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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 27 Recap

Tian Yong went to the hospital to visit Liang Shaoxue, and accompanied Liang Shaoxue to guard Rao Feng. Liang Shaoxue said that she found that Rao Feng’s back was a little bend yesterday. She always thought that Rao Feng would be invulnerable by wearing a police uniform. Feng is already old, Liang Shaoxue regretted that he had spoken harshly to Rao Feng yesterday. Liang Shaoxue asked Tian Yong to find paper and pen, recalling the people he saw in the Yunshan Tunnel at that time, and drew a portrait. Tian Yong originally wanted to give Liang Shaoxue the heart shield he had made, but Liang Shaoxue refused with the ugly heart shield.

Seeing that Xia Chu’s shoulders were uncomfortable, Liang Muze pulled Xia Chu to sit down and massaged her. At the beginning of Xia Chu was a little nervous, with Liang Muze’s massage, Xia gradually relaxed, and praised Liang Muze’s good press. Liang Muze Once again persuaded Xia Chu to come to live with the troops, Xia Chu still did not agree.

The delivery person was Ke Wei, a child from the village Migu visited before. Migu accompanied Ke Wei’s grandparents to the hospital. Zhang Yichi was about to perform surgery on Ke Wei. Zhang Yichi wanted to rescue Ke Wei as soon as possible and accepted the police’s advice. Investigated, but in the end, Ke Wei could not be rescued. Xia Chu asked Xiaoxiao if the two lovers are in a good relationship, would the woman give up work for the man? Xiaoxiao frankly said that if it were her, she would not, because she would not give up her hard-working career for the other party. She only wanted to do what she liked. Xiaoxiao’s words made Xia Chu think.

Migu found Xia Chu, and Xia Chu also learned about Ke Wei’s character from Mi Gu. Migu said that he found pictures of the sudden death in the community in Ke Wei’s computer. After reporting to the police, he learned that this happened and rushed along the way. In the hospital, Ke Wei’s grandparents wanted to see the injured police officer, but Xia Chu said that he could only wait for them to wake up. Migu told Xia Chu that she was with Zoran again. Although Xia Chu did not object, she still reminded Migu to be alert to Zoran and protect herself.

Migu suddenly saw news about the kidnapping of a drug dealer’s son when he was editing the video in the database. The drug dealer’s son looked very similar to Zoran. Migu called Xia Chu about Zhuo Ran’s father. Xia Chu said that he had never heard of Zoran. His father, Xia Chu rushed to see the patient, so he hung up the phone in a hurry. Before Xia Chu went to rescue Rao Feng’s subordinate Li Lei, Li Lei’s wife found Xia Chu and gave Xia Chu a mobile phone, and asked Xia Chu to help Li Lei to listen to it, saying that Li Lei would wake up after listening to it. The phone was Li Lei’s just born. Li Lei, who heard the recording of the child’s cry, reacted.

After get off work, Zhang Yichi wanted to ask Chen Mengzhen to watch a movie with him, but Chen Mengzhen said that there were customers in the store. The customer in Chen Mengzhen’s store was Zhang Yichi’s mother. Zhang Yichi’s mother came to persuade Chen Mengzhen not to be with Zhang Yichi, and said that she was with Zhang Yichi. Will delay her, Chen Mengzhen’s attitude is neither overbearing nor overbearing, saying that the prerequisite for being delayed is that she is willing, but now she has not said that she is willing, and Zhang Yichi’s “delay” can’t be discussed.

Zhang Yichi was about to leave the hospital, but learned that Ke Wei’s hepatitis B test showed that he had three positives. All the doctors involved in the operation had to get the hepatitis B vaccine. Zhang Yichi felt a little nervous. After work, he still went to Chen Mengzhen’s shop. Chen Mengzhen deliberately avoided Zhang Yichi. Zhang Yichi stopped her and said that he had considered it long ago. In the future, they don’t want their own children.

As long as Luo Xiaojun is enough, Chen Mengzhen asked Zhang Yichi why he is himself. Zhang Yichi said that it might be fate to get along with Chen Mengzhen, but what Chen Mengzhen wanted was a man who thought she was the best, not just making sacrifices because of the right. The two of them weren’t in the same way. The closer they got, the more Difficult, Zhang Yichi was speechless for a while and didn’t know how to answer.

Zhuo Ran was arraigned by the police. The police asked how much Zhuo Ran knew about the bombing. Zhuo Ran said that this was the master’s revenge for the loss of the goods, and that the mission was issued through the City of Desire

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