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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 21 Recap

Mengxixi interviewed several companies and finally found a job. Mo Xiaobao has been patiently accompanying Mengxixi to find a job, and Mengxixi is very grateful to him. When Mengxixi did not work for a few days, some parents came to ask for trouble, saying that his child Congcong had a broken head in school and was responsible for Mengxixi. When Mengxixi was defending, the principal came forward to appease the parents and said that he would be responsible for the end.

After the parents left, the principal asked Meng Xixi to stay at home for two days to avoid the wind, and wait until things were coordinated to come back to work. He also had to share the child’s 500 yuan in medical expenses. He was so embarrassed that he could only ask his parents for money. , Did not dare to tell his parents about the breakup with Yang Chenguang. When Mo Xiaobao went to school to find Mengxixi and learned about Congcong, he approached Congcong and asked the truth from his mouth. It turned out that Congcong broke the toy gun while playing with a friend, but he didn’t. Dare to tell mom.

Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin got into Angela’s fan meeting and sneaked into Angela’s dressing room. They accidentally broke the affair between Angela and Director Zhang, and their plans to approach Angela were ruined. In this way, it was impossible to invite Angela to be the endorsement. Zheng Qian planned to start with the planning case. When Zheng Qian wanted to plan the case, Cheng Xin secretly arranged a blind date for his senior sisters Lin Man and Cheng Jianye. Lin Man and Cheng Jianye were self-sufficient. After the introduction, Lin Man asked Cheng Jianye if he thought of himself.

Cheng Jianye was a little bit confused and couldn’t remember who Lin Man was. Lin Man said that he was once the fund manager of a subsidiary of LD Company. In the past, Cheng Jianye competed with LD Company and made big purchases. Retail stocks caused Lin Man to lose her job, and the team that had been in business for three years was wiped out. She hated Cheng Jianye to the bone. Let Cheng Jianye be careful. If the Cheng Group falls into her hands in the future, she will also treat the Cheng Group. Hurry and kill.

Zheng Qian got inspiration from Cheng Xin. He thought of an idea, which is to make female players like Cheng Xin the goddess Shana in the game, and then the company will register Cheng Xin with an account, and all players can add her as a friend to play together. Yang Chenguang was able to broadcast live online. Yang Chenguang was very impressed with this idea, but Mo Xiaobao said that Cheng Xin did not look like a goddess. Cheng Xin was a little unconvinced, and put on the clothes of a Valkyrie, while Zheng Qian explained the scene. Let Cheng Xin pose, Jing Cheng Xin played this role, Zheng Qian felt that she was more suitable for this role than Angela, and now he was confident of winning the bid, Cheng Xin asked Zheng Qian to reward herself and Zheng Qian to date him.

Cheng Xin didn’t know that the company competing with Zheng Qian was Tenda. During dinner with Chu Yunfei, he said that Hongshuo’s grandson was always Angela’s fan. Chu Yunfei used the relationship to invite Angela to be a spokesperson and was bidding. At the meeting, Chu Yunfei said that as long as Hongshuo confirms to cooperate with Tengda, Angela can sign the contract immediately. Mr. Song was overjoyed and ignored Zheng Qian’s plan. He directly selected Tengda as the partner company. Zheng Qian and Yang Chenguang Very disappointed, Zheng Gan wanted to fight again, but Mr. Sun refused to pay attention.

Chu Yunfei was about to leave. Cheng Xin stopped Chu Yunfei in the underground parking lot. She was angry and asked why Chu Yunfei wanted to target Zheng Gan. He also asked him if he contacted Angela because he had talked about Angela. Chu Yunfei said to him, Cheng Xin understood that Chu Yunfei had acquiesced. She put aside the cruel words and said that Zheng Gan would soon defeat Chu Yunfei.

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