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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 2 Recap

Snakes don’t shed their skins only when they are pregnant, because they want to protect their children. Zhou Ruojun’s words made Ling Ran deeply understand that they are both mothers, so naturally they want to be mothers. Perhaps because of this, Zhou Ruojun completely gave up defending for his daughter, so Ling Ran was unwilling to close the case hastily, so on the grounds that the motive of committing the crime was flawed, he took the initiative to apply to Director Huo for an extension of the investigation period.

However, due to the pressure of public opinion, the court did not agree to postpone the trial. Ling Ran thought that Zhu Xiaodong had been a teacher in elementary school, so he and Chen Hu pretended to be a husband and wife to seek the principal to find out about the situation. It turned out that the principal seemed to be intentional when he responded that Zhu Xiaodong was expelled from the school. Concealing important information, and this is the real cause of Zhu Xiaodong’s murder.

The principal took out the art work assigned by Zhu Xiaodong and admitted that he had never seen anyone who violated the morals of the teacher, especially the obscure pornographic drawings, which happened to reflect that Zhu’s father was so disgusted with his son’s hobbies. The forensic doctor carefully examined Zhu Xiaodong’s body, with nineteen cuts all over his body. The wounds were too scattered, which was enough to show that it was definitely not done by one person.

That night, there are only 5 hours left before the early morning, which means that the final review will take place at dawn. Zhang Yiwei returned to the interrogation room. The state was obviously different from before. He seemed determined to truthfully explain the course of the case and the cause of the premeditated murder. Ever since he met Zhou Ruojun’s daughter, Zhang Yiwei knew that Zhu Xiaodong was an inferior pervert. What he did would not only completely destroy the child, but even film the process into a video to threaten Zhou Ruojun not to resist.

So in the days that followed, Zhang Yiwei took the initiative to find Zhu Xiaodong and tried to use violence to force the other party to hand over the video. However, Zhu Xiaodong has lost his humanity, and he has intensified his evil deeds regardless of the consequences. Before he died, he threatened to drag the mother and daughter into hell.

Coming out of the interrogation room, the sky was almost gray. All the members of the serious crime team acted separately, rushing to find the video recorder at a critical moment, and seeing Zhu Xiaodong’s crying at the girl through the screen, and unscrupulously committed sexual assault. In the last ten minutes, when the judge was about to announce the verdict, Ling Ran and others rushed into the Judicial Court and directly submitted the material evidence to Lawyer Sun, who asked the collegial panel to refer to it.

After a joint agreement by several judges, taking into account the significant changes in evidence in the case, the second instance was announced in public to adjourn. The Bincheng Intermediate People’s Court will retry the case and fall back to the first-instance trial, and will adopt a closed trial method. No matter the process or process of the court trial, it will not be disclosed to the media. All relevant judicial personnel will strictly follow the laws and regulations to protect the trial. Content and sign a confidentiality agreement at the same time.

As soon as the voice fell, there was an uproar in the auditorium. Ling Ran saw that Lawyer Sun was confident enough to win the lawsuit. This relieved his heart and took the initiative to come to Zhou Ruojun, saying that lies can be divided into goodwill, but they cannot save anyone, so As a policeman, she must defend the truth. Fortunately, Zhang Yiwei made the right choice. It can be seen that he is a responsible man who deserves everyone’s admiration.

Ling Ran sent his sincere blessings, hoping that Zhang Yiwei could understand that since he had the courage to stand beside Zhou Ruojun and wait for the trial, he should obey his heart and marry his beloved after his sentence expires. After the others left, Zhang Yiwei and Zhou Ruojun looked at each other for a long time, as if seeing the light in each other’s eyes, they couldn’t help crying with joy.

On the way back, Ling Ran’s eyes were wet with red eyes, and the past filled her mind, as if vividly in her memory, reminding her of the accident that happened more than ten years ago. Ling Ran, who had just started college, witnessed a car roaring from a distance at the same intersection and slammed into his father, killing him on the spot.

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