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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 39 Recap

Originally, Lan Xinjie wanted to die, but under Lin Nansheng’s persuasion, she gradually recovered her sobriety and decided to live on behalf of her husband and son, and witnessed how the enemy would end up. Because Lan Xinjie is grateful to Lin Nansheng for her salvation, and for her blessing over the years, she knows that the military will pay attention to marriage. If she did not marry Lin Nansheng, it would be difficult to end it.

After careful consideration, Lan Xinjie proposed to have the wedding as soon as possible. Lin Nansheng contacted Ji Zhongyuan privately and obtained the consent of the organization to approve his fake marriage application. However, Lin Nansheng never forgot Zhu Yizhen, unable to restrain his inner worry, so he went to the cafe opposite the jewelry store and saw Zhu Yizhen through the window to take away the butterfly brooches deposited in the store.

Seeing Zhu Yizhen go out, Lin Nansheng quietly followed behind, only to learn that she was married and became Mrs. Shen in the neighborhood. Because it was confirmed that Zhu Yizhen had a good life, Lin Nansheng left with peace of mind. Meng Annan found the missing person notice published by Wang Shian in the newspaper. Not only did he not feel happy, but he was a bit tangled, and he simply burned the newspaper.

Before long, a high-profile and grand wedding was held in the Lin Mansion Garden. There were prominent figures from the military and political parties and their families to attend. Even Mao Renfeng, who was in other provinces, sent his secretary to give gifts. This made Wang Shian had to Fear of Lin Nansheng, and the patron behind him.

Lan Xinjie sat in front of the vanity mirror with a lot of emotions, nostalgic for the past. Once upon a time, she also dreamed of marrying her husband in a wedding dress, including Lin Nansheng. If she had become an ordinary teacher, she would have lost her mission and responsibilities. You can pursue what you love without scruple.

As the guests arrived, Lin Nansheng and Lan Xinjie acted as a loving couple in public, which attracted the envy of others. Lin Nansheng took the opportunity to inquire about the situation with Director Tang. He had previously entrusted the other party to find out the whereabouts of Peng Daisen, but the inspection department had not accepted this person at all, and had nothing to do with it.

In 1948, when the Battle of Liaoshen began, the Kuomintang’s intelligence leaked, leading to the fall of Jinan. The Chinese Communist Party won a huge victory and completely liberated the Northeast. At this time, Lin Nansheng was still a popular KMT star, and he was in the middle of the military reunification. Meng Annan continued to lurch beside Zhu Yizhen, always paying attention to changes in the situation.

Wang Shian urgently convened a meeting to discuss that the Communist Party’s “fisherman” was leading the crucial decision-making process in this battle, and it belonged to the nerve center of the underground intelligence network of the East China Bureau. Therefore, Nanjing ordered Shanghai to launch an investigation as soon as possible. After the meeting, Lin Nansheng went to Ji Zhongyuan to report the matter and remind him to prepare in time.

Zhu Yizhen hid the intelligence information in the embroidery, and asked Meng Annan to send it to Xiuzhuang for her, but she did not know that the military unified spies had deployed control around the area. As soon as the traffic man arrived, a group of secret agents suddenly rushed out and fired at the store. Meng Annan fled into the underground passage when he saw it. He escaped accidentally. Instead, the boss and the staff of Xiuzhuang were killed on the spot.

Lin Nansheng came to the contact point and recognized Zhu Yizhen’s embroidery technique from a handkerchief, so he calmly sent someone to take the physical evidence away from the scene. Zhu Yizhen was shocked when she saw Lin Nansheng come to see her, but Lin Nansheng said that the embroidery village had been exposed and reminded her to evacuate quickly.

Zhu Yizhen concealed Lin Nansheng’s military status and refused to admit the embroidery problem. Lin Nansheng suddenly felt annoyed when she saw her stubborn mouth when something happened. He simply said that he would come here in person because of the feelings of resisting the Japanese in the past, but he didn’t want to have another time. When Meng Annan came back from injury, it happened that Lin Nansheng had just left. Fortunately, the two did not meet, but Zhu Yizhen almost missed it.

According to the evidence held by the Military Command Station, it is sufficient to prove that the intelligence Zhu Yizhen wants to convey is actually a national defense map of Dangshan. The photos were taken in advance and hidden in the embroidery, which is not easy for people to notice. Wang Shian believed that the incident involved the deployment of troops. He was worried that the intelligence might be false, so he decided to ask the Ministry of National Defense to verify it and report it to Chongqing after it was confirmed to avoid making a joke.

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