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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 25 Recap

After Zhang Yichi got off work, Chen Mengzhen called and asked her to have dinner on the weekend, saying that he wanted to introduce her and Luo Xiaojun to his parents. Zhang Yichi expressed his intention to Chen Mengzhen. Chen Mengzhen was a little shy, but he still agreed to Zhang Yichi’s invitation.

After Xia Chu finished reading Liu Ran’s letter, she was in a complex mood. She was a little frustrated, but as a doctor, she couldn’t be depressed because of the failure. Xia Chu wanted to call Liang Muze, but Liang Muze was on the plane, so Xia Chu had to send a message. Liang Muze. Liang Muze led the team back to the barracks after completing the task. Liang Shaoxue went to find him as soon as he learned that Tian Yong was back. During Tian Yong’s absence, Liang Shaoxue had been watching the 300 Tang poems Tian Yong had given him. Liang Shaoxue has Mild brain dysfunction, saying that she could not concentrate for more than five minutes. Sometimes she was talking to Tian Yong for one second, and she might fall asleep in the next second.

Even so, she insisted on memorizing poems for Tian Yong, and Tian Yong did not listen. Understanding Liang Shaoxue’s confession, she ran back and gave Liang Shaoxue an hourglass, saying that the hourglass was exactly five minutes, and Liang Shaoxue could use this hourglass to improve the efficiency of reciting poems. Liang Shaoxue was a little disappointed, and tried every means to ask Tian Yong to kiss her, let Tian Yong play a lyrical song, looked at her eyes and asked if he could see anything, but Tian Yong suddenly cried and thought of his mother. , Liang Shaoxue completely lost her temper. When Tian Yong cried enough, Tian Yong talked about his childhood. Tian Yong grew up in a welfare institution and had no impression of his parents.

Liang Shaoxue said that she was the same as Tian Yong, saying that although she was not an orphan, she was also Like Tian Yong, she spends very little time with her parents. Liang Shaoxue told Tian Yong that she was sexually assaulted when she was 13 years old. She was apostate to attract the attention of her parents. She originally wanted to talk about these things after kissing Tian Yong, but Tian The story that Yong told her made her couldn’t help. Tian Yong looked at the girl in front of him with distress in his eyes. He couldn’t help but want to touch Liang Shaoxue’s head, but Liang Shaoxue plunged into Tian Yong’s arms. Tian Yong said nothing, comforting Liang Shaoxue.

Rao Feng asked Liang Muze to give the tracker to Liang Muze. Liang Muze poke a wool felt and put the tracker into the wool felt. After all this was done, Liang Muze only saw the message sent to him by Xia Chu and knew that Liu Ran had passed away. . Liang Muze went to the hospital to look for Xia Chu, Zhang Yichi said that Xia was closed today. Liang Muze wanted to take Zhang Yichi’s car to visit Chen Mengzhen and Luo Xiaojun. Zhang Yichi told about the introduction of Chen Mengzhen’s mother and son to his parents today, and promised that he would be responsible for Chen Mengzhen. in the end.

Zhuo Ran asked Xia Chu to eat at the Japanese food store opposite the hospital. Xia Chu reluctantly went there. Zhuo Ran expressed his affectionate confession to Xia Chu, but Xia Chu was unmoved and talked about the bug and the fact that he lived in Liang Muze’s house. , But Zoran pretended to be helpless. At this time Liang Muze called, and Zhuo Ran grabbed the phone and said hello. Early Xia grabbed the phone and told Liang Muze that he was in a Japanese food store.

Liang Muze hung up the phone. Zhuo Ran took the opportunity to provoke Liang Muze and Xia Chu, but early Xia was still very troubled. To say firmly that these have nothing to do with Zoran. She will not affect her current life for her first love, and Xia Chu tells Zhuo Ran that she likes Liang Muze and hopes that Zhuo Ran will stop pestering her. Talking about Liang Muze rushed to the restaurant and wanted to pick up Xia Chu, Zhuo Ran held Xia Chu, saying that Chu Xia’s favorite eel rice had not been served yet, Xia Chu said that he didn’t like eel rice anymore, so he let Zhuo Ran let go. , Zoran can only let them leave, and just put everything back on track.

After Liang Muze took Xia Chu away, he didn’t say a word. Xia Chu was worried that Liang Muze was angry, so he explained that he went to see Zhuo Ran not because he couldn’t let him go, but because he wanted to make it clear. Liang Muze still didn’t say a word, and Xia Chu squatted aggrievedly. She refused to leave on the ground. She was already very sad about Liu Ran’s affairs. Now Liang Muze had a temper with him again. Seeing that Xia Chu did this, Liang Muze had to soften her attitude, and regardless of the injuries he was still on, she carried Xia Chu back.

While Migu was attending a party outside, Zhuo Ran called her, said that he was in the hotel, and asked her if she would come. Although Migu hated this kind of relationship that was called by Zhuo Ran, she couldn’t help but go to the hotel to find Zhuo Ran. Migu opened the door and found that Zhuo Ran was already a little drunk.

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