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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 8 Recap

The phone number for ordering food was completely cancelled six months ago, and it was impossible to trace the identity of the owner. On the contrary, Qin Xinyi discovered that someone had used this number to buy bedding, and the recipient was the ex-wife of the owner Liang Hui. Ling Ran was curious about the reason for the separation of the husband and wife, but his wife Zhou Wei said that her husband could not have children, so she agreed to divorce. As for who Liang Hui had close contacts with, she had no idea about this.

The crime squad pulled out the background information about Liang Hui. It can be basically determined that this person is about 40 years old. He was an employee of Hongguang Lighting Factory. Later, because of embezzling public funds, he was sentenced to half a year in prison until he was released a month ago , Currently has no fixed residence. Geng Ning visited Liang Hui’s friends and relatives one by one, and learned that he was staying in a business hotel temporarily, but when Chen Hu and others rushed to find the other party had fainted in the room, fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital in time, and his life was out of danger.

Outside the intensive care unit, Zhou Wei was very regretful and proactively admitted that she had concealed many things, including her knowledge of Liang Hui’s relationship with Jiang Yali, so when Liang Hui learned that Jiang Yali had been killed, she wanted to take medicine to commit suicide. At this time, Liang Hui regained his consciousness, and said nothing during the whole process. He looked like a living dead, his eyes blank and dull.

Ling Ran brought a bag of apples and claimed that the police had found a lot of rotten apples at the container where Jiang Yali died, in an attempt to break Liang Hui’s psychological defense. As Ling Ran expected, Liang Hui saw the emotional instability, so he explained the process of getting acquainted with Jiang Yali, because that was the darkest moment in his life, and Jiang Yali’s appearance instantly became warm and bright.

In order to be able to meet Jiang Yali, Liang Hui would often order takeaways, come and go, gradually getting acquainted with each other, but only in polite greetings. Until that day Jiang Yali fainted while delivering the meal, Liang Hui cared by the bedside, and the two of them had further contact and eventually became lovers.

Liang Hui cherishes the time with Jiang Yali very much, but when he learned that she was pregnant, she almost collapsed. Before that, Liang Hui had determined that he could not have children, and was even more angry at Jiang Yali’s betrayal, so since moving out of the container, he never went back.

Even so, Liang Hui has always been holding Jiang Yali, simply taking risks and embezzling public funds, even ordering supplies before going to prison and sending them to Zhou Wei and entrusting her to transfer them to Jiang Yali, but he did not expect that in just half a year, he would have been wrong. If there is no choice to leave, there may be different results. Although Ling Ran felt sorry for Jiang Yali’s experience, he didn’t want to criticize Liang Hui. After all, as long as he was not the murderer of Jiang Yali, it was enough to show that Jiang Yali did not make a mistake.

After returning to the police station, Ling Ran asked Qin Xinyi to retrieve Zhou Wei’s medical records in recent years, and she found out that she was confirmed to be unable to have children. At the beginning of this year, she even went to the hospital for multiple birth checkups. However, after inquiring about the obstetrician, I learned that Zhou Wei was registering Jiang Yali. Because Jiang Yali’s physical condition is very poor, the doctor originally suggested abortion, but she refused to listen to advice and insisted on keeping the baby.

Zhou Wei was taken back to the police station by Chen Hu and others, and received Ling Ran’s questioning. During this period, she forcibly suppressed her asthma and answered all questions truthfully. Except for concealing Jiang Yali’s pregnancy and her relationship with Liang Hui, Zhou Wei can basically rule out the suspicion of murder. She doesn’t know the specific cause of Jiang Yali’s death. The physiological reaction shown by the polygraph is normal.

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