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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 38 Recap

After a period of medical treatment, Wei Zilu’s condition has improved greatly. Not only can she speak, but she is no longer afraid of strangers. Lin Nansheng brought the cake to the door and planned to celebrate Wei Zilu’s birthday. Just as Lan Xinjie was cutting the cake, she suddenly heard her son express his gratitude to herself and even called her mother, which made her very excited.

Wang Shian went to Lin Nansheng personally, produced a piece of evidence that could prove that Liao Tong was the postman, pretended to believe it was true, and apologized for the previous suspicion, hoping to be forgiven by Lin Nansheng. At the same time, Meng Annan learned that Chen Moqun was about to leave Shanghai, and felt very disappointed. Chen Moqun believes that Meng Annan is at least currently innocent and has no background in military reunification, and that he will have great achievements in the future, so he urged him to follow Wang Shian to let the other party see his greatest value and effect.

When Zhao Jinglong was arresting the traitor, he accidentally found You Zongzhi and found Chen Moqun’s fake documents from him. Lin Nansheng used torture to force You Zongzhi to confess the whereabouts of Chen Moqun, and immediately took people to the meeting place and set up an ambush here in advance. Wang Shian was worried that the secret of his private cooperation with Chen Moqun would be exposed, and the team following Lin Nansheng deliberately sat in a conspicuous position so that Chen Moqun could be aware of it.

However, Lin Nansheng had already seen Chen Moqun hiding in the woods, stopped him alone and told him about all the evil deeds that Wang Shian had done before, and wanted him to confess his identity as an undercover agent in the Communist Party. Chen Moqun was willing to use this as a bargaining chip to exchange documents and begged Lin Nansheng to let him go, but Lin Nansheng refused because he would not trade with traitors.

Chen Moqun became angry and drew his gun at Lin Nansheng, asking him why he was trying so hard. Just as the two were in a stalemate, with a few shots, Chen Moqun was shot and fell to the ground. Before he died, he did not reveal the identity of the undercover agent. Lin Nansheng saw that Wang Shian killed someone, and resisted his anger and turned and left. On the contrary, Wang Shian was shocked in a cold sweat and took the opportunity to take the watch that Chen Moqun contacted Meng Annan.

That morning, Zhu Yizhen came back happily, which seemed to have brought good news. Meng Annan saw the report of Chen Moqun’s murder in the newspaper, which made him almost desperate. Wang Shian sent someone to investigate Meng Annan’s identity and determined that he was the Kuang Huidong mentioned by Chen Moqun, and asked the newspaper to publish a missing person notice.

Since Chen Moqun is dead, the clues that can investigate the military undercover are interrupted, and now the party organization is still in potential danger, so Lin Nansheng can only proceed with other methods. Lin Nansheng took the initiative to discuss with Ji Zhongyuan, planning to establish a good relationship with Wang Shian first. As long as he can trust him, naturally there will be no isolation of news, and he can follow the vine.

The gendarmerie and the military fought in the streets, causing Wei Zilu to be swept by stray bullets. Although he was rushed to the hospital in time, his life was still not saved. When Lan Xinjie rushed to the hospital, she happened to see her son’s body, and she was emotionally broken on the spot. She ran to the door of the gendarmerie in a rage, begged to see the chief but failed, and directly took a pistol from her bag and wounded the gendarmerie.

According to the pistol number, the captain of the military police followed the vine and found Lin Nansheng’s body. For this reason, Wang Shian asked Lin Nansheng and Lan Xinjie to clear the relationship. Lin Nansheng learned that Lan Xinjie would be shot to death soon, lied that she was his fiancée, and forced Wang Shian to help rescue the person.

Wang Shian was helpless, but the general controlled Wang Puppet’s real estate and gave it to Head Xia as compensation, and asked him to accommodate him. When Lin Nansheng went to the prison to pick up Lan Xinjie, she seemed to be in a trance, insisting on asking the gendarmerie for an explanation, and must not watch Wei Zilu die innocently.

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