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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 3 Recap

At very midnight, a man and a woman walked out of the hotel’s door. The man was full of fat, but he was lavish. It seemed that he was still reminiscing about the beauty of his talent, and he was a little reluctant to give up. Instead, the young girl reached out to take the tip and turned to leave. Just as she was walking and counting the bills, a red Ferrari smashed into it at speed, without any hesitation in the whole process.

The police took the case and rushed to the scene of the accident and promptly called in the surrounding surveillance. Not only did they confirm that the deceased was a well-known internet celebrity Zhou Siyao, but also found the owner Zhu Shihao based on the license plate number. Therefore, he runs a modified car dealer in this city and has a relatively solid family, so he will often buy it. Luxury car.

However, in front of the reporter’s interview, Zhu Shihao was indifferent. He issued an alibi to the outside world, and at the same time identified employee Zhao Hongsi as the person who stole the car. Now that Ferrari escaped after the accident, the Criminal Investigation Detachment took over the case, and Ling Ran was mainly responsible for the investigation. It was discovered that Zhao Hong’s four families were poor. After graduating from junior high school, he went to work in the city until he entered the car dealership and became a refitting technician.

Ling Ran inferred Zhao Hongsi’s course of action based on the clues he had so far, and notified the traffic police to extend from Bincheng to 417 National Highway for investigation. Yang Li saw news reports and took the initiative to provide clues to the police station. As Zhao Hongsi’s girlfriend, she naturally understood her boyfriend’s character and insisted that the other party would never do anything illegal.

In addition to Yang Li’s rhetoric, colleagues from the car dealership also praised Zhao Hongsi for his honesty and loyalty. Ling Ran came to the place where Zhao Hong Si usually lived, and found that the surroundings were simple, with a picture of Yang Li on the bedside table and an empty diamond ring box.

At this time, Zhao Hongsi was hiding in the small hotel, holding the ring in a daze. When he flipped through the news his girlfriend had sent to him, he could no longer control his emotions and almost cried. Originally, Zhao Hongsi wanted to reply to the news to report safety, but considering that the police would locate and track, he decisively gave up and bought an old mobile phone to dial Zhu Shihao’s number, but the other party had already shut down.

Although the vehicle involved in the accident has been salvaged and found to be in line with the results of the technical department’s appraisal, Ling Ran believes that there are doubts in the matter and suggests that the application for the wanted warrant should be delayed. However, the existing evidence all points to Zhao Hongsi. The wanted order was officially issued, and the arrest will be a matter of time. Therefore, Director Huo urged Ling Ran not to be emotional, and he would communicate with local authorities to try to control the suspect’s emotions.

Since the woman’s parents forcibly interfered and prevented Yang Li from interacting with Zhao Hongsi, the couple hadn’t seen each other for a long time, at most they would look into the distance across the floor. Ling Ran took the initiative to find Yang Li and reminded her not to try to conceal it. If possible, it is best to surrender in person, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Just as Yang Li recalled carefully that she had seen Zhao Hongsi before the incident, she unexpectedly called Zhao Hongsi and said that she had done something wrong, but would soon own a house that belonged to them. Mo Xiaojie and colleagues in the technical department detected the location of Zhao Hongsi, and after obtaining the consent of Huo Ju, they immediately carried out the arrest.

That night, dozens of police cars rushed to the location one after another, surrounded the old building with extreme speed, and persuaded Zhao Hong to be arrested. Zhao Hongsi saw a great mood swing, and fell directly from the roof leading to a coma. After being rescued by the doctor, although his life was temporarily saved, the situation was still not optimistic due to his injuries.

Now that one case is unfinished, another case has occurred again. The informant was Wang Zongwang, a professor at Bencheng University, who claimed that the deceased in his family fell accidentally to his death. Chen Hu was ordered to investigate the situation. According to the boss of the community grocery department, the deceased called for help before falling down the building. When he followed the sound to find him, he found that he had died.

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