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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 11 Recap

The boy beggar has no father, no mother, no name and no surname. Because of his dexterity, he named the little monkey. He usually lives under the overpass hole. The wind is ventilated on all sides and the rain leaks above his head. Only when he came to this place did Mo Xiaojie know that the little monkey was stealing. The secret behind things, and the difficult situation he is often bullied by others.

It is precisely because the little monkey resembles Mo Xiaojie in his childhood that he can empathize with him, and take the initiative to tell his friends about his injuries to help him, hoping to make the little monkey learn to resist bravely. Perhaps it was Mo Xiaojie’s experience that touched the heart of the little monkey, that’s why he gradually let go of his defensive emotions and accepted the pistol pendant that Mo Xiaojie presented to him.

In this conversation, Mo Xiaojie clearly noticed that the little monkey was evasive about the topic of the van, and even the blind old man was not by his side. It was said that he had already gone to the rescue station. Before he left, the little monkey suddenly stopped Mo Xiaojie, hesitated for a long time, and asked the question that he could not let go of all his life. That night, a black car drove to the outskirts, slowly extinguishing its lights.

The detailed autopsy report provided by the forensic doctor proved that the basic information of the deceased was consistent with Liu Yihui, and that the bones of the body did not suffer other injuries. It was entirely due to the suffocation caused by the dense smoke in the car. Since more than 20 years have passed since identity registration, Liu Yihui is now about forty years old if he counts on his age, so the photo of the portrait currently held by the police is a socially guaranteed photo of him when he was young.

Based on these clues, the traffic police team determined that the deceased was an accidental death and was definitely not a homicide, so it notified the criminal investigation team to close the case as soon as possible. Seeing everyone express their opinions, Director Huo simply suggested that another round of investigation and evidence collection be conducted. If there is no conclusion on the key evidence, the burnt corpse case will be completely concluded.

When the meeting drew to a close, Mo Xiaojie appeared in front of everyone, because he had been late for many days and left early, which has caused Chen Hu’s dissatisfaction. Mo Xiaojie took the initiative to explain the reason to Chen Hu, and took him and Geng Ning to the bridge cave, only to learn that the little monkey was picked up by car last night.

The important witness suddenly disappeared. Everyone conducted investigations around the little monkey’s social relations, visited the pharmacy owner, street children, and checked relevant information at the rescue station. The leader of the rescue station asked the staff on duty and was absolutely sure that no blind tramp was sent out from the rescue station. If it was not an accident, then it is most likely that the little monkey concealed the truth and did not fully tell the truth to Mo Xiaojie.

At first, Chen Hu and others speculated that the little monkey and the blind old man were committing crimes in partnership, using people’s sympathy to rob and kill people, but the more Ling Ran understood, the more they felt that things were not apparently simple. There is a relatively dilapidated residential building nearby, which is convenient for poor people to rent. The landlord’s sixth brother once took in a blind old man, so Ling Ran personally went to him to find out the situation, and unexpectedly discovered that this person inadvertently revealed a lot of suspiciousness during the conversation. The point, including his and Mo Xiaojie’s previous investigations are completely opposite.

Considering that Brother Six should be the insider of this case, and may even have a major suspicion, the Criminal Investigation Detachment rushed to the residence overnight to arrest it, but unexpectedly rushed out, and the other party had already run away. Mo Xiaojie searched for clues in the sixth brother’s room, and suddenly saw a receipt for refueling the car on the table. The time on it was the day of the crime.

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