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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 6 Recap

Although Zhu Shihao was good at guessing the little girl’s mind, he was not Ling Ran’s opponent at all. He was still smug at first, but when he saw that Ling Ran frequently showed Zhou Siyao’s autopsy photos, the corners of his mouth smile instantly, and the whole person was in a state of tension. Seeing this, Ling Ran took advantage of the chase, and constantly analyzed how he objectified women, trying to buy everything with money, thinking that he knew women, but the result was exactly the opposite.

Perhaps it was in Ling Ran’s words, or Zhu Shihao felt upset for himself, so he took the initiative to explain the ins and outs, including the history of his meeting with Zhou Siyao. From childhood to age, Zhu Shihao didn’t know what money sorrow was. He spent every day in the circle of drunken life and dreams. He was accustomed to seeing those flattering faces, and gradually got tired. Until he met Zhou Siyao, he was gradually attracted by her charm.

At first, Zhu Shihao had a game mentality, it was nothing more than a few days of freshness, but later he was stuck in it, unable to extricate himself, and his mind was full of Zhou Siyao’s figure, and even all her wishes would be fulfilled. Just as Zhu Shihao was about to devote himself to this relationship, he unexpectedly discovered that Zhou Siyao didn’t take him to heart except asking for money, and was mixed with all kinds of men every day.

With the accumulation of time, Zhu Shihao’s inner anger grew stronger, and he almost swallowed him. In particular, the open discussion of Zhou Siyao’s status as a female aided dating between Hu, Ping and Gou friends eventually caused Zhu Shihao to lose his mind. He severely killed Zhou Siyao that night and asked Zhao Hong to leave the city and escape for a period of time.

Chen Hu visited the obstetrics departments of many hospitals, and finally found out that Miao Xiuli, accompanied by Wang Guang, went to the hospital for a pregnancy check in person. The doctor on duty was very impressed with the two people that day, because after Wang Guang discovered that Miao Xiuli was pregnant, he yelled at her regardless of public occasions and even forced her to abort the child.

After handling the funeral of his daughter, Miao Weimin planned to refund Wang Zongwang’s 10,000 yuan before leaving. Unexpectedly, the security guard was instigated by Wang Guang and he was turned away. When Wang Guang learned that Wang Zongwang was advocating selling the house, he hurried home to question him. It was obvious that his father seemed to be determined to swear Miao Weimin and humiliate the deceased in every possible way.

Originally, Miao Weimin was still immersed in the grief of losing his daughter. When he heard Wang Guang’s rude words, he became angry for a while, so he raised a wooden stick to chase him. It’s a pity that the old man’s eyesight is weak and he is not Wang Guang’s opponent at all. More and more onlookers are not knowing the truth, pointing to Miao Weimin, and occasionally ridicule, making Wang Guang even more unscrupulously swearing.

Zhao Hongsi, who had been in a coma for many days, was sent to the rescue room again, but when the door was opened, he became a cold corpse. In the end, the doctor failed to rescue him and died. Yang Li put the ring Zhao Hongsi bought before on her ring finger, and couldn’t control her emotions anymore, holding Zhao Hongsi’s body and crying loudly.

The hit-and-run case came to an end. Ling Ran and others concentrated on handling the incident of the babysitter falling from the building, and performed polygraph detection techniques on Wang Zongwang and his daughter. At first, the two confessed the same, but in the end the psychological defense was breached by Ling Ran, so they shirk each other’s responsibility and restored the truth of Miao Xiuli’s fall from the building.

On the day of the incident, Wang Guang came to his father’s house again and had a fierce quarrel with Miao Xiuli. Miao Xiuli believed that she was pregnant and proposed to marry Wang Zongwang. She even forced her to die. Unexpectedly, she accidentally stepped on the air, desperately clutching the window edge, and shouting for help.

In order to get rid of Miao Xiuli’s thorny eye, Wang Guang stopped his father from coming to rescue him, and watched Miao Xiuli fall to his death. Later, Wang Zongwang feared that his daughter would be implicated, so he deliberately broke the lock of the bathroom door and fabricated a false confession to cover up the true cause of Miao Xiuli’s death. Chen Hu saw Wang Zongwang’s guilt and repentance, and was even more indignant. He kicked off the stool and walked into the courtyard alone.

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