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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 4 Recap

Chen Hu visited the nearby residents and even the school leaders. They all praised Wang Zongwang’s basic impression, saying that he was upright, elegant and modest. However, when Chen Hu went to the Wang’s house to collect evidence, he found two suspicious points: Wang Zongwang and the boss of the grocery department had discrepancies in the confession, and he saw condoms under the bed in Wang Zongwang’s study.

Upon seeing this, Wang Zongwang’s daughter hurriedly stepped forward to explain, claiming that she and her husband had lived in her father’s house for a few days, so she accidentally left it. Because the eldest daughter Wang Guang’s reaction was too obvious, and Wang Zongwang unconsciously showed a look of embarrassment, Chen Hu determined that the case was caused by the old professor’s attention, and the little nanny jumped off the building insulted.

However, according to the appraisal report of the technical department, it was confirmed that the nanny Miao Xiuli died of an accidental fall, and multiple fractures all over the body caused respiratory failure. There were no signs of violent trauma or sexual assault, and there was no conclusion of rape. The investigation of the case so far has not made any progress. Instead, Miao Weimin, the father of the deceased, came to claim it. Director Huo notified Chen Hu to be responsible for proper arrangements.

In the corridor of the police station, an elderly man crouched by the wall, crouched and stared at the ground until Chen Hu appeared, then slowly raised his head and followed him to the morgue. Chen Hu has been in the police for many years and is used to seeing the miserable scenes of white-haired people sending off black-haired people, but the taciturn old father in front of him makes him feel uncomfortable, especially when he sees Father Miao crying with his luggage, his eyes are red. .

At the same time, Ling Ran found a bank card and house key from Zhao Hongsi, and found out that the owner of the property was Ferrari owner Zhu Shihao through the acquisition of real estate records. The salesperson claimed to have received Zhao Hong three days ago. Si’s phone call, he took the initiative to ask about the transfer of the real estate.

In order to confirm his inner guess, Ling Ran simply disguised himself as an undercover bar, deliberately approaching Zhu Shihao’s routine, and he could see the problem from his reaction to Yang Li. As long as people lie, they will always be used to struggling between the lie and the truth. Whether it is mentioning Zhao Hongsi or stealing a car, Zhu Shihao has a subconscious escape reaction. Regardless of any grudges between Zhu Shihao and Zhou Siyao, based on the above points, it can be basically inferred that Zhao Hongsi could meet his girlfriend’s parents’ requirements for the marriage room, and he did not hesitate to escape for Zhu Shihao.

The three bartenders who originally testified for Zhu Shihao were worried that they would go to jail because of this, so they voluntarily confessed the truth and admitted that they had collected money and forged an alibi. Even though Zhu Shihao had been arrested and brought to trial for interrogation, he was still arrogant when facing Ling Ran’s interrogation. Unless the police provided evidence to accuse him of intentional murder, he would walk out of the police station in a fair manner.

Because of this, Ling Ran learned a lesson in this case. The feeling of being led by the nose by the criminal and witnessing the other party’s impunity made her extremely unhappy. Seeing that Ling Ran was depressed, Chen Hu simply invited her to have a barbecue after get off work. He happened to see someone playing skateboard next to him. This scene caught Ling Ran’s attention. He thought of Zhu Shihao’s drunk driving negligence, and found a crucial detail in it. There is no brake mark at the crime scene.

The technical department found Zhou Siyao’s trumpet on the social platform. Various signs showed that she was working part-time on a foreign-related prostitution website. As for the website registrant, Dandy’s external identity is the owner of the Cool Bird Fitness Club. Chen Hu took people to arrest Dandy. He happened to see a call from a client named “Zuo Lengchan”, which made him immediately think of Wang Zongwang, who is a good teacher.

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