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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 19 Recap

Zheng Gan went to find the old lady involved and took a clarification video. The old lady said that she and Kong Hao were friends. They were playing around at the time. Kong Hao did not beat her, so that netizens don’t wrong Kong Hao. Kong Hao is happy. Extremely, I rushed to thank the old lady, and squeezed the shoulders of the old lady.

The result was too heavy to make the old lady feel a bit painful. After clarifying the video for Kong Hao, Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin returned home. Cheng Xin saw that Uncle Liang was downstairs, so he asked Zheng Qian to go upstairs first. Uncle Liang told Cheng Xin that Cheng Jianye wanted Cheng Xin very much and wanted Cheng Xin to go back. Looking at Cheng Jianye, Cheng Xin was a little unwilling, but under Zheng Gan’s persuasion, Cheng Xin decided to go back and have a look.

That night when Cheng Jianye went home, he saw Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan cooking a table at home. Cheng Jianye was annoyed to see Zheng Gan, but he was very happy to see Cheng Xin came back. Zheng Gan left after cooking. Now, let Cheng Jianye and Cheng Xin get along. Cheng Jianye and Cheng Xin talked while eating. Seeing that Cheng Xin was already able to make a living on her own, Cheng Jianye was very happy. Cheng Xin said that she wanted to introduce her girlfriend to Cheng Jianye, and asked what kind of girlfriend Cheng Jianye liked. Cheng Jianye rejected Cheng Xin and said that he was It’s nice to be alone.

Kong Hao’s clarification video has not been uploaded yet. The video he squeezed his shoulders to the old lady was maliciously edited by netizens. The incident became more and more troublesome. The captain called Kong Hao to criticize him and helped him with his superiors. Pleading, Kong Hao heard the captain’s call, he felt a little embarrassed, and he didn’t want to drag down the reputation of the urban management team, so he resigned to the captain.

After Kong Hao resigned, he called Yao Jiaren and said that he intends to go all out in the daydreaming studio with Zheng Gan. Yao Jiaren is being taken by Niu Ailian to the wine bureau to drink with the producer Dong Ge. Yao Jiaren wants to get from Dong Ge. He was very flattered to Dong Ge when he got the chance to act, and he didn’t answer Kong Hao’s call. Kong Hao waited until late at night at Yao Jiaren’s house until she came back. Yao Jiaren drank the most drunk and fell directly on the sofa, Kong Hao took good care of her.

Zheng Gan’s daydream studio is under preparation. In the evening, Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan sat and chatted together. Zheng’s father secretly peeked outside the room and coughed deliberately. The two were so scared that they separated quickly. Zheng Gan and Zheng My father said that his studio was about to open, and he planned to move to the studio. Cheng Xin was still living at home. Father Zheng also asked Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin not to cross the boundary when they were dating.

Zheng Qian and others were busy in the studio for a while, and finally got all the facilities in the studio. Because there was a living area upstairs, Cheng Xin suggested that Mengxi live in, so that I don’t have to rent a house. Mengxixi quickly agreed. Mo Xiaobao also decided to move to the studio for the sake of frustration. Cheng Xin lied to Cheng Jianye in order to live with Zheng Gan. He told Cheng Jianye that he lived in Jiang Jie’s house, and Jiang Jie said that he had returned to Cheng’s house.

Mr. Liu is getting colder and colder towards Yang Chenguang, but he is very enthusiastic about the newcomer K, and even made an appointment with K for dinner. Yang Chenguang approached Mr. Liu and asked about the project of Goddess’s War. This project is very important and is a great opportunity for Yang Chenguang, but Mr. Liu said that he has given this project to Xiao K and let Xiao K be responsible. Organizing the team, Yang Chenguang was very angry when he saw Mr. Liu turn his face, and was about to say something, when Xiao K suddenly opened the door and came in, Mr. Liu ordered Yang Chenguang to chase away guests.

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