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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 6 Recap

Mu Qing was in the DR diamond ring shop recalling the little things he had with Rong Yu. Suddenly Ou Kexin called and urged Mu Qing to go back. Mu Qing suggested to Ou Kexin that since Mr. Ou has agreed to her stay in Yungang, it is not suitable for idle shopping every day. But Ou Kexin said that she just didn’t adjust the jet lag and wanted to take a rest first. After that, Ou Kexin seriously said that she wanted to open a private custom clothing store. Choosing a day is worse than hitting the sun, Ou Kexin is about to start choosing a store.

Da Kun summoned the Four King Kongs on a cruise ship. He said that Li Ruosheng had been robbing himself of turf recently. Uncle Eyes said that Mr. Ou has been talking about washing his hands with a golden basin recently, but the group’s successor has not yet been determined. The four kings have their own thoughts, and the onion indicates that he will only take responsibility for dirty work such as transportation in the group, and he can’t even think about the position of the successor.

Uncle Spectacles said that although he often accompanies Mr. Ou, he only reprimands the master. The group has developed to the present mainly by the other three. Afterwards, the three looked at Tie Guanyin; Tie Guanyin said that she was a woman who only knew about production and research and development, and didn’t know anything about it. On the other hand, Da Kun is most likely to become the successor of the group.

Da Kun is modest and laughs at the same time. After that, everyone raised wine together to congratulate Da Kun on his inheritance in advance. Tie Guanyin wondered how Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing got the trust of Mr. Ou. Onion said that Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing are like time bombs that will explode at any time, and Da Kun is the first to be affected. But in fact, these people just want to use Da Kun to be the first bird. At this time, Da Kun received the text message again. It turned out that Little Buddha asked Da Kun what he should do after Jimmy was arrested.

In the police station, Glory asked his new colleague Zhao Ran to pretend to be Bao Yunhai’s second uncle, and wanted to surprise him. Sure enough, Zhao Ran’s camouflage technique made Bao Yunhai admire again and again. Zhao Ran then showed them his excellent monitoring technology. Zhao Ran is indeed a rare talent, and his joining has provided a powerful boost to the group.

Mu Qing accompanied Ou Kexin to a shop, and the two and the intermediary began to bargain over the rent. Ou Kexin said that the rent was not reduced to 10,000 and she was not allowed to notify her. Later, Ou Kexin found out that there had been supernatural incidents in this store before, and he had to think about it again. Ou Kexin showed Mu Qing’s palmistry. She guessed that Mu Qing was emotionally uncomfortable and often played with guns. After Mu Qing was startled, she used a few words to prevaricate. Ou Kexin decided to continue to look for a house on the auspicious day.

Here, Da Kun said that he would find a place for Little Buddha to hide first, but Little Buddha had to kill himself first, and Little Buddha reluctantly agreed.

In the Yungang Police Station, everyone is discussing the name of the group. In the end, they named the group 84, which means to purify every corner of Yungang like a disinfectant. In ancient times, Lin Zexu sold cigarettes in Humen, and today there are 84 teams in Yungang to fight drugs. The police deduced from various clues that the goods of Little Buddha came from the K organization, but the most important thing at present is to determine who the little Buddha is.

Li Yimeng asked why Glory chose to avoid the 84 group. She wants to compete with Glory, as long as Glory loses, she will automatically join the 84 group. Subsequently, Li Yimeng and Glory began to compete, and they were tied in the shooting match. In the fighting competition, Li Yimeng won the glory by desperately not admitting defeat. Glory is willing to bet and lose, and he asks Li Yimeng to clean up and get out of the task.

On the other hand, Ou Kexin is directing Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng to work for him. Li Ruosheng said that these dirty tasks can be handed over to the younger brothers. Ou Kexin said that he only trusts them. At this moment, not far away, there was a hideous-looking person watching them.

In the evening, Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing to go to the night market for food, and she affectionately called Mu Qing Xiao Qingqing. Ou Kexin’s gluttonous and lovely appearance reminded Mu Qing of Rong Yu. After Mu Qing paid the money, he left Ou Kexin and left alone.

Mr. Ou received a call from the mysterious man. The mysterious man said that his newly invented drugs are most optimistic about the K organization, so Mr. Ou must be more cautious when choosing a successor.

Here, Ou Kexin’s studio has been renovated, and she made a set of clothes for Mu Qing. On the way to the bathroom, Mu Qing was conspired by the person who had been monitoring them before. After being anesthetized, Mu Qing had no strength and could only let the gangsters stuff him into the trash can and take him out. Here, Ou Kexin and Li Ruosheng found that Mu Qing hadn’t returned for a long time, so they hurried out to look for it. Li Ruosheng found an anesthetic finger on the ground, he hurriedly informed his little brother to look for the address of the anesthetic killer nicknamed “Qingpi Lao Ba”, and Ou Kexin also hurried to follow.

Later, Li Ruosheng and Ou Kexin came to Qingpi Laoba’s lair, and they carefully searched every room with iron rods. Just when Li Ruosheng rushed in to save the people, they found that Mu Qing had already dealt with Qingpi. Qingpi Laoba is a hard bone, no matter how tortured, he still refuses to reveal a word. At this point, Ou Kexin said that he would give it a try.

Later, Mr. Ou accused Mu Qing and the others for taking Ou Kexin to a place as dangerous as Qingpi Laoba. Ou Kexin was also sent back to the room by Mr. Ou.

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