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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 9 Recap

At present, all the persons involved in the case have been removed from the suspicion, leading to a deadlock in the progress of the case. Just as everyone is frowning on this, Qin Xinyi believes that Jiang Yali lives in the container because he hopes that Liang Hui can go back to her, so she will definitely have a relationship with the people around her. Intersection, you can first go to the residential areas around the container to investigate clues.

However, Ling Ran did not support this approach. After all, with their current police power, they were completely looking for a needle in a haystack. Even Chen Hu agreed with Ling Ran’s point of view and decisively rejected Qin Xinyi’s proposal. Despite this, Qin Xinyi went to visit the neighborhood alone, running through three streets for most of the day, but still had no clue.

Qin Xinyi was almost exhausted from exhaustion. Just about to take a break on the roadside, she suddenly saw Chen Hu and Ling Ran driving up. The two of them were knives and tofu. On the surface they seemed indifferent to the case, but in fact they exhausted everything. To find a breakthrough, I finally found a telephone that was frequently used before the incident from the telecommunications records. The owner of the phone was Wang Xin, and now he opened a Lanxiang clinic on Zhongzhi Road.

At this time, there was a mess in the clinic, and people had already gone to the room. It was obvious that they were selling counterfeit medicines to anger the family members and being beaten up. Chen Hu discovered that Wang Xin liked gambling, so he found the owner of the underground gambling hall, forced him to confess Wang Xin’s address, and eventually captured Wang Xin back to the police station. Originally, Wang Xin thought that the police arrested him because of gambling. Even when he saw Jiang Yali’s picture, he still pretended not to know him, and looked like a rascal.

Seeing that Qin Xinyi was very concerned about this case, Ling Ran asked her to interrogate Wang Xin while the others watched in the next room. Compared with the previous lack of experience, Qin Xinyi is now fully capable of being a major task. She calmly and rigorously gave examples of multiple problems, quickly breaking through the opponent’s psychological defenses, and understanding the causes and consequences of the truth.

Wang Xin admits that he sells fake medicines, but he can’t kill people at all. Because the business in the clinic is usually cold, when he meets the young pregnant woman who is eager to keep her baby, he naturally does not hesitate to promote the fetus-preserving pills. The so-called miscarriage is nothing more than mixing flour with syrup. Poor Jiang Yali believes it is true and will come to buy medicine for a period of time.

Until Wang Xin found out that the woman had emptied all the money and had no money on her body, she became irritated, no matter how Jiang Yali begged, pointed her nose to insult, and even kicked her down and smashed her head. Since then, Wang Xin has never seen Jiang Yali again, admitting that life and death has nothing to do with him, even in the interrogation room, he still has no regrets when he learns the news of the woman’s death.

Qin Xinyi looked at Wang Xin’s ugly face, Jiang Yali’s voice and smile appeared in her mind, and she couldn’t help accusing him of his behavior on the spot. Soon the forensic doctor issued an autopsy report, proving that Jiang Yali’s liver function had already been greatly depleted, and it was accompanied by various complications such as emphysema, abdominal hydrops, and hypoglycemia, which meant that Jiang Yali had endured the pain and died.

Inside the subway car, Qin Xinyi silently looked out the window, and kept thinking about the forensic identification results. As long as Jiang Yali was lying alone on the dilapidated bed before her death, it was even more unacceptable in her heart. Jiang Yali used to be so kind and optimistic, knows how to be grateful and rewarded, and cherish every prosperous part of the city, but after all, she has experienced the viciousness of human nature, which caused her to endure desperate torment for countless nights, and eventually a corpse and two lives.

It was Qin Xinyi’s birthday when it came to light, but now she is sitting in the dormitory staring at the candles in a daze. Geng Ning suddenly called. In just a moment, Chen Hu, Ling Ran and others rushed in holding the cake, and everyone sent their blessings sincerely. Qin Xinyi was moved to tears, and the gloom was wiped out.

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