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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 5 Recap

In the next few days, Miao Weimin traveled almost half of Bincheng. First he personally visited Wang’s house, and then went to the housekeeping company where Miao Xiuli was located. It was nothing more than to know how his daughter was doing before her death, and to see where her daughter lived. Place. However, these people’s ideas are too complicated, they will always speculate on Miao Weimin’s motives with all kinds of maliciousness, and even try to send him away with a few red tickets, which completely broke the heart of this old father.

Chen Hu handed Dandy to Ling Ran, and went to Wang Zongwang to talk again, exposing his hypocritical “mask” on the spot. Although Wang Zongwang had to admit that he had engaged in prostitution once, he insisted on denying that he had quarreled with Miao Xiuli on the day of the crime, and even emphasized that he had reinstalled soundproof walls in the house to prevent noise. He did not expect that these two confessions were actually self-confessions. Contradictory.

In the interrogation room, Dandy gave a truthful account of Zhou Siyao’s situation, because in real life she is an internet celebrity with a large number of fans, and her reputation has improved. Naturally, her value is different. She took several major customers in a month, often using the fancy name Maggie. Weighed. Zhou Siyao and Dandy have cooperated for two years, and during this period they never stopped picking up customers, until some time ago, they unilaterally announced that they would travel abroad.

Since this incident happened, Wang Guang began to worry about his father’s property and encouraged him to hand over the real estate certificate and passbook to himself. Wang Zongwang knew that Wang Guang had already gotten into the eyes of the money and didn’t value family affection at all, so he didn’t immediately agree to the proposal. As a result, the father and daughter had a big quarrel and eventually broke up.

It was precisely because Wang Zongwang saw that his daughter had solved it, so after repeated consideration, he took the initiative to call Miao Weimin and make an appointment to meet at the restaurant. Chen Hu followed, sitting not far away and listening, only to find that Wang Zongwang actually took a close photo of him and Miao Xiuli to prove the relationship between the two. Miao Weimin was deeply shocked and never expected this situation, especially when he learned that Miao Xiuli was pregnant and gave birth to Wang Zongwang, and even fostered her son in the countryside, so angry that he got up and left, no longer caring that Wang Zongwang wanted to take it back. The idea of ​​the flesh and blood.

As school approached, Chen Hu continued to pretend to be Peppa Pig, holding exquisite snacks at the school. Since Chen Hu and his wife have long been divorced, he has missed his daughter all the time during these years. However, the daughter was too young to remember the appearance of his biological father. In addition, the divorce agreed that the child should be brought up by his wife, so Chen Hu still had no choice. Recognize it. Now that his wife remarries, Chen Hu feels disappointed to see the family of three getting along.

Ling Ran came to Zhou Siyao’s residence according to the address, and learned from his roommate that Zhou Siyao usually looks glamorous, but in fact he was extremely stingy, and he was reluctant to spend money on luxury goods, relying on the rewards of rich men. In particular, Zhou Siyao doesn’t like public relationships. Basically no one knows the identity of her boyfriend. The only clue that can be confirmed is the red Ferrari.

The Wang family entrusted a lawyer to see Miao Weimin, pretending to be a gift, and used 10,000 yuan as a pension, and directly dismissed the relationship. Miao Weimin was holding Miao Xiuli’s ashes, and his heart was deeply saddened. Chen Hu saw the old man walking out of the funeral home helplessly and couldn’t help but stepped forward and cared, but Miao Weimin didn’t say a word and turned to leave. He immediately found several female workers in the same dormitory and asked them about the situation. He found out that Miao Xiulihe The employer’s daughter had conflicts and was even slapped in public by the other party.

After many days of investigation and investigation, Ling Ran has thoroughly grasped the complete chain of evidence, and it is true that Zhu Shihao had an emotional dispute with Zhou Siyao, and there was a murder motive that could not be loved. Ling Ran sent Qin Xinyi to interrogate Zhu Shihao in a polygraph. Qin Xinyi lacked experience and was not strong enough in her mentality. She was completely defeated.

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