingjing would not have a car accident. Now that Monster Killer wants to change the heroine, Du Xiaosu feels very guilty. Shao Zhenrong asked Du Xiaosu to rest and don’t think about it.

Zheng Jingjing asked the reporter to come to the hospital and ran out while the bodyguard was asleep. Du Xiaosu came to Zheng Jingjing’s patient and no one was seen. Shao Zhenrong also came to Zheng Jingjing’s ward. The nurse told Shao Zhenrong that Zheng Jingjing was about to jump off the building. Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu hurried up the stairs to the sixth floor to stop him. Fire trucks and the Public Security Bureau arrived, reporters downstairs rushed to take pictures, and Lei Yuzheng also got the information that Zheng Jingjing was about to jump off the building. Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu failed to persuade them and tried to approach Zheng Jingjing.

Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu approached Zheng Jingjing from left to right. Mr. Mo called Du Xiaosu, and the ringing of the phone attracted Zheng Jingjing’s attention. Shao Zhenrong quickly reported Zheng Jingjing into the railing. However, Shao Zhenrong himself fell and was fortunately caught by Du Xiaosu. But Du Xiaosu was not strong enough, and the two fell to the air cushion from the sixth floor together. Fortunately, the two of them were unscathed. The reporter was about to interview Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu, but Shao Zhenrong took Du Xiaosu’s hand and ran together.

Shao Zhenrong wants to reach Du Xiaosu’s phone number. Lei Yuzheng rushed to the hospital, found Shao Zhenrong, and took him to the place where Shao Zhenrong almost fell when he was a child. The 12-year-old Shao Zhenrong was caught by Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng told Shao Zhenrong how anxious Shao Zhenrong’s mother was on the phone, and what they should do if something happens to Shao Zhenrong, Lei Yuzheng is very angry.

Zheng Jingjing is an actor invited by Lei Yuzheng. If Shao Zhenrong was injured because of her, how did Lei Yuzheng face Shao Zhenrong’s family, and Lei Yuzheng told Shao Zhenrong that Zheng Jingjing’s jumping off the building was only her own performance. a show. Lei Yuzheng said that Shao Zhenrong no longer needs his protection, but Shao Zhenrong said that Lei Yuzheng will always be his brother.

Du Xiaosu looked at Shao Zhenrong’s photo, and Shao Zhenrong also looked at pulling Du Xiaosu’s hand and getting through Du Xiaosu’s phone. The two had a conversation. Shao Zhenrong invited Du Xiaosu to dinner, and Du Xiaosu agreed.

Du Xiaosu and Shao Zhenrong ate together, and the two of them discussed fate from whether Shao Zhenrong had a girlfriend. The waiter brought a cake. Shao Zhenrong said happy birthday to Du Xiaosu. When Du Xiaosu made a wish, Shao Zhenrong looked at Du Xiaosu intently, and then gave Du Xiaosu a pig as a birthday gift. Shao Zhenrong hinted that he was happy, Xiaosu. The above toilet escapes the problem.

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