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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 5 Recap

Mr. Ou searched the Internet for reports of fire incidents in the French suburbs that Ou Kexin said, and Uncle Glasses also called to ask people in Paris to verify the facts. Now if Ou Kexin returns to France, according to French law, he will be sentenced to at least three years for malicious arson and will not agree to bail. Ou Kexin cannot settle in other countries for a long time. Way to send Ou Kexin away.

Liu Ju in the meeting room of the Public Security Bureau introduced the provenance of Honor. Looking at Glory, Liu Mengmeng recalled the meeting with Glory at the shooting range. Liu Bureau gave Honor to lead the anti-drug detachment with full authority.

Honor quickly began to introduce the latest data on new drugs. The power of new drugs is very powerful. The ghost of the formula holder not only contacted Mr. Ou from the K organization, but also closely related to R’s national drug lord Song. contact. The current task is to find the ghost and destroy G3307 from the source. At the same time, a transnational drug dealer named Jimmy was carrying out drug trafficking activities at the night market in Yungang. As long as you find Jimmy, you can find clues to the drug trafficking network.

After 20 minutes, the meeting room will discuss Jimmy’s arrest activities. After Honor finished speaking, Bao Yunhai wanted to ask questions, but Liu Ju took him to his office. Bao Yunhai was dissatisfied with Honor. During the conversation, Bao Yunhai said that he was uncomfortable. Liu Ju was reprimanding him for the arrival of glory at this time. Bao Yunhai raised questions to Honor. Glory handed him a piece of information. After Bao Yunhai left, Glory said that the arrest of Jimmy was also the time for Glory to select people.

Zhongou Kexin, Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing entertained at the bar. Li Ruosheng, Jimmy was discovered during Mu Qing’s conversation, and Mu Qing settled down after Ou Kexin. Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing discovered Jimmy’s deal, and the two came to greet Jimmy. Jimmy was from Da Kun. After Li Ruosheng warned him, it didn’t work. At this time, Glory and Liu Mengmeng came to the bar. After seeing Glory, Mu Qing recalled the scene of his girlfriend and his girlfriend in the operating room.

Liu Mengmeng was surrounded by a group of drunks and the gun fell to the ground, and glory came to rescue. But Jimmy found that something was wrong and ran away immediately. Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to investigate outside and monitor him inside. Glory found Jimmy escaped and immediately led someone to hunt down. Jimmy met Mu Qing while running away. The two had a fight. Mu Qing put Jimmy into the trash can. At this time, Liu Ju also sent a message to Honor, and they found Jimmy in the trash can.

Outside the bar, Glory accused Liu Mengmeng of being robbed and dropped when he got on the mission, and the two broke up unhappy. Glory investigation and monitoring discovered Mu Qing. Liu Ju told Glory that Mu Qing had been undercover for the police for more than two years, and at this time Mu Qing also fell into the memory of Glory. Ou Kexin’s appearance interrupted the memory.

The police station interrogated Jimmy. Jimmy pretended not to understand but Glory asked where the drugs came from in various languages. In the end, Jimmy said it came from Little Buddha.

Liu Ju and Mu Qing met. Mu Qing was puzzled by the appearance of Glory without prior notice. Liu Ju said that it was a test for them and they performed well. Glory of the police station said that in addition to Bao Yunhai, he wanted to select people to form his own team. Liu Ju agreed.

Mu Qing saw the DR diamond ring shop when he was shopping with Ou Kexin. He recalled his and his girlfriend’s past in this shop. When he walked into the shop, he saw the custom-made similar diamond ring and fell into fond memories.

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