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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 4 Recap

After Mu Qing sent a message to Liu Ju, he hurriedly sent Ou Kexin home. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng negotiated to act according to the previously formulated plan. As night fell, in a dimly lit room, Scorpion’s little brother opened a few boxes of money, just as proud that they were sitting and reaping profits in the name of the letter K. Scorpion said that even though they are mice, they can kill the elephant with the K-head.

Once they make enough money, they can compete head-on with the K-head. Outside, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng drove a large truck to Xiezi’s place. The people in the house also noticed that they were Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng. Scorpion is very cautious, knowing that there are only two of them, but because of Li Ruosheng’s identity, he doesn’t want to cause trouble.

Take the stick and go out to meet. After the body search, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng showed that they came to cooperate with Brother Scorpion with sincerity. It turned out that the trunk of the large truck they were driving was filled with ephedrine, a raw material for making drugs. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng sat with Xie Zi in the base of Xie Zi. Scorpion let them look at his goods and said that they can make money without cooperating with them. But Mu Qing said that he and Li Ruosheng could double the money.

Scorpion smiled and got up, taking out the guns and all the younger brothers followed suit. Scorpion pointed his gun at Li Ruosheng and said, as he came to cooperate with him, there was no need for him to tell his purpose. Li Ruosheng got up and said that he just had a false name, and all the places he played were received by one of the Four King Kong, and he couldn’t bear it, so he came to cooperate with Scorpion. Mu Qing also echoed. But Brother Scorpion still had doubts. Mu Qing said that the ephedrine raw material worth more than 2 million is their sincerity, and Scorpion said that the goods should be inspected first.

A barrel of raw materials in a large truck was transported to the laboratory staff to check the purity. However, the other barrels on the truck here are thugs that Mu Qing found. They covered their faces with black cloth and rushed in to capture the scorpion’s men. Unexpectedly, there was a fish that slipped through the net, so I called Brother Scorpion and told him that something went wrong! Scorpion’s face changed here, and Li Ruosheng also realized that something was wrong, and immediately counterattacked with a gun against Scorpion’s head, threatening the other little brothers.

Scorpion was held hostage by Mu Qing. A crowd of thugs also rushed to meet. Li Ruosheng wanted to kill the scorpion with a single shot, but was stopped by Mu Qing from taking the scorpion to the sea and wanted to send the scorpion to a boat. But Li Ruosheng killed the scorpion with a few shots suddenly, and Mu Qing tried his best to suppress his anger. It turned out that Liu Ju instructed Mu Qing to leave the scorpion to the anti-narcotics team Bao Yunhai to capture and obtain information from the scorpion no matter what.

The next day Bao Yunhai sent his subordinates to dive into the sea to search, but found nothing. A phone call came and the police found the body of the scorpion in another place. Mu Qing brought food to Ou Kexin. Ou Kexin asked where he was going last night and found that there was blood on Mu Qing’s sleeve. Very concerned, but there is a discord between words. When Mu Qing entered the room to change clothes, Li Ruosheng sent a voice urging.

In the Public Security Bureau, Bao Yunhai complained to Liu Ju about the scorpion, but Liu Ju asked them to go back first. Liu Ju and Mu Qing met. Liu Ju told Mu Qing’s Provincial Public Security Department’s Anti-Drug Team to send Honor to Yungang for the new type of drugs, and he needed Mu Qing and Honor to cooperate with each other in secret, the elder brother of Mu Qing’s deceased girlfriend Rong Yu , I hope not to let personal emotions affect the task.

In the bar, Li Ruosheng was very happy. When he was excited, Uncle Glasses called. Mr. Ou wanted to see Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng, and he wanted to bring Ou Kexin. Ou Kexin was very angry in the room and didn’t want to see her father. Under Li Ruosheng’s persuasion, Ou Kexin asked them to meet Mr. Ou and tell him how pitiful Ou Kexin is, so that his father can feel sorry for his daughter. After Li Ruosheng agreed, Ou Kexin agreed to see his father.

The three were sent to Mr. Ou’s residence, and Uncle Glasses came to greet him. Uncle Glasses asked Mu Qing to go to the second floor, Mr. Ou was waiting for him, and asked Li Ruosheng to go to the backyard pond to catch fish and kill them. Mu Qing saw Mr. Ou, and Mr. Ou asked him to help him read the recipe. Today, Mr. Ou is cooking, but I don’t want to do that. After a conversation, Mu Qing expressed his ambition. Mr. Ou asked Mu Qing to come to him to do things. Success or failure depends on Mu Qing himself.

Downstairs, Li Ruosheng was called to help by Uncle Glasses, and Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing to serve herself. After the meal, Mr. Ou and Ou Kexin were walking and chatting. Ou Kexin wanted to go home to live, but Mr. Ou said that he had difficulties. Ou Kexin asked about his job and was fooled by him. He gave Ou Kexin a plane ticket. Back in France, but Ou Kexin said that she would go back to either a prison or a court. A fire broke out in the suburbs of Europe a few days before she returned, and she asked her father to investigate it herself.

Mu Qing told Li Ruosheng that they could work by Mr. Ou and they were very happy. At this time, Ou Kexin came out angrily and threw down a ticket. Ou Kexin didn’t want to go back and asked Mu Qing to help him, but Mu Qing refused. At this time, Uncle Glasses came out and said that Mr. Ou let Ou Kexin live in the country temporarily and gave a bank card for living expenses. Ou Kexin refused, but Uncle Glasses asked Mu Qing to take care of Ou Kexin, and Ou Kexin heard Then they regretted accepting the bank card, and the three left.

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