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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 8 Recap

The police began a series of operations preparations near Little Buddha’s Lair. Zhao Ran noticed that there was a gun in Little Buddha’s house, and Honor decided to act immediately. The two sides fought fiercely, and the cunning little Buddha escaped from the house. At this time, the bomb in the room also exploded. Fortunately, Glory quickly led his colleagues to escape. Li Yimeng’s long-range sniper against Little Buddha failed. Then she acted without permission and followed Little Buddha, but the cunning little Buddha threw a grenade backhand at her. Fortunately, Glory arrived in time to knock down Li Yimeng and save her. Life. And Little Buddha was rescued by Da Kun’s people.

Da Kun accused Little Buddha of not listening to his advice and insisting on going out, and he exposed himself and the other brothers. Little Buddha begged Da Kun to let him go, but Da Kun still handed Little Buddha to Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing.

Mu Qing relayed a message to Liu Ju that he was going to close the net, Little Buddha. Liu Ju told Glory that his priority now is to cooperate with Mu Qing, and to kill all drug dealers while ensuring Mu Qing’s safety.

Here, Li Ruosheng is torturing Little Buddha. He wants Little Buddha to identify Da Kun, but Little Buddha said that he would rather die than surrender. When Li Ruosheng wanted to kill Little Buddha, Mu Qing said that he would do it himself. This was Mu Qing’s first murder, and Li Ruosheng thought he was shy, so he went out with the boys.

At this time, Mu Qing said that he was just a businessman and didn’t want to get blood, so he let the little Buddha go. Little Buddha said gratefully that he owed Mu Qing his life. After that, Mu Qing threw a large oil barrel large enough to hold a person into the sewer, disguising himself as a complete set of services for killing and collecting corpses. Then Li Ruosheng, who came in, said that he would take Mu Qing to drink to suppress his shock. Li Ruosheng complained that Mu Qing couldn’t do anything except his brain is so good. Mu Qing felt that it was better to use his brain to make a big thing, and Da Kun had been with Mr. Ou for many years, and he could not easily shake it.

Ou Kexin is measuring clothes for Mr. Ou, and she wants to thank her father for opening a clothing studio for herself. Ou Kexin said that it was Mu Qing who changed herself. She praised Mu Qing in front of Dad Ou. Dad Ou asked Kexin if he liked Mu Qing, but Ou Kexin said that he had only one lover and that was Dad Ou, father. The two women get along very happily.

On the other side, Liu Ju told Glory that Mu Qing had released Little Buddha as planned, and Glory said that Little Buddha could not escape the Skyeye monitoring system. Glory pretended to be a taxi driver to pick up Little Buddha. Later, Little Buddha was arrested and went to the police station for interrogation. Little Buddha confessed that Da Kun would go to the Haoran car repair shop every Friday. Glory decided to act immediately. He asked Li Yimeng and Zhao Ran to pretend to be a couple, and then they would be monitored and positioned. The functional lighter is placed in the Dakun car.

After that, Zhao Ran and Li Yimeng came to the Haoran car repair factory, and they called for the boss Qi to change the car. Zhao Ran told her boss a bunch of drug trafficking blacks. Boss Qi called to report to his boss. Because Zhao Ran could answer the secret code, he was invited to go upstairs to drink tea, and Li Yimeng took the opportunity to leave because he was above the toilet. . After a while, Da Kun came, and he went straight to the second floor to talk to Qi boss. Li Yimeng borrowed a lighter from his driver while Da Kun was away. Then she returned the lighter equipped with the positioning device to Da Kun’s driver.

Upstairs, Zhao Ran told Da Kun that he wanted a lot of goods to come to other places. Da Kun was very cautious. He said that some money can be made, but some money is hotter.

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