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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 3 Recap

Although Uncle Glasses did not agree with Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing entering, they compromised under Ou Kexin’s complaint and let them wait in the lobby. Uncle Glasses wanted to ask questions, but was interrupted by Ou Kexin urging them to stop. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng entered the hall and waited for Ou Kexin under the leadership of Uncle Glasses. They looked forward to seeing Dad Mr. Ou.

When they entered Dad’s room, there was still a hint of nervousness and timidity. When they saw Dad’s longing, they went up to embrace and tears. Shed. At this time, Uncle Glasses came down to the lobby and praised Mu Qing, but also said that they did not understand the rules today, and they said they would pay attention next time. Upstairs, Ou Kexin inadvertently mentioned Mu Qing’s name and wanted her father to see him. Her father refused, and the uncle glasses downstairs stopped staying guests, but Li Ruosheng still wanted to insist on seeing her godfather, Mr. Ou.

Mr. Ou seemed to treat her daughter. The father and daughter had a dispute. Mr. Ou asked Uncle Glasses to send Ou Kexin to the airport to return to France tomorrow. When Ou Kexin heard this, he ran downstairs angrily. Uncle Glasses hurried after them in the lobby. Chu Ou Kexin recounted his father’s actions, abandoning his wives and daughters, as if he didn’t care about them at all, so Ou Kexin left angrily, and Uncle Glasses asked Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng to take care of Ou Kexin.

After driving away, Ou Kexin was unable to get out of sadness. Mr. Ou was cleaning up the mess by himself and explained to Uncle Glasses that he wanted to keep Ou Kexin by his side but he did not dare to send it to France to guarantee them. For the safety of mother and daughter, his wife knows his job, but his daughter doesn’t know. He doesn’t want her daughter to know her current job. He tells Uncle Glasses to give his daughter to Tie Guanyin, but Uncle Eyes says he has given Ou Kexin to Li Ruosheng After taking care of him with Mu Qing, and after analyzing the duties of other right-hand men and explaining the reasons, Mr. Ou also agreed.

Sitting in the car, Ou Kexin calmed down after shouting loudly, and went to the bar to entertain at night. Under the stage, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng discussed countermeasures. Mu Qing wanted to leave the bar, but they saw Ou Kexin assault one of them. The man who played hooligans against her, in Ou Kexin’s anger, Mu Qing pulled her out of the bar. Mu Qing wanted to leave, but was stopped by Ou Kexin and asked him to be with him at all times. Mu Qing refused to agree. Ou Kexin threatened her personal safety, but Mu Qing didn’t take this approach. Owenni also turned back and compromised to get in the car. Mu Qing left. Because he couldn’t drive after drinking, Li Ruosheng asked to drive home on his behalf.

Mu Qing came to see Liu Ju in the name of a date. Today is Mu Qing’s birthday and the two are eating cake. Liu Ju also told Mu Qing that his undercover status will be delayed. The new drug G3307 will soon enter Yungang. Circulation will cause great harm to society. Mr. Ou is likely to be the recipient of this batch of drugs. The Ministry of Public Security has also issued a message to catch the ghost of suppliers of new drugs. The current task of Mu Qing is to stop the arrest of Mr. Ou. action. At present, Mu Qing’s task is to protect his own safety, wait for the opportunity to cooperate with the outside, annihilate the drug trafficking network in one fell swoop, after some talk and laugh, Liu Ju left.

Late at night, Uncle Glasses and Da Kun were sitting in the car to discuss the current situation. It turned out that Uncle Glasses deliberately asked Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng to take care of Ou Kexin to entice Mu Qing and stop Li Ruosheng’s progress. Be proud.

Mu Qing returned to the residence and saw Ou Kexin wearing his long shirt lying on the sofa. At this moment, Li Ruosheng also came out of the room. Mu Qing misunderstood their relationship. Li Ruosheng hurriedly explained that he was with Ou Kexin. After he returned to the residence, the two of them drank while punching. They were very happy. Oweni was too drunk and lay down in the bathtub. Li Ruosheng went to the nurse to take a shower and change clothes. After an explanation, Mu Qing warned him not to touch Ou Kexin. Li Ruosheng admired Ou Kexin’s beauty and wanted to touch it, but was driven out of the room by Mu Qing.

In the room, Princess Mu Qing hugged Oweni into the bed and comforted her to sleep.

Mu Qing came to Li Ruosheng’s room. Li Ruosheng was playing games. Mu Qing thought that the wine was too strong, so he ran into Li Ruosheng’s room, locked Li Ruosheng outside, and warned that he would go back to play games again. Mu Qing found that his mobile phone was missing. Qing went back to his room and looked for the mobile phone. Li Ruosheng locked the door to prevent Mu Qing from entering. Angrily, Mu Qing had to return to his room, looking for the mobile phone and disappearing, wondering if he was under Ou Kexin’s body. Under the action, finally got the phone back.

Mu Qing sat on the sofa, looked at the photo of his deceased girlfriend on the phone, and reluctantly deleted it

The next morning, Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing were doing morning exercises outside the beach. Li Ruosheng was gossiping about Mu Qing’s situation last night, but Mu Qing was only obsessed with Mr. Ou’s attitude towards them. Li Ruosheng believed that as long as Ou Kexin was dealt with, he could see Mr. It’s very easy. Mu Qing’s phone rang for a while, and Ou Kexin yelled in the phone, asking Mu Qing to go back quickly.

When Ou Kexin saw Mu Qing and asked him to explain his clothes and where he slept last night, Mu Qing had already expected it and explained the situation to her. Ou Kexin is distinguished and they dare not presumptuously. Ke Xin asked him to wait for her to go shopping with her in the basement half an hour later, Mu Qing reluctantly agreed, but Ou Kexin was secretly delighted, Mu Qing accompanied the young lady, and Li Ruosheng called and said Kun came to grab their business, and Mu Qing said that it is the first task to stop Da Kun from solving the scorpion for the time being, and hurriedly sent a message to Liu Ju to close the net.

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