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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 7 Recap

Mr. Ou asked Da Kun: why his little brother, Little Buddha, would hire Mu Qing to kill Mu Qing, Da Kun said that he was innocent. Mu Qing also said that this must be the malicious construction of Qingpi Laoba, and he suggested that Mr. Ou start the investigation from Qingpi Laoba. Mr. Ou handed the matter to Uncle Glasses to investigate, and Da Kun also stared maliciously at Mu Qing.

Mu Qing said to Li Ruosheng that Mr. Ou had an answer to this matter a long time ago, and he left it to Uncle Eyes to investigate it in order to make it smaller. Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to stare at Qingpi Laoba’s lair, while he went to see how Uncle Glasses investigated the case.

Da-kun is accusing Little Buddha of failing more than succeeding. At this time, he received a text message from Uncle Glasses, who invited Da Kun to discuss important matters. Uncle Glasses wanted to return Qingpi Lao Ba to Da Kun, but Da Kun did not want to leave a handle to Uncle Glasses. He sent his little brother to kill Qing Pi Lao Ba and then left. Uncle Glasses and his younger brother said that Da-kun didn’t want to be controlled by others, but he would have a long life in Japan. All this was seen by Mu Qing who was following.

The next day, Uncle Glasses said that he had copied Qingpi Laoba’s nest. He found that Qingpi Laoba and Scorpion had the same drugs. This time, Qingpi Laoba assassinated Mu Qing in order to avenge the dead Scorpion, and then took the opportunity to leave K Organization. Uncle Glasses showed the evidence he collected from Qingpi Laoba in public, but when he opened the box, he found that there were a pile of toys in it and there were no drugs at all. The panicked Uncle Glasses said that he would check it out soon.

It turned out that Mu Qing had already sent Li Ruosheng to stare at Qingpi Laoba’s lair. Li Ruosheng replaced Uncle Glasses’s drugs with toys. Mu Qing and Uncle Glasses played a trick of Li Daitao stiff. In the evening, Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing celebrated today’s victory at the bar together.

Mu Qing reported to Liu Ju that he took the initiative to let Da Kun and his glasses go against him, and through the previous few things, he believed that Da Kun would soon leak clues. Liu Ju said that he must be cautious when arresting Da Kun. The most urgent task now is to arrest Little Buddha first to obtain evidence of Da Kun’s drug trafficking.

Mu Qing came to Ou Kexin to inquire about Dakun’s industry in Yungang, and Ou Kexin said that he could help him. Mu Qing ran away shyly after being teased by Ou Kexin.

Here, Uncle Glasses hinted that Dakun could abandon the car to save his handsomeness if necessary, that is, save himself by abandoning the little Buddha. Dakun was moved by this proposal.

Ou Kexin came to find Dakun to help Mu Qing, she fooled Dakun and said that she wanted to rent a big factory. Afterwards, Da Kun accompanied Ou Kexin to visit all of his factories. Halfway through the walk, Da Kun was exhausted and found an excuse to slip away. Before slipping away, he ordered his little brother to meet all Ou Kexin’s requirements. Ou Kexin used small means to faint the little brother. She took the opportunity to steal the information of frequently used places in Dakun from the little brother’s mobile phone, and then she sent the information to Mu Qing. Mu Qingyou sent the information to Liu Ju. In response to the information, the Bureau of Liu immediately arranged a group of plainclothes policemen to guard at the corresponding locations.

In the dimly lit room, Little Buddha couldn’t restrain his drug addiction, so he ran out to find drugs. However, Little Buddha was caught by the plainclothes police on the way back. The police began to arrest Little Buddha. Zhao Ran used the drone to determine the little Buddha’s lair. Captain Glory began to deploy. He instructed Bao Yunhai to solve the secret sentry near the little Buddha’s lair, and then notified all units to prepare for action.

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