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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 26 Recap

Zhuo Ran and Mi Gu had a discussion, and suddenly they kissed each other. Mi Gu asked if he loves herself, but Zhuo Ran didn’t answer directly.

Zhang Yichi introduced Chen Mengzhen’s mother and son to his parents. Zhang Yichi’s parents’ expressions were a bit bad, especially Zhang Yichi’s mother, who sneered at Chen Mengzhen’s work and background. Luo Xiaojun saw that the atmosphere was not right and asked Chen Mengzhen to take himself to the bathroom. Chen Mengzhen’s mother and son had just left. Zhang Yichi’s mother counted on Zhang Yichi. When Chen Mengzhen brought Luo Xiaojun back, he heard Zhang Yichi arguing with his mother.

Zhang Yichi said that he had already identified Chen Mengzhen. Zhang Lifu asked if he had done a good job in taking up the responsibility of the stepfather, and could he be sure that he would be able to confront the two after having his own child Zhang Yichi is a little uncertain. Chen Mengzhen pushed the door in and found an excuse to say goodbye to everyone. Zhang Yichi hurriedly chased them out and said to send them back. Chen Mengzhen refused, and asked Zhang Yichi to think about the question asked by Zhang Yichi and think about the matter between them. .

Liang Muze said that he was injured and he wanted to shave him early in Xia Chu, while he shaved Liang Muze, he thanked Liang Muze for appearing today to relieve himself. After shaving, Xia Chu talked about the bug and said Liang Muze’s guess was correct. Liang Muze said that he had known it a long time ago, and his understanding of Zhuo Ran far exceeded Xia Chu’s imagination. Liang Muze gave the wool felt he made to Xia Chu, and said that the person who kidnapped Xia Chu had been arrested, but he had to be careful recently, especially not to see Zhuo Ran alone. Xia Chu agreed.

Rao Feng looked at Long Yi sitting in the interrogation room very familiarly. He went to the archives room to adjust the information and found that the person who hurt Liang Shaoxue was Long Yi. His subordinates also came to tell Rao Feng that the result of the inspection came out. The wanted criminal Xiao Yang, Rao Feng didn’t say a word, and rushed into the interrogation room regardless of everyone’s obstruction. The subordinates quickly locked the door of the interrogation room. Rao Feng was very collapsed, and the director told everyone to leave first and stepped forward to comfort Rao Feng.

After Rao Feng calmed down, the director told Rao Feng that he could not move Long Yi now. Rao Feng became excited. Since Liang Shaoxue was injured, he was haunted by nightmares every day. Now the person who killed his daughter is right in front of him. He can’t let Long Yi go. His only motivation to live is to bring those who hurt Liang Shaoxue to justice. Although the director sympathizes with Rao Feng, he still focuses on the overall situation and wants Rao Feng to let Long Yi go and Rao Feng bites. Teeth agreed.

Liang Shaoxue returned to Liang Muze’s house to take the courier. Liang Muze told Rao Feng that Liang Shaoxue had gone home. Rao Feng also went back and wanted to see Liang Shaoxue. He happened to meet Liang Shaoxue at the elevator entrance. Liang Shaoxue was going to help early Xia get the courier. Rao Feng followed Liang Shaoxue and Liang Shaoxue all the way.

But he didn’t have a good face for Rao Feng. Rao Feng saw that the courier’s expression was a little wrong, and when he saw that the courier gave the parcel to Liang Shaoxue, he took out his mobile phone. Rao Feng felt that something was wrong. He took the courier and threw it out again. Protecting her body, before Liang Shaoxue could react, the express box exploded. Because of Rao Feng’s protection, Liang Shaoxue was fine, but Rao Feng was unconscious, and the delivery person was also bombed unconscious and sent to the rescue room.

Zhuo Ran went to Tang Lin, but Tang Lin had already seen that Zhuo Ran didn’t want to build a factory. He didn’t want to be a commercial espionage, so he refused to continue to help Zhuo Ran work. After Tang Lin left, Zhuo Ran called Xia Guangyuan and deliberately revealed Xia Chu lived with Liang Muze and talked about the bombing.

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