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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 20 Recap

Kong Hao didn’t tell his parents about his resignation. He wears his uniform and pretends to go to work every day. Kong Hao went to Yao Jiaren’s place and saw Dongge calling Yao Jiaren. Kong Hao was a little angry and told Yao Jiaren not to interact with messy people, but Yao Jiaren I felt that I was accumulating contacts for the opportunity to perform. I also satirized Kong Hao saying that he was idle all day. Kong Hao also said something heavy to make Yao Jiaren understand the reality. Yao Jiaren became angry. Kong Hao quickly apologized when he saw it. It’s because the resignation is a bit upset.

Zheng Qian’s Daydream Studio suddenly stopped water and electricity. At first glance, I realized that the studio was in arrears with utility bills and property fees, so the water and electricity were cut off. Zheng Qian looked at the bill and had a headache and declared that the studio was in a state of emergency. , Let everyone go out to find work, no matter what kind of small work can be done, Zheng Qian took the lead and took the plan to look for customers everywhere, but most people sneered at Zheng Qian’s studio and ignored Zheng Qian.

On the other hand, Cheng Xin invited Chu Yunfei to dinner, and showed Zheng Gan’s plan to Chu Yunfei. He wanted Chu Yunfei to pull a big project for Zheng Gan. Chu Yunfei said that he could help Cheng as much as possible in life. Heart, but for work matters, he dared not pack up votes, he could only say to do his best.

President Liu called Yang Chenguang to his office and accused him of asking for a project from President Sun. Yang Chenguang pretended to be worried about Xiao K’s lack of experience. If he messed up the project, it would be President Liu and Yang Chenguang who were scolded. Saying that he has paid too much for this project, he just wants to get what he deserves. Mr. Sun spoke, Mr. Liu asked him to compete with Xiao K for bidding, but she told Yang Chenguang that he should not think about the resources of the department. use.

Yang Chenguang went to the bar to relax his sorrows for the project. He happened to meet Zheng Qian, who had returned without success after a day’s run. Two people talked about the problems at work. Zheng Gan said that there was no work to do in his studio. Yang Chenguang asked him what his studio’s main business was, and Zheng Qian sent the information about his studio to Yang Chenguang. Yang Chenguang looked at the information and asked Zheng Qian if he was not interested in the project planned by the game. Then he sent the information about the war of the goddess to Zheng Qian, saying that if Zheng Gan was interested, he would write a plan for himself as soon as possible.

Yang Chenguang still did not forget to say that he specially gave Zheng Qian the opportunity for his studio. He wanted Zheng Qian to give himself a discount. Zheng Qian said that the studio needs opportunities most now, and prices can be negotiated. Zheng Gan hurriedly called Cheng Xin to tell him the good news. Cheng Xin then told Chu Yunfei that Zheng Gan got the Goddess’ War project. Chu Yunfei was a little surprised. He knew that this project was huge and didn’t understand why. Find a new company to do the planning.

After Cheng Xin went back, she learned that Yang Chenguang had found this project. She felt that Yang Chenguang was broken from the inside out. Yang Chenguang could deceive Meng Xixi, and maybe he would also deceive Zheng Qian. Meng Xixi also felt about it. Something was wrong. Yang Chenguang had never liked Zheng Gan before, and he was also very jealous about Zheng Gan opening his studio. Mo Xiaobao persuaded her to talk to Zheng Gan and leave the judgment to Zheng Gan. Zheng Gan thanked him. Xixi was worried about the studio. He also knew that it would be risky to hand over creative ideas to Yang Chenguang, but they needed the opportunity too much, so they could only pay attention to some and make some preparations.

Chu Yunfei’s Tengda also received the goddess’ war project. Chu Yunfei was a little confused about how Hongshuo would find another company to do the goddess war. His subordinates told him that Hongshuo attaches great importance to this project, and it is inevitable to compare the draft. , And there are some struggles within Hongshuo, that’s why the current situation appears.

Kong Hao deleted the contact information of the Dong brothers in her mobile phone while Yao Jiaren was not there. Yao Jiaren got angry at Kong Hao after she found out, saying that she had a sense of measure, but Kong Hao said that she might not be able to hold it when she waited for the opportunity to be placed in front of her. Yao Jiaren felt that she had been insulted, and drove Kong Hao out despite Kong Hao’s apology.

Mo Xiaobao wanted to find a job for Meng Xixi. While browsing the recruitment information, Chu Yunfei came to the studio to find Zheng Qian, saying that they had also taken on the project of the Goddess’ War, and Zheng Qian should be prepared for it. Confident, but Chu Yunfei said that Hongshuo has always cooperated with large companies and will not suddenly change to cooperate with small companies, and Cheng Xin is the same, but Zheng Gan said that Chu Yunfei does not understand Cheng Xin at all, and Cheng Xin will not. Willing to be a greenhouse flower.

Kong Hao’s parents learned that Kong Hao had resigned, Kong’s mother asked if Yao Jiaren instigated him, and once again forced Kong Hao to break up with Yao Jiaren. Kong Hao refused to agree and called Mo Xiaobao drunk, Mo Xiaobao. I took him to the studio and slept for a night. After waking up, they found Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan were busy with the project. They inquired that Hongshuo’s grandson was always a fan of the actress Angela. If they could invite Angela to the goddess The endorsement of the war, then their odds of victory are great.

But Angela is very hot now, Zheng Gan and the others can’t contact Angela, so Zheng Qian asks Cheng Xin to pretend to be a producer to approach Angela, but is stopped by security. Unable to calculate, Cheng Xin bought the media pass for Angela’s fan meeting at a high price, and was about to go to Angela for an interview. Cheng Xin received a call from a senior sister. The senior sister returned to China this time and wanted to gather Cheng Xin together. Xin agreed, and after hanging up the phone, she told Zheng Qian that she wanted to introduce her senior sister to Cheng Jianye.

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