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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 22 Recap

Mo Xiaobao persuaded Congcong to tell the truth, saying that he must be brave enough to be a real man. Congcong heard what Mo Xiaobao said, went home and told his mother the truth, and Congcong’s mother went to the school to talk to the principal and explain the whole story. , And asked Congcong to apologize to Mengxixi, Congcong apologized to Mengxixi, and said that it was Mo Xiaobao who taught himself to bear the courage.

Dong Ge asked Yao Jiaren for a set of portraits, and Yao Jiaren asked Cheng Xin if he knew any photographers who took the photo. Cheng Xin thought that Kong Hao could get Yao Jiaren to take the photo, just to match the two of them together.

Yang Chenguang overheard that Mr. Sun was not very satisfied with Tengda’s plan. It was only because Angela was an endorsement and wanted to give Chu Yunfei face, so he could only use Xiao K to vent his anger. Yang Chenguang stepped forward to inquire and found out. Mr. Sun felt that Tengda’s plan was too old-fashioned. Mr. Sun wanted interactive experience and user interaction.

When Yang Chenguang heard it, he quickly talked to Mr. Sun about the idea, but Mr. Sun didn’t believe that Yang Chenguang could come up with it. Yes, but he wants Yang Chenguang to handle it in private. As long as there is no problem, he can put the credit on Yang Chenguang’s head, and Yang Chenguang quickly promised. With this idea, Yang Chenguang was promoted to the general assistant by Mr. Sun, and the project was handed over from Mr. Liu to Mr. Yang. Mr. Liu was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he had nothing to do with Yang Chenguang.

Mo Xiaobao heard in the Internet cafe that the slogan of the war of the goddess was to fight with the goddess. This was Zheng Gan’s creative idea. Mo Xiaobao hurried back to the studio and told Zheng Gan the news. Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin were very surprised. I was angry and called Yang Chenguang on the spot. Yang Chenguang and Mr. Sun were attending the Mayya cocktail party. Mr. Sun wanted to get on line with Cheng Jianye at the cocktail party. When he was getting close to Cheng Jianye, Yang Chenguang’s cell phone kept ringing, and Cheng Jianye asked him to pick him up. phone. Yang Chenguang acted shamelessly when confronted with Zheng Qian’s inquiries.

He also said that he had provided Zheng Qian with a lot of ideas and didn’t admit the plagiarism of creativity at all, so he hung up the phone. Cheng was furious. After learning that Yang Chenguang was at the Meiya cocktail party, he rushed to the reception to find Yang Chenguang to settle the account. Cheng Xin directly pulled Yang Chenguang into the party and said that Yang Chenguang had plagiarized other people’s creativity, and Yang Chenguang knocked it down by mistake. After Cheng Xin, Cheng Jianye stepped forward to stop Cheng Xin from continuing to make trouble, apologized to everyone at the reception, and took Cheng Xin away.

Chu Yunfei learned that Hongshuo had copied Zheng Gan’s ideas, and he was very shameless to Hongshuo. He felt a little sorry, so he wanted to pay for the Daydream Studio by himself, but Cheng Jianye told him not to interfere in this matter. I have asked Uncle Liang to follow up. After Cheng Xin left, Cheng Jianye asked Chu Yunfei what he thought of this matter. Chu Yunfei felt that Hongshuo had no bottom line in life and things, and would never cooperate with Hongshuo anymore. Cheng Jianye also remembered that people who hated Hongshuo bullied Cheng Xin. , Decided not to show mercy to Hongshuo’s men in the future.

Yang Chenguang was begging with Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun said that he could give him another chance. When Yang Chenguang came out of Mr. Sun’s office, he happened to hear Mr. Liu reprimanding Xiao K, but Xiao K said that he was not Yang Chenguang and wanted to point to this job. After talking about life, he took the initiative to resign and left Hongshuo.

Yao Jiaren introduced a photo shoot job to Daydream Studio. Recently, Daydream Studio has almost become a photography studio. This day a couple came to take wedding photos. Zheng Qian listened to them. The love story suddenly got inspiration, saying that he could help them take a set of wedding photos for free, and also have a wedding. Zheng Qian spent one night writing a plan, and the next day he told everyone that he would organize a public welfare wedding Ideas, and ask everyone to work separately to solve the problem of venue and funding.

Zheng Gan met President Huang when he was soliciting sponsorship, and President Huang was still worried about what happened last time, so he asked Zheng Qian to wait for himself and talk to him about the project. Mr. Huang was very interested in Zheng Qian’s project and promised to sponsor Zheng Qian’s six wedding rings. He also said that he was going to meet a friend, maybe he could help Zheng Qian. Mr. Huang introduced Zheng Qian to Lin Man. Zheng Qian and Lin Man had a bargain, and Lin Man decided to sponsor Zheng Qian’s 60,000 yuan. Cheng Xin and Kong Hao Mo Xiaobao also found six teams of qualified newcomers to hold the wedding.

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