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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 10 Recap

When signing the divorce agreement, Chen Hu respected the wishes of his ex-wife Lin Jing and promised to give her daughter Chenchen a good and healthy growth environment and avoid letting her know the truth of the divorce. But now, Chenchen has grown up gradually, has basic cognitive ability, and is always curious about the identity of the doll’s uncle.

Lin Jing was worried that Chenchen would focus on this matter, so she took the initiative to invite Chen Hu to meet and remind him to stay away from his daughter as much as possible. However, Chen Hu believed that as Chenchen’s legal guardian, he could fully qualify for visitation. Also on the education of his daughter, he had a disagreement with Lin Jing again, which led to a quarrel. In the end, Lin Jing unilaterally announced that she had handled the transfer procedures for her daughter and would soon immigrate to Canada with her current husband.

The Criminal Investigation Detachment received a call to the police. It is said that a van that had been burned was found on Huanan Road. Chen Hu led the team to the scene of the crime to investigate and determined that the case was not an ordinary accident, but more like a deliberate man-made murder. Because under normal circumstances, the deceased will inevitably struggle when facing the spontaneous combustion of the car, and it is absolutely impossible to sit in the driver’s seat as upright as it is now.

Mo Xiaojie’s psychological endurance is poor. Even if he has been out of the police a few times, he can’t help but vomit when he sees the burnt and oily corpse in the car. Originally, Chen Hu had been in a bad mood in the past few days, especially when he saw him being so embarrassed and had a temper on the spot. Coupled with Geng Ning’s side by side, the two were stupefied by Mo Xiaojie’s meal money.

In the barbecue restaurant, Mo Xiaojie stared at the wooden stick in his hand in a daze. Although it had been burned so hard to see the original, he always felt a little familiar. Just when Chen Hu and Geng Ning were able to eat hard, Mo Xiaojie suddenly realized that he didn’t care about explaining, so he hurried to the nearby pharmacy and asked if the pharmacy owner remembered the stick.

The pharmacy owner had no impression of this, but Mo Xiaojie had a fresh memory, because he would never forget that early in the morning, a lot of onlookers suddenly gathered at the door of the pharmacy, which had always been cold business. The little boy stole the medicine and was discovered by the boss. Fortunately, Mo Xiaojie showed up in time to stop the boss’s violence. Taking advantage of Mo Xiaojie and the boss not paying attention, the little boy grabbed medicine and wooden sticks and ran all the way to the nearby city. The pharmacy owner mistakenly regarded Mo Xiaojie as an accomplice of the boy and wanted to call the police. However, he actually grabbed the police by the collar.

At the same time, the serious crime team discussed the charred corpse case, and it can be basically determined that the driver disguised as a car spontaneously ignited after being killed, which is a criminal murder. Mo Xiaojie failed to ask useful clues from the boss, so he had to get lost. Everyone else was analyzing the fierce manual machine. Only he was still immersed in the previous experience.

Ever since he saw that beggar boy, Mo Xiaojie has been obsessed with him, often taking the time to find him nearby, and finally saw him taking care of a sickly blind old man in a simple private house. Even though the surrounding environment is dilapidated, the scenes of the two grandparents getting along are very warm. The boy spotted Mo Xiaojie at the door. Seeing that he hadn’t caught himself in jail, he slowly put down his guard and got acquainted with him.

After the meeting, Mo Xiaojie applied for a separate investigation and visited all nearby residents for several days, but still nothing. Qin Xinyi obtained information from the owner Liu Yihui and found that his social relationship in Bincheng was relatively simple. Except for his girlfriend Zhang Xiaojuan, he usually had no contacts with relatives or friends and no employment records.

Before the incident, Zhang Xiaojuan borrowed a minivan from his friend Sun Hailin, but an accident happened the next day. Sun Hailin accepted Ling Ran’s interrogation, and his psychological characteristics were stable and normal, including the deceased’s girlfriend Zhang Xiaojuan, so the suspicion of the two can be ruled out.

The Jiao corpse case did not go well, and it was difficult for everyone to advance the case. Chen Hu found that Mo Xiaojie was uneasy and directly called him to express his thoughts. At this time, Mo Xiaojie received a call and hurried to a nearby small restaurant. Sure enough, he saw the boy being tied to the stairs by the chef, stubbornly holding back tears. According to the restaurant owner’s words, the little boy met a group of friends who came to eat the King’s meal. When the checkout was complete, everyone else was gone. So in the face of this situation, Mo Xiaojie took the initiative to help clear the meal.

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