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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 24 Recap

On the day Linman was going to give a debriefing speech, Zheng Gan pushed Linman to the company in a wheelchair. Colleague Serena was speaking ill of Linman in front of her boss George. Linman went back with disdain and said that she was not. Working alone, she still had her team, Lin Man completed the debriefing speech perfectly, George was also very satisfied with her, but Serena suddenly attacked Lin Man, saying that she used company resources to sponsor a little-known The activity of the small studio said that she used power for personal gain.

When George wanted to inquire, Zheng Gan spoke on the side, saying that his wedding was completely public in nature, and that neither he nor Lin Man profited from it, and in the long run this activity It is good for both Daydream Studio and Linman’s company. Linman also explained that he did not use the company’s resources, and was completely in a personal relationship.

Chu Yunfei helped Cheng Xin get rid of her bodyguard and secretly took her away from the company. Cheng Xin wanted to return to Daydream Studio, but Chu Yunfei said that Zheng Gan had not come to Cheng Xin in the past two days, saying Maybe she was still devoted to work. Cheng Xin didn’t believe it, but when she returned to the studio, she found that there was no one in the studio. She called Zheng Qian. Zheng Gan was having dinner with Lin Man and received a call from Cheng Xin.

After that, he hurried back to the studio. After inquiries, he learned that Zheng Gan didn’t realize that he had lost contact. Zheng Gan quickly apologized and said that someone was injured at the wedding that day. Cheng Xin was a little angry and worried because he was busy taking care of the wounded. After Zheng Qian succeeds, he will change his mind. Zheng Qian comforted him that he worked so hard not only for the dream in his heart, but also to make Cheng Jianye feel free to give Cheng Xin to himself, so that Cheng Xin felt better.

When Zheng Qian learned that Cheng Xin had escaped secretly, he was a little worried that Cheng Jianye would go to Zheng’s house to find Cheng Xin. He was worried. Cheng Xin and Zheng Qian received calls from Jiang Jie and Zheng’s father respectively, and the two rushed back. Cheng Jianye is already in Zheng’s house. He also came up with a prenuptial agreement with many harsh clauses. He said that as long as Zheng Qian signs it, he will ignore Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin’s affairs in the future.

There is no opinion on the first few items of the agreement, but he cannot agree to give up his job after marriage to accept Cheng’s arrangement, and he is unwilling to live with Cheng Jianye after marriage. Father Zheng and Cheng Jianye quarreled, Jiang Jie stopped the two of them, and accused several of them. Everyone was trained to be unable to refute them. Jiang Jie asked Cheng Jianye to withdraw the contract and agreed to move out with Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin.

Cheng Xin hadn’t been happy when he returned to the studio. Kong Hao told them bad news that the shooting machine on the wedding day accidentally bumped and all the materials inside were gone. To restore the material, you can only find a professional computer room to repair it, but the appointments for the professional computer room are already scheduled for next month. Cheng Xin proposed to use Tenda’s computer room to repair it.

She was about to call Chu Yunfei, but Zheng Gan But she didn’t want Cheng Xin to ask Chu Yunfei because of her own affairs, so she decided to find Chu Yunfei by herself. Cheng Xin called Chu Yunfei and asked him to help Zheng Gan. Chu Yunfei decided to help Zheng Gan once after seeing things about the previous goddess’ war project. After all, they had this relationship and he didn’t want to owe Zheng Gan’s favor. . Zheng Qian and the others successfully recovered the video material, and after uploading the video of the public welfare wedding to the Internet, Daydream Studio became a hit.

Father Zheng saved all his life’s money and wanted to make some investment with this money, so he joined the group that predicted the stock price recommended by his friend Lao Liu, only to lose money.

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