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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 1 Recap

In the dark room, there was a mess, and a missed call rang again, and knocks on the door one after another, like an invisible blood hand, desperately tearing Zhou Ruojun’s consciousness, leading her gradually into the abyss. Until dawn, the hustle and bustle of Bincheng City was restored. A horrible murder case was reported by media reporters and the judicial progress was made public in front of the camera.

Zhou Ruojun was sentenced to five years in prison for killing her husband due to domestic violence. However, the man’s parents denied the verdict and filed an appeal with intentional homicide, which caused this case to arouse widespread public concern. In fact, the evidence in this case has formed a complete chain. The judicial decision should not have been influenced by public opinion and should be just and determined. However, everything has two sides. In order to avoid wrong judgments by good people or wrong judgments by bad people, the court requires the procuratorate to provide more evidence.

After detailed discussions with the prosecution, Director Huo and the prosecutor decided that it was necessary to sort out the case files and let Ling Ran use polygraph technology to assist the criminal investigation detachment in investigating and collecting evidence. Although Ling Ran didn’t recommend this kind of supplementary method, she still read the information about Zhou Ruojun carefully and got an idea of ​​her situation.

According to Qin Xinyi, a police officer from the Crime Squad, Zhou Ruojun had a daughter with her ex-husband, who later remarried to her current husband Zhu Xiaodong. Because of Zhu Xiaodong’s alcoholism, coupled with years of domestic violence against his wife and daughter, the neighbors around him are obvious to all, including his entanglement with the nightclub lady outside.

Ling Ran took Zhou Ruojun to the interrogation room, only to encounter Zhang Yiwei, a thief who had only been captured by the team this morning. It is said that he broke into the construction site privately, and that area happened to be the area where the deceased lived. Because of this, Ling Ran subconsciously showed an escape response when he saw Zhang Yiwei and Zhou Zhiruo facing each other, thus believing that they knew each other well, but were deliberately hiding it.

In the interrogation room, Zhou Ruojun was very calm and deliberately did not answer according to the routine. On the other hand, Ling Ran didn’t care. With her years of interrogation skills, Zhou Ruojun’s weakness was easily revealed. Zhang Yiwei frankly confessed, admitting that he and Zhou Ruojun belonged to classmates and first love. Later, they parted ways after graduation. Until the end of 2016, he received a call from Zhou Ruojun, crying that he was domestically abused by her husband.

Zhang Yiwei’s feelings for Zhou Ruojun are still there, so when he saw his beloved being bullied, he naturally decided to teach the scum, but unfortunately he didn’t win the opponent. As for why Zhu Xiaodong was killed, Zhang Yiwei seemed to have no idea about it. He only knew that Zhou Ruojun could not be contacted on the night of the case, and he made countless phone calls and knocked on the door without any response.

Maybe Zhang Yiwei didn’t lie, or his concentration was too strong, so Ling Ran couldn’t see any flaws in the opponent, and could only start from other aspects. Qin Xinyi retrieved the files about Zhang Yiwei and found that he was relatively kind and filial. He originally relied on his ability to run an Internet company, but in the end he repaid the usury for his father. He resolutely shut down the company and is still using online car-hailing to repay his debts. Live with mother.

The Jiangbei Police Station confirmed that Zhang Yiwei’s confession had dealt with the fight between him and Zhu Xiaodong, but Ling Ran used mobile phone communication to note that Zhang Yiwei and Zhou Ruojun were deliberately protecting each other, not just ordinary lovers. Criminal investigation team leader Chen Hu has worked with Ling Ran for many years. Although she doesn’t agree with her interrogation method, in this case, they have the same views.

With 62 hours left before the final hearing, all the members of the serious crime team came to the scene of the crime, separated to find clues, and found Zhu Xiaodong’s lover in just twelve hours. Ling Ran personally visited the parents of the deceased. In addition to learning that Zhou Ruojun refused to have sex with Zhu Xiaodong, he also found that Zhu Xiaodong’s father showed a complex expression of shame and anger when talking about his son’s hobbies.

After Ling Ran finished busy with the work at hand and planned to pick up his son home, he did not expect to hear his son complain to him. Even though her husband Zhu Yuan kept explaining to Ling Ran, he still couldn’t change the mother’s impression of the child. This made Ling Ran a little sad and worried that the mother-child relationship would break.

At the expense of his hue and alcohol power, Chen Hu finally managed to get close to Zhu Xiaodong’s lover Zhang Qi, but his drunk image was photographed in the material evidence, making him furious. Ling Ran came to the Haihua Law Firm where Zhou Ruojun worked. Through Lawyer Sun, he learned that Zhou Ruojun often took over some special club cases and got to know many young ladies, including Zhang Qi, and based on Zhang Qi’s confession, he learned about Zhou Ruojun. Take the initiative to introduce her to Zhu Xiaodong.

Within the limited 18 hours, Ling Ran took the initiative to talk to Zhou Ruojun face-to-face, telling her about Zhu Xiaodong’s domestic violence, alcoholism, and derailment, and guiding her to explain the real reasons for killing her husband, including those that are puzzling. Solution behavior. Zhou Ruojun was deeply touched and couldn’t help laughing until she burst into tears and inexplicably confessed the crime.

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