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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 37 Recap

After the military commander issued an order, he quickly launched an anti-rape operation in Shanghai. Chen Moqun saw the enemy coming fiercely, and hurriedly jumped out of the window and fled. Meng Annan falsely reported that he killed Lao Xu in the suburbs on the grounds of moving out of the city. After everything was cleaned up, he reported the Communist Party’s labor movement group site in Shanghai to the inspection office.

Now that the five traitors have fled, the arrests have been blocked. Wang Shian urgently held a meeting to discuss. Lin Nansheng believes that there are more refugees in slum areas, and there are frequent population movements, making them a hiding place. At this time, a mysterious phone call came to the stationmaster’s office. After Wang Shian answered the call, he hurriedly ended the meeting and went to the meeting place alone, without knowing that Lin Nansheng was following behind.

In order to protect himself, Chen Moqun took the initiative to contact Wang Shian to meet at the hotel and inform him that the explosion at the traffic station was deliberately arranged by the Communist Party, because he had secretly confided in the Communist Party. At first, Wang Shian was suspicious of this, but when Chen Moqun mentioned the existence of Communist internal traitors in the military united front, he had to be wary of it.

Lin Nansheng hid on the corner of the opposite street until he saw Chen Moqun coming out of the hotel and immediately followed. However, Meng Annan crouched on the path in advance, deliberately creating roadblocks for Lin Nansheng to help Chen Moqun escape in time. At the same time, Wang Shian analyzed the situation in the office and identified a few suspicious candidates. He unexpectedly learned that Lin Nansheng had interrogated Xiao Yun alone, so he immediately reported to the Chongqing headquarters.

As soon as Ji Zhongyuan got the news, he discovered that the Zhongming Mihang liaison station was damaged. The person in charge, Lao Xu, died suddenly, as well as Peng Daisen who was in Mihang, and his whereabouts are still unknown. Lin Nansheng, under the banner of renewing the past, went to the Chief of the Inspection Department Tang to find out the situation, and learned that someone had deliberately reported it.

Now that both the Kuomintang and the Communist Party have appeared as traitors, it is even more panic. Meng Annan forces his composure in front of Zhu Yizhen to avoid showing off his feet. At the same time, people from the Nanjing Anti-rape Unit arrived in Shanghai, first interrogated Liao Tong, and then went to Lin Nansheng for questioning. In response to this situation, Lin Nansheng pretended to be angry, using his many years of feats and Dai Li’s trust in him as a guarantee, and at the same time warned the other party that it is better to show evidence.

After the investigation was over, Lin Nansheng explained the situation to Ji Zhongyuan, guessing that Peng Daisen was most likely the person sent by Chen Moqun. Taking into account the suspicion of the military union has now been aroused, Lin Nansheng decided to find a scapegoat to escape the catastrophe, so he dropped explosives in Liao Tong’s office and blamed the suspected rape on Liao Tong.

As the plan went smoothly, the Anti-rape Unit identified Liao Tong as the Communist Party lurking on the site and quickly concluded the case. Upon hearing this, Wang Shian suspected that Lin Nansheng was secretly engaging in a ghost, but he did not have any evidence to accuse him, so he stayed quiet for the time being.

At this time, Chen Moqun called and the two met in private to exchange their known information. Chen Moqun helped Wang Shian analyze the current situation and revealed to him that Meng Annan, who was in the CCP, was used as a bargaining chip in exchange for a ticket to Nanyang. Wang Shian believes that the whole city is on guard now that it is difficult to get out even if there is a ticket. However, considering that Chen Moqun’s departure from Shanghai may not be a bad thing for him, he readily agreed.

After the matter was settled, Chen Moqun approached You Zongzhi, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and took out a few yellow croakers to ask him to make fake documents for himself. Originally, You Zongzhi wanted to sit on the ground and raise the price, intending to take advantage of this extra money. Unexpectedly, Chen Moqun had his handle, and finally had to choose to compromise.

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