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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 7 Recap

When the worker was passing by a nearby container, he suddenly smelled the stench frequently, so he couldn’t bear curiosity, and opened the door to check, only to find a female corpse on the bed. According to the preliminary examination by forensic doctor Wu Qian, it can be concluded that the female corpse died for as long as four months. In addition to the daily necessities crowded with dust on the scene, there are also a few boxes of health care products scattered in the corner. The only clue that Chen Hu could find , Is that cheap and old butterfly hairpin.

Since nothing that can prove the identity of the deceased has been found, the crime team traced the health products to the direct selling dens, and made unannounced visits by Mo Xiaojie and Geng Ning posing as customers. The lobby on the second floor was crowded with older men and women, and occasionally a few young people became the spokespersons of “Ozhu Dekang” health products.

Geng Ning was invited to the stage to tell an inspirational and touching story, while Mo Xiaojie was browsing the photo wall in the audience, and accidentally saw a young girl wearing the same hairpin of the deceased. Taking advantage of their free time, the two asked others about the girl’s identity, and quickly identified through photos to find out the real information about Jiang Yali, whether it was her card issuance, health care products, and life and economic conditions completely consistent with the deceased.

On the surface, Ma Ruicheng, who has the title of company consultant, is actually a master who specializes in bathing people. Chen Hu took him back to the police station to learn about the situation. Unexpectedly, he tried to brainwash other police officers and wanted to go offline. Chen Hu couldn’t bear the disturbance, so he simply handed it to Ling Ran to deal with it. In the end, under Ling Ran’s interrogation, Ma Ruicheng truthfully confessed the information he knew.

Jiang Yali was a poor child. Her parents died prematurely. It was not until her elder brother ran away to work. She didn’t come to Bincheng for a long time to find a living. She happened to see Ma Ruicheng’s job posting on the Internet. Although Jiang Yali had no spare money to pay the membership dues, the girl was very sincere and polite, so Ma Rui couldn’t bear it, and simply found her a job to deliver food.

Facts have proved that Ma Ruicheng has not misunderstood the wrong person. Since Jiang Yali has done food delivery, she has received extra income every month and regularly gives Ma Ruicheng a sum of money. Ma Rui prejudiced that she was a grateful person, so he agreed to let her join the meeting first, as the remaining membership fee could be paid slowly.

However, Jiang Yali had already agreed with Ma Ruicheng on the same day to mortgage her ID card as a guarantee. It didn’t take long before the person disappeared. Ma Ruicheng thought that Jiang Yali had suddenly repented, but didn’t expect her to have an accident at all, so he didn’t care about it anymore. If the police hadn’t found it, I’m afraid this would still be a mystery.

After Ma Ruicheng finished speaking, Ling Ran deliberately used a container to talk about him. Seeing that he was puzzled, and there was nothing wrong with the lie detector, he ruled out his suspicion. Chen Hu and Ling Ran came to Jiang Yali to work, not only printed out her previous delivery records, but also asked Wang Juan, who was in the same dormitory. They learned from her that Jiang Yali was being collected by usury, and they had witnessed a group of people come to their home. Beat up, grab money and leave.

At first, everyone was a little bit jealous about this matter and didn’t dare to contact Jiang Yali, so Wang Juan moved in sympathy, and occasionally chatted with her a few words. According to Jiang Yali, it was nothing more than someone cheating her ID card to borrow money, so she owed a loan shark of ten thousand yuan. Since that incident, Jiang Yali’s condition is obviously a little bad. She was afraid that she would be involved in others, so she moved out of the dormitory and never showed up again.

Ling Ran thought that Ma Ruicheng was just a small person, and the real problem was the container, so she carefully checked the delivery record and noticed that Jiang Yali would often deliver food to an address. In less than two months, Jiang Yali had served 37 times. The frequency of ordering meals was so high that she and Chen Hu couldn’t help but wonder. After all, this place was the container where Jiang Yali’s body was found.

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