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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 23 Recap

The preliminary preparations for the charity wedding were ready. Zheng Qian presided over the wedding as the host. His words touched the guests. Lin Man also admired Zheng Qian very much. Cheng Xin secretly gave Zheng Gan a heart-to-heart in the background. When Lin Man saw it, Lin Man thought he had read it wrong.

At the end of the wedding, Zheng Gan invited Lin Man to the stage to send blessings to the new couple. Lin Man was saying a few words. Cheng Jianye’s people suddenly rushed into the backstage and took Cheng Xin. Caught away, and when Cheng Xin was taken away, Cheng Xin struggled to pull down a rope, causing a style column at the front desk to fall and hit Linman’s foot. The scene panicked, Kong Hao and others hurriedly stabilized the scene. Circumstances, arranged for everyone to evacuate, and called an ambulance for Lin Man.

However, Cheng Xin was taken to Cheng Jianye’s car in chaos. Cheng Jianye called Jiang Jie and learned that Cheng Xin had deceived the two and was living with Zheng Gan. He was even more determined to separate Zheng Qian and Cheng. With Xin’s determination, Cheng Xin took advantage of Cheng Jianye’s eyes to close her eyes, and secretly called Zheng Qian to ask him to rescue herself. Zheng Gan just answered the phone, but the phone was out of power. The ambulance came here, and Zheng Qian went to the hospital with Lin Man. .

When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor told Linman that he could not get out of bed for a week and must be hospitalized. Linman was a little anxious. Her position in the new company was not stable. There was a lot of work and a report would be due next week. How can I be hospitalized? Zheng Qian comforted Lin Man and said that Lin Man could help herself with anything. Lin Man said that Zheng Gan could not help herself. She calmed down and asked Zheng Gan to go back first.

After Cheng Jianye brought Cheng Xin home, he asked Uncle Liang to find a foreign teacher for Cheng Xin, and complained to Chu Yunfei that he wanted to entrust Cheng Xin to him. If Cheng Xin inherited the family business, Chu Yunfei would be able to assist Cheng Xin. Xin, if Cheng Xin doesn’t inherit the family business, then give the Cheng Group to Chu Yunfei, and he can rest assured. Chu Yunfei comforts Cheng Jianye, saying that he is caring and chaos.

Cheng Xin has a stubborn personality since he was a child, and Cheng Jianye forced Cheng like this. Xin broke up, but instead pushed Cheng Xin towards Zheng Gan. It’s better to let the flow go, and when Cheng Xin understood it, he would break up with Zheng Gan. Cheng Jianye arranged for two bodyguards to follow Cheng Xin every step of the way, and Cheng Xin was annoyed by them.

When Zheng Qian was taking care of Lin Man in the hospital, he suddenly received a call. He learned that Kong Mu had found the Daydream Studio and wanted to take Kong Hao back. Zheng Qian hurried back to the studio to mediate. Kong Hao was out of breath and said that Yao Jiaren was pregnant with herself. Kong’s child was directly fainted by anger. Everyone hurriedly called 120. Before sending Kong’s mother to the hospital, Zheng Qian received a call from the hospital and learned that Lin Man was missing. He hurried to the hospital to stop him and wanted to return to the company.

Linman. Zheng Qian took advantage of Lin Man’s work to send messages to Cheng Xin, but Cheng Xin’s mobile phone was taken away by Cheng Jianye and couldn’t reply to Zheng Qian. Cheng Xin wanted to escape from the villa, but the two bodyguards watched very closely, and Cheng Xin had no chance at all. . Cheng Xin said that she wanted to find Chu Yunfei and got into Cheng Jianye’s car, but Cheng Jianye pulled her off and told her to drive by herself, but she told her bodyguards not to let Cheng Xin see anyone other than Chu Yunfei.

Mo Xiaobao’s parents came to Daydream Studio to visit Mo Xiaobao. Mengxixi received the two of them. Mo Xiaobao’s parents felt that Mengxixi was well-behaved and sensible, and were very satisfied with her. They also inquired about Mengxixi’s family affairs intentionally or not , Mo Xiaobao’s parents also saw that Mo Xiaobao likes to be frustrated, so they wanted to match it up, but Mo Xiaobao was embarrassed.

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